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Online Transcription Services

Transcription Services US is one of the leading online transcription services in the US. We offer superior quality, prompt services, accredited by ISO 9001:2015 Standards with Quick Turnaround. Our impressive list of prominent clients is a proof of our world-class services.

Our transcription rates are very transparent and cheaper when compared to other companies. Our low rates for transcription services are unparalleled and competitive, yet we never compromise our top-rated quality in delivering services.

Transcription Service US is one of the most sought after Transcribe Service Provider in the world. Our professional team of skilled and dedicated in-house transcribers delivers error-free transcripts at the fastest turnaround time with accuracy rates of , even for difficult projects. We combine experience, expertise, hard work, and the latest tools and proprietary technology to provide you only seamless transcripts, you deserve!

Online Transcription Services Rates

Our rates for transcription services are the most competitive in comparison to others in the industry. Our multi-lingual transcription services cover 100+ languages in the world.

Transcription Services US is a certified audio transcription company delivering premium services worldwide, in countries such as Sydney, Switzerland, Somalia, Bangladesh, Libya, Italy, Croatia, San Marino, Brazil, Argentina and Australia.

Transcription Rates at Transcription Services USA

We have an excellent pricing list that fits our client's budget. Our prices are fair and pocket-friendly, with absolutely no hidden charges. We have designed three categories for pricing, depending on your material’s audio quality.

In particular, we charge a minimal starting price for standard quality audio materials. Our rate for good quality material with a single speaker for audio is pegged at cheap rates. Our charge for very challenging audio quality with a single speaker is at a competitive bargain price. Globally, our rates are among the lowest, but guaranteed with the finest quality.

Audio Transcription

Audio transcription is converting audio files or speech recordings to usable text formats. Our audio transcription services are utilized by media companies, law firms, and academic institutions, among others.Transcription Services US provides premium quality Audio Transcription Services at the most drop-down rates in the industry.

Video Transcription

Transcription Services US is highly preferred among video transcription companies in the United States. Our professional team delivers all kinds of Video Transcriptions in a secured way at quick TAT, with accuracy, yet at consistently affordable Transcription Costs.

Certified Online Transcription Services

Certified Transcription services involve only the professional transcriptionist who is quite accurate in converting an audio/video file into text content. Unlike translation, audio/video transcription requires defined skills set. They need to use the exact verbatim and deliver true content in less time.

Now-a-day transcription Services are available online for a reasonable price. As transcripts are easier to handle that audio/video, they are popularly in legal settings. Also, many teachers hire certified video transcription service to convert seminars for student’s reference. On the other hand, a certified audio transcription service is on-demand among media, business, and medical industry.

Automated Transcription is cheap and quick but there are several factors that will affect the quality of the deliverables. From background music and assent, anything can affect the voice recognition software and generate meaningless content.

When you are using an online service from an international agency, it is necessary to opt for certified transcription service online. It will eliminate the risk of low-quality content from an unskilled person or a machine. The certifications approve the quality of the service as well as the credibility of the service provider.

Since you will be paying to acquire the service along with transcriptionist fee, it is recommended to hire a professional audio/video transcriptionist who is experienced in your language or the industry. Also, it enables you to make a claim to review the content without paying any added cost.

Whether you are looking for a transcription service near you or online, you must always choose a certified transcription service for your own good.

Online Transcription Services

Benefits of Online Transcription Services

Internet has become the cornerstone of every business today. With its transforming growth, new media channels in the social network have started using it to reach their customers faster. Textual content tends to remain prevalent to the business trade. Furthermore, textual communication makes sure in reaching the audience better and more effectively. The process of converting audio into textual content to make the user benefit in various ways, is called Online Transcription. To be precise, any form of audio is transcribed into a piece of paper making it available largely to the audience to use. Transcribing audio speeches, interviews, debates etc., seminars and even news, audio to text transcription is the best way to keep your information protected for later use. Transcription Service US assures efficiency and 100% confidentiality.

Backed by a highly qualified team of transcriptionists, proof-readers and project managers, we are the best online transcription services. Transcription Services US has a vast support of latest in information systems where we are well equipped to take on your transcription assignments. From simple online dictation services to complex jobs involving media transcription, we cover a broad spectrum of services. Here's a list of the transcription services that we provide:

  • Legal Transcription Services
  • Media Transcription Services
  • Business Transcription Services
  • Financial Transcription Services
  • Audio/Video Transcription Services
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