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Digital Transcription Services

Simple five step process to get Digital Transcription from Transcription Services US

  • Upload the files to our site.
  • We send you a Quote with Estimated TAT for your Digital Transcription project.
  • You make 50% upfront payment to start the work.
  • The transcripts are delivered to you well before the estimated turnaround time.
  • You make the final payment on receipt of your transcript.

Transcription Services US gets you the Digital audio transcribed in word or your preferred format. Our Digital Transcription Services come with 100% money back guarantee.

Transcription Services US has different Turnaround time packages to meet your Digital Transcription TAT requirements.

There are lot of first timers who come to Transcription Services US with digital transcription need, we provide suggestions to help them with the right equipment,to record their Interviews with excellent audio quality, there are lot of digital voice recorders now available in the market, famous amongst them are the Olympus DS-30 Digital Recorder, Olympus WS-311M Digital Recorder, Olympus WS300M Digital Recorder, Sony ICD-SX57 Digital Recorder, Sony ICD-U60 Digital Recorder, Olympus WS-100 Digital Recorder.

Lot of our existing Digital Transcription customers save money on Digital Transcription Service by follow quick recording tips given by our marketing team.

Now you can record your Interviews using Digital Recorders, Mobile phones or Mp3 Players and then recorded files can be directly uploaded to our site for Digital Transcription.

Choose Transcription Services US for your Digital Transcription services needs:

Language Transcription services

We also provide major language transcription services. Such as


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