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Audio typing Services

Audio typing involves typing a letter or document from an audio recording made by a third party. This is called a dictation. There was a common time for dictations to micro cassettes and played through a Dictaphone, but nowadays they can be stored in electronic files or CDs.

Transcription Services – USA takes honor in offering the best audio typing services to our valued customers worldwide. Audio typing services are a cost effective alternative to hiring full-time staff or agency to meet your needs.

Online Audio typing Services

They offer full time support, but only when you need it, you do not have to pay personnel costs during quieter periods.

Transcription Services –USA delivers an unrivalled range of secretarial skills to your required deadline. We provide our clients with accurate reports in a short time frame. Without the high level of service that Transcription Services –USA consistently delivers this would simply not be possible. We are proud to provide a very flexible and custom tailored to your individual needs. We being the certificate audio typing services make use of the latest and advanced techniques. We also offer online audio typing services.

Undertaking a wide range of transcription and online audio typing services has allowed us to gain experience in many different environments, and we have developed our secretarial service in a fast and accurate audio typing service. Transcription Services –USA helps to decrease the cost of your overheads whilst you obtain a first class, efficient, accurate audio typing service. The audio typing rates apply only to good quality, clearly audible recordings and the copy typing rates apply only to clearly legible copy.

We are amongst the top companies in providing accurate, timely audio typing. We transcribe from a wide range of media, providing a bespoke service to suit the client's individual needs and specifications for digital audio typing.


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