Confidentiality Services

They must ensure that the information they deal for the client's sake is kept confidential at any cost and at all level. Confidentiality between the transcription company and the client is one thing and confidentiality with the employees who actually do the work is the other thing.

We, at Transcription-services-US, meet the both ends by getting signed the correct NDA forms. We are keen to have the right NDA signed with complete particulars between our company and our clients. In addition, we have NDAs signed with all our employees who are bound to keep the information confidential till the end. All our NDAs protect our clients, along with our employees, who have hired us for doing their transcription and translation services. Moreover, we not only protect the information and keep them confidential through the NDAs but also through taking proper measurements against theft and accidents.

We have made sure of all possible physical protection to ensure highest confidentiality. We are strict with our handling of the material by implementing proper security checks, curtailing the usage of camera phones in the working area and being careful not to handover the material or the information to non-authorized persons. We are doubly careful in preventing the material from all forms of copying such as photocopying, taking digital copies or printing, etc.,