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We price match all quotes

and provide speedy delivery on all our services


Typing Services Rates

File Length Offer Price/page
More than 750 Pages
30% $2.63
More than 500 Pages
20% $3.00
More than 250 Pages
10% $3.38
Up to 250 Pages
- $3.75
Bulk Orders
Custom offers
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Note: The rate is Applicable for English Language.

Typing with formatting
English $4.50/page (250 words)
Other Languages $7/Page (250 words)
Typing without formatting
English $3.75/page (250 words)
Other Languages $5/Page (250 words)
Legal Typing
Legal Starting at $5/page
Proofreading & Editing

Your source document might have errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar or you might want to improve on an already created document. Our editors, being real experts in what they do, ensure they deliver a document that is proofed & error-free. Click here to get quote

Audio Typing
Up to 5 Hours $1.00/min
More than 5 Hours $0.90/min (10% off)
More than 10 Hours $0.80/min (20% off)
More than 20 Hours $0.70/min (30% off)

Note: The rate is Applicable for English Language.

Premium Services

Verbatim typing means word by word typing that includes the fillers uhh, umm, ah, laughing sounds etc. ( + $0.25/min).
Time stamping / Time coding
Time code means inserting of time stamps in a typing file, in intervals specified by clients. We charge an extra $0.25/min for time coding.
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Add-On Services

Documents notarized as original documents.
$15/page [Certification Charge - $5 + Service Charge - $10]
Mailing Charges
(US only) through USPS
Hard copies mailed to your address.
$20 - Within 2 to 3 business days
Note: Express delivery available
File Type .WMA, .AMR, .DVD, .FLV, .AVI, .CD, .M4V, .WAV, .AID, .MP3, .DVF, .AIFF, .MP4,.DDS, .CAF, .WMV, .PDFS, .DOC, .DOCX and other custom file formats
Document Length Unlimited

What Are The Basic Typing Services Rates?

Standard typing services rates depend on a few aspects involved in the service requirement. The standard hourly rates go up to 25-50 USD per hour and typing rates can vary. The aspects include length of the audio/video/document, the various formats, the turnaround time, the language and the customization by the clients. Basic typing rates at any company will be competitive yet affordable.

Document Typing Rates

The industry rates per page for document typing services range from $3 to $5. Typing services rates would vary based on turnaround and other requirements.

Following the worldwide economic recession, most of the organizations, businesses, educational institutions and individuals forced to control their expenses.

Typing Services Rates

The standard rates for typing services are starting at $2.63/page without formatting and $2.50/page with formatting. Typing services rates would vary based on various conditions.

Following the worldwide economic recession, most of the organizations, businesses, educational institutions and individuals forced to control their expenses.

Typing Rates Services

We perform services like proof reading, editing, typing text with formatting, converting word and excel formats to PDF and vice versa. But the cost varies depending on the complicacy of documents. We are happy to inform you that for rush and express services, the speed rate of output delivery can range from 30% to 200%.

We provide attractive discounts on typing rates depending on the number of pages:

  • For 50 - 100 pages - 10%
  • For 101 - 200 pages - 15%
  • For 200+ pages - 20%

We understand the worldwide changes and expectations of the clients and offer affordable typing rates for your requirement. If you are looking for average typing services rates, you have reached the right place. It is not just the price; we are committed to provide error free and professional typing service to all our clients.

Once the typing is completed, our editing staff will go over the work to ensure that it is error free and professional. We can provide you with the physical copy of the output through mail for your reference.

Typing services prices should not be a constraint for a potential client. We are able to provide typing rates per word, typing rates per page and typing rate per hour as expected by our clients. We want to be your useful resource and one stop solution for all your needs. We know it is very difficult to train a person and offer full time job for a typist in today’s context.

We have an expertise team, they are efficient and quick in typing. We delegate the typing work based on expertise and guarantee 100% accuracy. That is the reason why we are able to offer cheap manuscript typing rates. Our team is dedicated to offer cost effective service including format and layout of your manuscript.

We are transparent in our service and the rates for typing services are best in the industry. We will be with you from the start till the end of the project. On the whole our intension is to save you time, money and help you get your job done at considerable fees in the market. Upload your files to get the online audio typing rate per minute/hour quote within an hour.

Transcription Services US provides typing services such as Web Typing, Audio Typing, Dictation Typing and Document Typing.We offer typing rates such as typing rates per page, typing rates per hour and typing rates per word.

Cheap Typing Services

Typing is the procedure of pressing keys over a keyboard of a typewriter, personal computer, or a laptop. Even mobile typing exists. This typing method is done by a service provider, both through online software and also as a separate private company. There are so many cheap typing services. The most common ones include:

The best online typing services have varied prices. Some even have cheap rates, still promising on quality as typing rates per page. There are even affordable typing services rates. Manuscript typing rates and book typing prices are the most viewed ones, following “local typing services near me”. Giving a price for quality service may not be equal to a cheap typing service. Still, it’s safe to say, cheap typing services are in demand today.

Technology Has Made Affordable Typing Services Possible

Digital typing is a typing where an electronic device is used for transforming all the information to the digital format. Converting your files into any available digital format will keep your information upgraded and get to concentrate on your core business. While digitizing your documents, it is very important to be accurate and precise so that there is no future miscalculation. To achieve this accuracy Transcription Services US entails a team of skilled typists who can assure accuracy and precision. We provide Document Typing Services with rates that are affordable with great level of delivery time. Back in the olden days, letter writing was the only mode of communicating from one place to another. But with the advent of technologies, typing an email to typing documents have become the fastest and clearest mode of communication. Many industries require typing services starting from Academics, Publishing, Medical, Legal, Research, Media, etc.

Copy typing services can be now relaxed and efficient with affordable Copy Typing Rates provided by us. We keep a track of all our rates and give a compelling - competitive pricing system according to market standards.

For publishers who are aiming at typing all your thoughts into text, our book typing services are your easy fix. Book Typing Rates are determined by the language in which the text has to be in and the number of pages. This also applies to our Journal Typing Rates and Research Typing Rates.

We at TSUS have expert professionals who have the knowhow on how to convert your files without losing out on the intended content. For complex industries like Medical Typing and Legal Typing, we have specialised translators and transcribers who are well aware of the terminologies. Legal Typing Rates and Medical Typing Rates depend on the complexity of the document provided, language to be translated to and the medium in which it is required. All of these industries might also require Audio Typing services that can be transcribed from audio to text.

Availing Discounts on Typing Services Rates

But companies like Transcription Services US charge an affordable typing services price, starting at $2.63/page. If the file has more than 500 pages, then the cost gets reduced by 20% from the quoted rates on typing services.

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