Academic Translation

Academic translation involves changing a format’s language that has some educational value to it. The most common examples of academic translation involve dissertation translation, research and focus group translation, presentation translation, subject book translation, workshop and seminar translation, lecture translation, etc.

Academic translation is becoming beneficial to the students, tutors and educational institutions for various purposes. There are different types of academic transcript translation such as thesis transcription, interview transcription, speech transcription and many more. We offer academic translation services for which we can translate any academic content from English to any target language such as Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Danish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Russian, German, Dutch and many other regional languages such as Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu and more.

When a media format is translated from one language to another, then it requires to transcribe the file, and then to translate it effectively. This involves a lot of skill which is why professionally experienced translators are required for all academic translation services.

Academic Translation Services

No matter even if your content is in any languages and that needs to be translated to English, we can do the translation exactly to your requirements without any changes in the meaning and formats.

We as the leading online academic translation services provide academic transcription and translation services widely across the world regardless of geographical limitations, thus we are capable of serving our clients widely for various projects in different languages for different requirements. With the focus of providing professional academic translation services we ensure retaining the highest quality and accuracy at the best low academic translation rates which is competitive in the industry. We for any reasons will never compromise the quality of services and this has made us become one of the best online academic translation services. Our team of academic translator is highly skilled and talented in rightly understanding our client’s requirements and serve accordingly. If you are finding for the most flexible and friendly academic translation agency, then we will be your choice for academic translation and transcription needs. We also do academic editing translation as per your requirements meeting all the given guides.

We at Transcription Services- US have over 800+ native linguists who are hired for their proficiency in translating academic file formats quickly and accurately. Our company stands top in providing the highest-quality academic translation services even for the Rush and Super Rush delivery projects.

Our professionally certified translators are diverse enough to provide educational translations in any language that you require. Thus, choosing Transcription Services- US guarantees clean and precise translation for all industries and for all languages.

Who needs an academic translation?

Academicians like teachers, scholars, professors, language experts, and also students and researchers mostly require academic translations.

Where can I find Academic translation services near me?

You can make use of the “near me” searches online for getting translation services for your academic formats near your locality. Ensure that you read the company’s testimonials from the results. Choose providers who are ‘ATA certified’ to get the best value for your money.

Certified Academic Translation Services

Academic writing is all about helping the reader in understanding the topic. Academic translation services are essential, including article translation service, essay translation service, translating the academic papers, thesis, and many more. The academic translation also includes the translations of journals and presentations too. But what matters most in the academic translation service is that the translator should know the required language and strong skills on the subject. This is the responsibility of the qualified academic translators to check the documents before delivery. Only if it is 100% accurate it qualifies for a certified translation. It is important to get a certified translation as it provides a guarantee that the translation is precise. This also means that the translator can be held responsible in case of an errors.

When a person hires certified academic translation services, he/she can expect to receive unique and error-free documents on time. Academic translation is a field that needs so much attention and care to complete a project. Not everyone understands English, right? Academic and educational translation services will ensure you that the contents included in your translations are accurate and take you one step closer to achieving your academic goals.

Professional Academic Translation Services

Whether you need to publish your article in an international journal or any foreign academic magazine, you will need the assistance of professional academic translation services. When it comes to academic translation, accuracy and quality matters. Apart from language proficiency, expert knowledge on the specified subject matter is essential to deliver an effective translation.

Degree translation services help students who are planning to go abroad for studies. Translating a degree certificate is the first and most important step. It can be anything like Bachelor's degree certificate. The degree certificate will be in the native language of the country in which the students reside. Degree translation is needed when a student moves from one country to another country. Degree certificates must be translated to the target language i.e the country where the student is going. All the academic-related documents need to be translated. Translated documents must be accurate. Academic certificate translation services will translate all the academic-related documents.

What Makes Our Academic Translation Services Unique?

While there are hundreds of translation services out there, only a certified translation agency can provide accurate academic translation services. At Transcription Services US, our native translators are experts in delivering academic translation services that are certified and 100% authentic. Ranging from resume translation to dissertation translation, we carry out customized services based on your requirements. Our exclusive academic translation features include:

  • Maintains high-quality standards
  • 100% confidential
  • 24 Hours Quick Turnaround Time
  • Rush & Super Rush Delivery on demand
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Supports all file formats

Various Academic Translation Services that we Offer

At Transcription Services US, we cover a wide range of academic disciplines such as Engineering, Medicine, Arts, Humanities, Finance, Law, Psychology, etc. The list is not limited to the ones mentioned here. We offer academic translation services in any of the educational disciplines of your choice. A dedicated account manager will keep you updated on the status of your project starting from the very moment you upload your file. We also offer the best academic translation rates starting at $0.10/word. As a certified academic translation company, we translate various educational sources such as:

  • Resume/CV translation
  • Textbook translation
  • Academic transcript translation
  • Lecture translation
  • Seminar/webinar translation

Academic Translation Rates

Our Academic translation rates are varied depending upon the language needs, file format’s length/duration, requirement for a transcription service, and the expected Turnaround time. however, we are still reasonable while considering the rates. So, to know more about the pricing strategy for your academic translation, get your free quote right away.

Academic Transcription and Translation Services

Academic transcription services provide a way to transcribe recorded audio of interviews, dissertations, lectures, thesis, and even research papers – accurately, efficiently, and effectively. Students can reap the full benefits of a lecture through transcription which essentially acts as a classroom note. Also, transcription forms the central tenet of major qualitative research – like FGDs and interviews. In addition, translation of the transcript provides a way for both students and researchers to fully comprehend and incorporate the recordings into studies.

Transcription Services US provides the benefit of hiring expert transcribers and native translators. Thus, choosing Transcription Services US assures accurate translation for the benefit of academia.

Research Paper Translation Services

Whether you need to publish your research in a reputed international journal or a foreign academic magazine research paper translation services are what you should be seeking. When it comes to research paper translation precision and quality matters. Also, expert knowledge of the subject matter is indispensable to deliver an accurate translation.

Transcription services US with native linguists offer for their expertise in translating research papers and academic documents. We are industry leaders in providing translation for research papers, journals, articles, thesis, and dissertations in 100+ global language.

Can I translate my research paper on my own?

Research papers hold the highest academic value and some researchers may even take legal or medical value to it. So, it is advised not to translate research papers by yourself. You may miss important points or change the meaning of words if mistranslated. It is best to get a reputed service provider for your research paper, to get accurate and quality translation.

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