Professional Educational Translation Services for all Disciplines

At Transcription Services US, we strive to make education accessible to students worldwide by providing flawless translation of all education-related content. Our educational translation services are available in over 100 languages.

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We curate educational translations to meet the requirements of students, teachers, lecturers, and educational institutions. We work closely with skilled, qualified, and expert translators to make educational material available for everyone in the desired language.

Whether an aspiring student, an ambitious teacher, or an educational institution, you can approach our translation company for unmatched academic translation at the most reasonable costs for all kinds of educational documents and content.

Expert Educational Document Translation Services for All

If you dream of studying in the United States or any other foreign country, you will be required to submit translated copies of various documents from your previous school or college. With the help of educational translation, you can overcome the language barrier and get translations of your diplomas, any transcript, research papers, etc.

A woman reading documents kept on table

Transcription Services US strives to bridge the language gap between students and international institutions by providing unparalleled translations of all essential documents needed for verification, admission, etc.

Our translators are native linguists with a qualified background and expertise in several fields. They have an eye for detail; hence, all the documents are translated to perfection. We translate so that students secure a place in their dream institution despite the language differences.

Like every child deserves the best educational opportunities, parents too must be aware of the child's performance and other study details in their native language. Our professional translators can help parents in accessing translated documents like school forms, report cards, details of meetings, permission slips, letters, class schedules, enrollment forms, etc. in their native language.

We have expertise in not one or two but more than 100 languages spoken worldwide. Some languages we translate are Spanish, Chinese, German, Arabic, Russian, etc.

Our education translators are knowledgeable and handle all the projects professionally. They deliver flawless results quickly and help students and parents stay ahead in the field of education.

High-Quality Translation Services by Education Translators

At Transcription Services US, our motto is to provide excellent translation services in education and help students succeed internationally. To bring students, parents, and educational institutions on a unified platform, and to fill the language gap we hire professional linguists.

Our team comprises translators from every corner of the world who are industry experts and possess excellent knowledge of language nuances and idioms. They undertake translations of large volumes and single document with the same passion and deliver outstanding results with high accuracy.

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We are members of the ATA and hence, adhere to high translation standards.

If you have an urgent translation requirement, you can approach us for rush services and get your translation done on the same day at a very reasonable price. We guarantee that our services are performed only by human translators, and hence, there is no use of translation memory or any automated system.

Our native translators have expertise in translation and languages. They accurately translate diploma certificates, academic transcripts, PowerPoint presentations, Master's Thesis, and other educational content.

Reliable and Accurate Translation Services for Schools

Helping school districts connect with students worldwide is the primary goal of our translation services for education. Schools can reach out to international students worldwide with our premium language translation services. Our diverse linguistic staff helps the school to communicate effectively with students and parents globally.

By partnering with our translation agency, vocational schools, law schools, medical schools, and other educational institutes can ensure localization of their websites to communicate the message to the diverse linguistic population of the world.

We undertake to provide top-quality linguistic services irrespective of the education levels. By opting for translation services, schools can translate the following to reach more students:

✓ Brochures

✓ Online learning material

✓ Syllabus

✓ Handbooks

Our team has accomplished several translation projects for elementary and other schools by translating academic publications, consent forms, and marketing literature into several languages. Our services have helped them in communicating with international students in their native language and thus, provide ambitious students with a curriculum that supports them.

Expert Translation Services for Educational Institutions

Several prestigious institutions, teachers, and students choose us for their higher education document translation. Our team of subject experts craft accurate educational translations for all. We help universities, colleges, and educational institutions convey their message to the desired target audience in their local language.

You can also seek our services for book translations to help study material reach the international students.

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When communication occurs in a language that the students, parents, and others understand, there is a better connection and acceptance of ideas. Suppose you are a university or college looking to translate your course descriptions, exam material, policies, training courses, etc., to attract international students. In that case, you can rely on our educational translation services.

We have experience in localization services and have translated for university websites to help them reach students globally.

We aid international institutions in publishing their study material internationally. If you are a university or college you can hire us for carrying out textbook translations of medicine, engineering, science, law, and other fields.

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