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Transcription Services US helps educational institutions such as colleges, universities and schools in the US to achieve global success by translating content in 100+ languages.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, a lecturer or an institute, we provide diverse educational translation services including transcripts & diplomas, application forms, research paper content, university websites & apps, marketing materials, online study materials and more.

Educational translation services

When working with the guardians, parents, and students with limited English proficiency, education translation, and language interpretation are significant aspects of imparting equal opportunity for the students to progress towards academics. Whether educational institutions are private or public, you require an education translation partner who utterly understands the particular translation needs and who could truly meet the demands of your organization.

Who Needs Education Translation Services?

Education institutions providing LEP, ELL, foreign exchange, and refugee school students need translation and interpretation services to assure that every student has the right opportunity to progress significantly in academics. Additionally, in so many cases, translation services and interpreter services are also essential to keep parents and guardians, who are not so efficient in English, informed about the academic needs and progress of their children.

Educational Translation Services: Primary and Secondary Education

Primary and elementary secondary education (preschools & grades K-12) often require education language services to obtain the multilingual educational materials for parents and students with limited English expertise. Education translation services are truly a highly specialized task that needs detail, accuracy and familiarity of various terminology.

While looking for a professional language services partner, just be sure to presume the translation company’s expertise in translating and interpreting for academic institutions. Our translators are subject matter experts, i.e. we only utilize the most proficient translators. Our translators always go through specialized training intending to meet the exclusive set of knowledge, skills and experience to assure proficiency in educational translation services.

Conventionally Translated Documents for Primary and Secondary Education

  • Enrollment Information, Course Descriptions, and Class Schedules
  • Early Development and Education Materials
  • Standard E-mail Communication Notices
  • Community Notices and Bulletins
  • Teaching Materials
  • Educational Translation
  • Standard Letters
  • Student/Parent Forms
  • Commonly Translated Documents for Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Academic Translation
  • Testing Materials
  • School Bus Schedules and After School / Extracurricular Activities
  • Diplomas for Elementary, Secondary, and High School
  • Report Cards
  • Term Papers
  • Legal Documents
  • Brochures and Pamphlets

Education Translation Services for Higher Studies

As per the Community College for Immigrant Education (2015), children who are second-generation Americans born in the US to immigrant parents almost currently account for 20% of all United States college students and 24% of the community students of universities.

In higher education institutions, interpreters and academic translation services aid educational institutions to respond to the educational requirements of students in an effort to prepare them for their professional careers and academic studies. Our expertise in the higher educational translation services emanates from years of affluent partnerships with private and public educational institutions.

Conventionally Translated Documents for Higher Education Institutions

  • Diplomas of professional education and higher education
  • Brochures, Marketing Materials, and Pamphlets
  • Academic Publications
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Transcript Translation
  • Enrollment and Registration Information
  • Campus Information and Student Services
  • Commonly Translated Documents for Higher Education Institutions
  • Legal Documents
  • Course Descriptions and Class Schedules
  • Testing/Lecture Materials
  • GPA and Transcript Request Forms

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