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Translation Rate
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Starting From $5.99/min
Turnaround Time
24hours onwards
Rush Turnaround Time
4 hours onwards
Normal TAT
  ✓ 1 to 2 Pages
  ✓ 3 to 5 Pages
  ✓ 6 to 10 Pages
Normal TAT for these languages:Arabic, French, German, Italian, Chinese(Mandarin), Chinese(Simplified), Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese.

  ✓ 24 - 48 Hours
  ✓ 3 Business days
  ✓ 6 to 7 Business days

Note: Rates vary for rare languages.

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Book Translation Services

Book translation is now most required by educational and publishing sector to ease the publicity of popular books and make people from various regions and linguistic knowledge to read them without any difficulties.

The comprehensive book translation services at $25/page (of 250 words) are very effective and beneficial to the students and book lovers. By translating the books, the number of people reading books and using some specified types of books has increased in recent days.

Translating books in different languages have motivated the book lovers to read many new books and it has also initiated new readers to buy the books and read them. To say, online book translation is widely becoming popular as it makes the process easier to translate any books into any target languages.

Transcription Services US provides professional book translation services to our clients from across the world. Be it educational books, technical books, literary books, research books, novels or more, we can translate the books in any languages and by the way our clients want it. The translator who is translating the books must be very knowledgeable and linguistically skilled. In this array, we pride in having a wide network of translators around the world who are also native speakers and graduates. Therefore, we can translate your books related to any subject and any type without any difficulties.

Our range of certified book translation services in various languages include:

  • French
  • Christian
  • Technical
  • Graduation subject
  • Novels
  • Science research and more.

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