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Translate a Book & Make It Accessible to Readers Worldwide

Reading a book written in its native language is fantastic, but authors can't know all foreign languages.

If you thrive on creative writing or book publishing, you need a top-rated linguistic expert like Transcription Services US to offer you professional book translation services and help sell your book to book lovers worldwide. A great book translation increases its accessibility and comprehensibility, allowing the literature to travel and reach a wider audience across multiple cultures.

Focus on creating high-quality literature; we will handle the translation.

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Global Leaders in High-Quality Book Translations for Fast Delivery

Where can you get your books translated by expert linguists, taken through a thorough proofreading and monitoring process, and delivered by a caring native speaker within the same day? At Transcription Services US.

Authors, publishers, and educators worldwide hire us to translate and adapt content to their target audience while preserving all the beautiful twists in the literature. As an ISO 9001:2015 standards language services company, we have been delivering extraordinary services in book translations with timeliness, professionalism, and affordability.

At Transcription Services US, we only practice human book translation services with experts with relevant qualifications and experience in their fields to help us offer you the best possible services. Trust us to translate your novel, journal, short story, magazine, audiobook, book description, and other publications in any language with a 100% guarantee of excellent services and timely delivery.

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Why We Are Ranked as a Top-Rated Book Translation Agency

We have ATA-certified native book translators and proofreaders to guarantee high-quality work and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our experts have the expertise and experience to translate books and adapt them to the local audience while upholding the author's Style, tone, and format.

As a global leader in book translations, we take pride in surpassing customer expectations by delivering extraordinary services in a 100% secure, confidential, and affordable way.

We guarantee 99% accuracy in all translation projects, on any subject, and in over 100 languages.

Our dedicated customer assistance specialists are available 24 hours a day to serve you with convenience.

We take every translation through a rigorous dual-quality check system to ensure even the slightest errors are eliminated.

Book Translation Process: How Do I Get My Book Translated?

The book translation process begins by finding the right professionals to translate your book with high accuracy, reliability, and affordability. This is where we come in.

We provide online professional book translations with high-quality results for clients from wherever the client may be. The process begins with the client uploading their content into our system with their specific project needs like language, formatting, and delivery timelines specified. Upon receipt, we prepare a quote and get started with the manuscript preparation immediately after the client gives us the approval.

We assign every translation to the best-qualified literary translator to obtain the most accurate and consistent performance.

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We Provide Book Translations Under These Categories:

customer count Literary translation services
customer count Medical books translation services
customer count E-book translation services
customer count Fiction book translation services
customer count Technical book translation service
customer count Software book localization service
customer count Corporate book translations
customer count Legal book translation service
customer count Academic book translation service

A Professional Book Translation Company for any books

Transcription Services US provides 100% human translation services with a quick turnaround time for books such as:

customer count Academic books
customer count Medical books
customer count Training books
customer count Corporate books
customer count Kids books
customer count Research papers
customer count Newspaper articles
customer count Financial and management books
customer count Theological books
customer count Interactive childrens book
customer count Coffee table book
customer count Activity book
customer count Audiobook
customer count Chapter book
customer count Literature
customer count Pop-up book
customer count Biography
customer count Textbooks

Are You Looking to Translate Fiction and Non-Fiction Books?

We translate just about any type of book from any industry with guaranteed 100% satisfaction. This includes:

Fiction Books: We translate different fiction books genres such as poetry, novels, thriller, historical fiction, storybook, drama, comic, crime, satire, mystery, fantasy, graphic, horror, romance, paranormal romance, science fiction, suspense, chick lit, alternate history, childrens book, picture book, anthology, action, and adventure.

Non-Fiction Books: We offer creative non-fiction books translation services for art, history, math, prayer, health, science, guide, encyclopedia, autobiography, diary, book review, journal, memoir, spirituality, true crime, self-help, cookbook, dictionary, stamp catalog.

Why Should You Hire Professional Book Translation Services?

Increase book sales and rankings: Increased audiences translate to increased revenue for the author. For your book to be a highly rated best-seller with a larger audience, you must have it translated professionally into multiple languages.

Reach international status: Translated books are easy to introduce to an international audience. Translation gives your book a competitive edge in the global market with a better potential of reaching your audience than those limited to one language.

Amplify readership: Translating your book from its original language into multiple languages will help make it more appropriate for different contexts for different audiences in different countries, increasing its readership.

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Our Clients
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Frequently Asked Questions
Which is the best book translation services company? arrow icon
Transcription Services US is the best company globally when it comes to book translations. Besides being affordable, we are keen to assign your project to a professional book translator and editor who will convey every detail of the original content to the readers with sensitivity and creativity for high-quality results. See the many positive reviews from happy customers.
Which type of books do you translate? arrow icon
Transcription Services US has a vast pool of book translation experts who can translate just about any book. We translate individual pages or whole works for novels, research papers, higher education books, kids' books, travel books, training books, editorial reviews, financial management books, etc.
How do you guarantee a safe and secure book translation? arrow icon

Transcription Services US is keen on meeting all the safety & security customer expectations in every aspect of our work. We have NDAs, secure payment options, and a highly encrypted system to guarantee this.

How long does it take to translate a book? arrow icon

The time it takes to translate any type of book varies widely. Books with larger and more pages take longer to translate, as do those with complex subject matters and languages. Contact us for details on how long your project will take. Our policy, however, is to always to with speediness and deliver in the shortest response time possible.