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Businesses and individuals require accurate translation services in Indianapolis for more than one reason. Transcription Services US delivers reliable, high-quality translations by native translators in over 100 languages with 99% accuracy. Whether big or small, our qualified team of experienced translators can handle your translation projects and deliver them as per your specific requirements.

Choose Transcription Services US as your global communications partner to communicate with your clients and partners abroad. Whether it is a contract, agreement, promotional material, or sensitive legal documents, we have optimal translation solutions for all your translation projects. Our Indianapolis translation services are characterized by native translators, affordable pricing, exceptional quality, and 99% accuracy.

Translations of technical data

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Professional Translation Services At Your Fingertips

Transcription Services US offers all kinds of translation services, irrespective of the industry. Our native translators are language and industry experts. We assign your translation project to native translators well-versed in the language pair as well as the subject matter of your industry.

Suppose you require medical translations from Spanish to English. In that case, the project is handed over to a translator who knows Spanish and English and also understands both simple and complex medical terms.

Industry Translation Services in Indianapolis

We at Transcription Services US select translators diligently. They are both language and subject matter experts. Native language translators also know multiple dialects of the same language. They can handle all language translations with complete precision to convey the original message accurately in a way that resonates with the target audience, irrespective of their cultural background and language dialect used. They maintain the original idea and intent.

Handling any industry translation is not challenging for our team. We can provide a number of industry translations, including the following business verticals:

professional translating documents in office
  • Healthcare
  • E Commerce
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Travel
  • Research
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Media
  • Gaming
  • Retail
  • Technology

Get in touch with our experts for all language translation services. No language is complex for our team of expert and experienced native translators. Our services include, but are not limited to, all popular languages worldwide, including French, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, and more.

Document Translation Services in Indianapolis

Transcription Services US offers professional-level, high-quality translation services to business organizations, individuals, students, and others in the Indianapolis community. We provide accurate services to help businesses achieve effective translation solutions for their global communication needs.

If you need effective multilingual translation solutions to train international employees, communicate with an international audience, or secure a partnership, we are ready to translate all the associated documents.

We offer business translation services in over 100 languages. We translate brochures, pamphlets, contracts, product catalogues, product manuals, annual reports, and others.

We also provide personal document translation services required for immigration into other countries. Our accredited translators can translate personal documents like birth certificate, death certificate, college leaving certificate etc., in the required format. We have a record of 100% acceptance at immigration processing centers such as USCIS.

Certified Translation Services in Indianapolis

Our Indianapolis translation agency provides certified translation services of personal documents needed for immigration, employment, or education abroad. Our team makes it convenient for you to submit the documents and receive accurately certified translations ready to be accepted by the USCIS, government agencies, educational institutions, and other foreign authorities. Courts and authorities of all countries accept our certified translations.

We also provide notarized translation services to clients based on their requirement. Transcription Services US is a renowned translation company in Indianapolis known for its exceptional services done with complete precision within the specified time. We ensure the security and confidentiality of all documents submitted to us.

Translated documents certified by professional translators

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Academic Translation Services in Indianapolis

Students migrating abroad require translation services of personal and academic documents like degree certificate, diploma certificate, birth certificate, and more. We make it easier for students to translate important documents while they focus on their educational commitments. Our native translators are also experienced in translating research papers, thesis, and other documents for students and researchers.

Students and researchers can reach our round-the-clock customer support team for all translation needs.

Our translation company in Indianapolis also translates e learning material for training employees or educating students to engage them them successfully with online courses.

Contact us for translations of e learning material in any language pair. We can handle translations in over 100 languages.

Spanish Translation Services in Indianapolis

Choose Transcription Services US for all your Spanish translation needs in Indianapolis. Our accurate Spanish translations help you reach, communicate, and engage Spanish-speaking employees, clients, customers, and target audience. You can reach a larger Spanish-speaking audience by translating your websites, mobile apps, audio tapes, video tapes, software manuals, and more. We also translate film scripts to help movies and videos reach the Spanish audience.

Our native Spanish translators are well-versed in different dialects of the Spanish language. We offer localization services that resonate with different audiences by translating from and into a variety of dialects like Mexican Spanish, Columbian Spanish, and Spain Spanish.

Legal Translation in Indianapolis

Transcription Services US provides accurate, reliable, and high-quality translations of legal documents to legal firms, paralegals, businesses, and individuals in Indianapolis. Sensitive and essential legal documents need accurate and careful translation.

We assign your legal documents to qualified translators with experience in your document's specific area of law. We assure the quality and accuracy required in such translations. We also understand that legal document translations are complex and time-sensitive. Our translators deliver the translated document either by e-mail or physically within the specified time.

Our translators are experienced in translating all legal documents with the required precision. We translate police reports, FIR, affidavits, lawsuit documents, patent documents, agreements, and others. Often, legal translations also have to be certified in order to be accepted by any authority. We can certify the translation for no additional cost!

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Indianapolis - Businesses & Demographics

Indianapolis is one of the best vacation spots in the US. It is a great tourist destination with mesmerizing tourist attractions. A sightseeing tour of the city can be thrilling and highly informative.

Among the tourist attractions, the most popular one is the Monument Circle, also known as the Soldiers and Sailors monument. This 284 and a half feet tall monument is dedicated to soldiers and sailors who fought to serve the country. Another tourist attractions is The Children's Museum of Indianapolis that houses around 54,000 pieces of art.

The beautiful place - Indianapolis

Yet another popular tourist attraction is the White River State Park. It runs on 250 acres of ground. It is full of walking trails, places to enjoy picnics, and a fun-filled day. It is not only a lush oasis to take a break from the daily grind but an excellent place to begin the adventure in Indianapolis.

Other tourist attractions are the Indianapolis Zoo and Central Canal.

Besides being a much-loved tourist destination, Indianapolis is also a hub for foreigners to set foot. Most foreign-born residents come from Mexico, India, and China. The popular languages spoken here apart from English are Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, and other Asian languages.

It is the third most populated place in Indiana and ranked in Forbes as one of the thirty best places for careers and businesses in the world. 

Global companies and other individuals set foot in this place, aspiring to grow and expand.

Transcription Services US offers accurate and professional translation services to businesses and individuals in Indianapolis to communicate and engage with non-native people through our exceptional services.

We offer all kinds of translation like medical translation, financial translation, etc., to help the business community and individuals in Indianapolis.

The top employers in Indianapolis are Indiana University Health, Eli Lilly and Company, St Vincent Hospitals & Health Services, Community Health Network, Rolls Royce, FedEx, and more.

Transcription Services US provides professional, accurate, and high-quality translation services to the Indianapolis's business community and residents.  Our translators are experienced linguists with subject matter expertise in various fields.

Contact us for affordable, accurate, and high-quality translations in over 100 languages at pocket-friendly prices by native translators delivered on time.

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