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What are Open Captioning Services?

Open Captioning Services are displaying of texts of the words and sounds of the video to the screen that cannot be turned off.

Open Captions

Open Captions are displaying of texts of the words and sounds of the video to the screen that cannot be turned off. Open captioning can also be turned off if not necessary.

Transcription Services-US offers open caption service with precisely defined contents in spite of multiple speakers, poor audio quality, difficult audio accents or contents. Whatever is the type of the content and however poor quality you give us for the captioning, we guarantee you in providing you absolutely best quality content captioned. We have all the tools and software to make the open captioning come out with original quality more than you expect.

What are Open Captioning?

Open captions are the text about the video file which will appear simultaneously on one part of the screen. Translation of a media file into written format requires professional transcriptionists like us. Once the media file has been uploaded on our system the video will be processed by our experts and offer relevant, short and crisp open captioning services.

When the media file has been open captioned we offer instant download through a variety of open captioning formats such as DFXP (for Adobe Flash), iTunes, SRT, SBV (for YouTube) and much more. The open captioning rates for the services we provide are at competitive prices with no minimum or hidden charges. We as one among open captioning companies aid everyone in translating the video file into a written text format to benefit out of it.

What are open captioning services used for?

Open captioning services are basically for people to enjoy videos without missing out on the smallest of details if they are suffering from hearing disability. Not just for people will hearing loss, even if there are situations where sounds are restricted, individuals watching with open captions can be able to grasp the information easily. Using professional open captioning services can get you 99% accuracy and quality output.

The Benefits of Open Captioning Services

There are 3.5% of the population around the world who are either deaf or hard of hearing. Open captioning is a way of making videos accessible to users with disabilities. But it provides benefits to all other users as well. The list of benefits of having open captions in your videos is huge. Some common benefits of open captioning are –

Easy Usability – Individuals who are not deaf also prefer reading captions. According to research, about 18% of the world population uses captions and at least 30% of them are not deaf or hard of hearing. Captions make your videos easy to understand.

Increased Search Engine Traffic – If your video has open captions, the probability of it being ranked higher on a search engine result page is more. If nothing else, posting the video captions with the video can increase the indexing of your video content by search engines.

Access to Information in Noisy Surroundings – We all face situations while eating out at a restaurant or at the time of working out in a gym when due to noise you are not able to listen to the audio content. Open captions are helpful in these conditions by making you access the video content through captions.

Helps in Learning A New Language – Did you know that you can learn a new language by reading open captions? Video captions are very useful in learning a second language. Reading the captions can make you learn new words and listening to them at the same time will also help in pronunciation.

Our open captioning service rates are affordable with great quality and accuracy. Our expert professionals always make sure to include all the details in the captions like the background sounds, multiple people talking, etc.

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