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In the coming years, 80% of global litigation will be multilingual......

E-Discovery is one of the most sought after actions in the legal department where both parties are liable to share every document and information with each other related to the lawsuit or the legal dispute. In earlier times, these documents were shared in hard copies.

However, with the increase in data and the risks of handling physical documents and information, e-Discovery came into existence. E-Discovery is a term used to define the documents which are shared between the parties in digital form.

We, at Transcription Services US, help in having multilingual eDiscovery translations for your convenience.

What is e-Discovery translation?

For lawsuits or legal disputes involving international parties or ones speaking different languages, you will need proper eDiscovery translation services. With this service, you will be able to get the documents translated in the language you want or the one followed in your law firm.

For example, if you receive the documents from your opponent party in Chinese or German language, you need to have the electronic discovery reference model translation for converting the documents to the language you understand.

E-Discovery translation services

Since legal works are involved, you need translation ediscovery companies who can translate the documents well with 100% accuracy so that there is no misplacement of information pieces.

Did you know that by 2026 the market size & share of the global eDiscovery industry will be USD 24.12 billion.

How will we assist you in Translation Services for eDiscovery?

Since the digital data involved in legal lawsuits or disputes are huge in volume, you need to have proper translation services so that all these documents and manuscripts can be translated with ease. We will make sure that all the documents are translated with accuracy and precision.

We have a team of experts who understand the need to have accurate eDiscovery translations and that’s why you won’t have any problem with the end results. Furthermore, with us, you will be able to get certified and quick translations without any glitch in the resultant papers.

Multilingual E-Discovery Translations

Often legal firms receive multilingual e-Discovery documents when more than one opponent party is involved in the lawsuit. In such cases, we make sure to collect all the documents from the opponent which are usually available in multiple languages/dialects.

Our team of professionals then start working on the multilingual translation so that we can deliver the resultant files as soon as possible.

Complete Translation Services for eDiscover at Transcription Services US

With dedicated and passionate work, we have become one of the best translation e-discovery companies. We provide an extensive range of services, starting from evaluating the digital files involving one language to multiple languages.

We not only work on the subpoenas, deposition documents, and the minutes of meetings but also on personal and confidential documents of the opponent party.

Get certified legal translation services

With us, you will get certified legal translation services and hence, you won’t have to worry about the accuracy of our works. We make sure that no error or mistake is present in the resultant documents so that you can proceed with the legal lawsuit with ease.

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