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Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning Services is the process of displaying, at the option of the viewer, a transcription of the audio portion of a video simultaneously as the video is streamed. Closed caption Services, as opposed to open caption can be switched off at the option of the viewer.
Advancements in computer-based multimedia have enabled use of video in distance learning and other educational applications as well as different entertainment models.

Professional Closed Captioning Services

Closed captioning services have ensured that these videos are accessed by a large cross section of people all of whom do not have the same level of competencies or speak the same language. Closed Captioning and subtitling come in handy here making these videos rich in content reach a wide variety of knowledge hungry users.

Industries That Need Closed Captioning Services

Media and broadcasts are the major industries that require closed captioning services. However, technology extends to many domains, so several other disciplines request captions for videos. This includes utilities, information technology, medical, government, education and more.

How To Choose Closed Captioning Companies?

Selecting the right agency might be quite challenging. Choose closed captioning companies with:

  • ISO certification
  • Multilingual support
  • Experienced language specialists

Note that we comply with the mentioned aspects and an additional benefit of a rush delivery feature!

One Of The Best Closed Captioning Services To Work With

Our name is reputed as one of the best closed captioning services and the credits go to your captioning linguists, who promise excellent quality for any language. We are also the recommended brand among business clients for video captioning.

Avail Transcription And Closed Captioning Combo

To make your video much more accessible, our transcription and closed captioning service combo will help you out. This deal will give you a readable transcript in the language you require; this format is the basis for adding closed captions to a video. Hence, your video will cover a wider audience and also helps non-native speakers understand the content in an enhanced way.

Affordable Closed Captioning Cost Online

The closed captioning cost should not be the concern for any customer and so, we have devised a cheap pricing strategy, where you can avail our captions for affordable prices online. Contact our customer support for more information regarding our prices.

Different Aspects of Closed Captioning Services

Texts that appear on the bottom of the screen and represent the spoken words of the video or audio being played is called Closed captioning (CC). Closed captioning services are used in videos to benefit the hard of hearing and helping them gain equal access in watching movies and videos.

Companies offering closed captioning services support visual aids as subtitles that are integrated as texts from all the dialogues and sounds from the background. Professional closed captioners mainly offer various services for pre-recorded videos.

The main difference between open and closed captioning services are the visibility of the texts on the screen. Open captions are always switched on and cannot be turned off at any point in time. They are always visible because they are "burnt" into the video. Whereas, closed captions can be turned on and off as per the viewer’s choice. They can only be displayed when the media player or video sharing site is available.

Closed Captioning Companies

Closed captioning companies have definitely bridged the language and distance barriers. But how do you choose the best company that would guarantee the results you need. We have rich experience in captioning and subtitling in almost every field of knowledge and have distinguished ourselves in closed captioning services.

We have worked with schools, universities and other educational institutions, training institutions, movie makers, documentary film makers, entertainment houses, e-tutors, research scholars and many more clients in delivering precise and appropriate closed captions for their video content.

Our experience has lent our experts a certain versatility that you would not get from any other company. But, we assure you that you do not have to burn a hole in your wallet to get that edge.

Closed captioning services rates are certainly a major factor while you decide on your service provider. So, check out our rates and take our free trial offer to see for yourself what you stand to gain elements. In Closed Captioning, Captioning is displayed only when viewer chooses to activate or decode them unlike open captioning which are displayed to all viewers.

Why Accuracy Is Vital In Closed Captioning Services?

Closed captions are responsible for carrying out the correct meaning of the original video content. It is important for the closed captions to be highly accurate so that the complete and right meaning of the sounds or music of the video can reach the public watching with captions. This makes it super vital to hire accurate closed captioning services for your videos.

If the closed captions added to a video are inaccurate or unable to carry the exact essence of the video, then they have the potential to mislead the audience or can provide incorrect information. 40 million of the American population, is either have hearing disabilities or deaf are completely dependent on captions to understand any sort of videos and only professional closed captioning services can help them by converting the sounds, dialogues, and other speeches into accurate captions.

Transcription Services US is an authorized brand known for offering the best closed captioning services with respect to the accuracy and quality of the content. We are not only accurate but also offer cheap closed captioning services to the entire United States. Our closed captioning services also come with quick turnaround times.

How does closed captions work?

Captioners type the subtitles and captions into a computer program and add it to the intended video frame by frame. The captioners are highly skilled and have great accuracy and eye for detailing while loading the captions.

Closed captioning service costs depends on a varied number of factors

  • The length of your program.
  • The native language you require the video in
  • The language of the closed captions to be created.
  • Your desired caption styles
  • The deliverable requirement
  • Turnaround time
  • The overall size of your project

Many movies and series use video captioning services from professional service providers who bridge the gap between audience and creator.

If you are looking at improving your video’s quality and reach, using closed captioning services can help you gain traffic to your video and page. The more people you reach, the better.

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