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Document Typing Service

Document typing is our flagship portfolio among a host of transcription and translation services that we have been offering to a diverse list of customers located far and wide. Transcription Services US Project document typing service can help you with all your typing needs. Our fee structure begins at an affordable $2.63 per page. To request a free quote, please phone 1-800-230-7918.

Our trained professionals who are duly certified by competent authorities can quickly and accurately type all your dictation and send a word document back to you within 24 hours.

Typing Document

Document Typing Services Near Me

The document typing services are important to all industries. One may need typing document service for a long and lengthy script in Florida or for some short notes in New York. Transcription services US is a company that offers all kinds of document typing services.

We serve all across the US. We work with an accuracy of 99% regardless of the size of the project and geographical location. Now you can get your thesis typed into a document in Los Angeles by our expert and professional typists

No matter if you are a businessperson living in Texas and want to get your financial documents typed or an immigration lawyer of Virginia who is looking for a document typing service for his/her court documents. You can always contact us through our always working customer support.

Document Typing Companies

Document typing companies can play a crucial role in lifting a lot of drudgery off your schedules and allow you to carry on with chores that you alone can perform effectively. The key however, is to choose the right service provider. When you come to us for your Word Document typing services you get:

  • More efficient utilization of your resources as the administrative task is outsourced.
  • Less hassles and cost covering holiday and sick leave of your staff.
  • More time and flexibility to focus on your core business

Foreign Language Transcription Typing Service

Our typing services are not limited to English language. We offer foreign language transcription typing services as well. We support more than 110 languages and we offer typing services in all of them. A few of the languages out of these are – French, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, etc.

We have native and experienced language experts to deal with any of the foreign languages you want us to work on. Because of our native language experts, you can expect great quality and accuracy in all the foreign languages that we support.

We provide super rush services and the language of typing document is independent of turnaround time. The estimated time will depend upon the size of the project, type of file, quality of file, etc.

Quick Delivery Legal Document Typing Service

Our agency has language experts and experienced typists, who are particularly trained and skillful to deliver legal document typing services with excellent quality. We ensure that the quality and precision in typing remain unhampered even for urgent or immediate deadlines. After a thorough assessment of the format to be typed, we can give you the results at the earliest time duration possible. When it comes to projects on official document typing services like medical reports, toxicology sheets, etc. besides typing the words appropriately, the terminologies and tone of the file must be retained. For this reason, we have well-trained technical specialists, who have years of experience and right skill-sets to type a document with neat formatting, without missing even a single detail. This way, the document retains the accuracy and is also delivered at the right time. You can contact our 24*7 customer support for getting more details on a rush and super rush legal document typing service.

Word Document typing services

Word Document typing services are not the same any more. They have undergone a sea change and for the better. Your handwritten manuscripts, printed copy or PDF documents are converted to raw text, which are edited and returned on time. Texts that are not so clear, illegible to read, spoilt, heavily edited or corrected, anything is workable. Your texts in any format are converted to editable electronic document in various formats in record time and cheap rates.

Document Typing Service Rates

We offer the most affordable rates for our document typing services. The rates depend upon many factors like –

  • The type of document
  • The size of the project
  • The quality of file
  • The language chosen, etc.

You can contact us at your chat option to get the correct estimate of rates as per your needs. You can also avail free quotes for our document typing service.


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