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Professional Translation Services

If you are finding it difficult to communicate with your customers and clients from a different linguistic and cultural background, then look no further.

Transcription Services US can work on translation projects of any size and any subject matter. We provide certified and notarized translation service to individuals & businesses from various industries across the globe.

Get accurate, speedy and competitively priced certified translation services now in over 100 languages!

Our services are available in a number of locations, including Atlanta, Wichita, California, Yosemite Lakes, Ann Arbour, and more.

We also offer rush, express, 24 hour and overnight services for immediate translation requirements. Choose us for quick, urgent, speed and same day translation services done with 99% accuracy.

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We also offer discounts on bulk orders.

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Language Translation Services

Companies and individuals working, studying or expanding in the global marketplace often require accurate translation services near me to communicate with university or government authorities.

However, simply translating words and sentences in the source text to the target text is not sufficient. Quality and contextual consistency is vital to put across the right message as in the original document. Moreover, handling cultural nuances posed by variations in language and culture is important for accurate document translation service. An in depth knowledge of the related subject is also required to understand the unique terminology used in different fields.

Our team of native language translators of over 100 languages are trained for precise translations. They are experts from different fields like medical, legal, finance and more. We provide access of your document to the translator having expertise in the specific field and language.

Hire Transcription Services US for linguistic expertise.

What Do We Translate?

We provide different kinds online translation services across multiple fields. We have a team of native translators that have the expertise in various industries. So, providing translations completely accurate is possible here.

✔ Legal translation services for documents like agreement, patent, marriage certificate, lease deed and others used in court. Certified translations are mostly required for legal documents. We provide certified translations free of cost.

✔ Academic translation services for students, lecturers, schools, universities and researchers for research papers, thesis, curriculum, transcripts, diploma, degree certificates and other educational material.

✔ Financial translation services of financial statement, balance sheet and others required by foreign authorities, clients, shareholders and customers in foreign countries. Considering the sensitivity of financial documents, they often require certified translations.

✔ Medical translation services for content related to the medical field.

✔ Marketing translation services for marketing material like questionnaire, leaflet, catalogue, brochure, packaging material and others for use in different countries.

✔ Literary translation services with attention to detail involving textbook, history, novel, manuscript, handbook, article, poetry, book, magazine, script, biography and more.

✔ Book translation services for students, researchers, and academicians for educational and research-related materials.

✔ Simple media and multimedia translation service for digital files in audio formats, movie, YouTube video, voice over, voice, television, internet, Mp3 and more.

✔ Time sensitive translations for emergency requirements.

✔ Vital/personal documents translations such as birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, passport, visa, driver license translation.

✔ Technical translation services of technical document.

✔ Business translation services of company policy manual, profile, business card, business plan, proposal, invoice, product guide, address and website translation services.

✔ Translation of police and military manual, grant, press release, game, mobile, technology, web text, software, insurance and all other documentation.

✔ Scientific translation services

✔ Translation of correspondence material like cover letter, email, manual, newsletter and report.

✔ Translation & localization of websites & apps.

Certified & Notarized Document Translation Services

To ensure complete accuracy, we assign your translation projects to linguistically fluent translators with an in depth knowledge in the specific field. Legal documents are assigned to legal translators. Technical translations are done by native translators well versed in the source and target language and with knowledge of technical jargon. Similarly, medical translations are done by native translators with an understanding of medical field. Professional translators are assigned to all such translations. This is exactly why Transcription Services US provides the best services. We are the best in the industry and the ideal choice. Certified and notarized translations are also provided here.

Choose us for all your translation needs.

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Our professional translation and transcription services are trusted by thousands of companies worldwide.

We can be your trusted partner for transcription of conference, budget, meeting, interview, presentation, audio and video files and other oral and written content.

We also provide outstanding transcription services and our transcribers are trained to deal with accent variation and nuances of noise pollution and slang. They give a verbatim speech to text transcription of every word.

We accept all file formats.

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Our Salient Features

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Wallet-friendly prices
  • 99% accuracy
  • Certified translations free of cost
  • Native translators
  • Rush and super rush services
  • Notarized translations

Our Major Languages

We translate into over 100 languages and dialects. Some of the major languages are listed below:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese)
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • Arabic

We provide exceptional consecutive translation and transcription services to corporate, individuals and firms in the global market. We keep your documents confidential and secure. Get sworn translations with an assurance of 99% accuracy. We boast of providing the best services at competitive prices to the community.

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