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Certified Translation Services

As people are migrating from one country to another, the entire world is coming together and has become one single entity. However, there are several hurdles related to migrations or moving to another country for studying, working, settling or even holidaying. One such hurdle is the language.

As the local/national languages are different in different countries, it is important for everyone to get proper certified translation services so that they can easily complete their tasks with an authenticity certification. You can count of us for the most accurate translations.

Certified Translation Services for Any Industry

Since most industries are now operating worldwide, it has become crucial for them to deal with multiple languages at once. However, it’s impossible for a single person to know more about all the languages spoken worldwide. That’s where the certified translation services come into the rescue.

At Transcription Services US, we provide language translation services with the certification of document authenticity to various industries, starting from academic to gaming, legal, corporate, immigration, and so on. It is our responsibility to ensure that we can meet the requirements of our clients with ease which is why we offer the services to almost all the industrial niches.

Certified Translation Services – USCIS Approved

Documents translated by us are sure to be accepted by the USCIS.

One of the major steps to get an entry into the US and earn its citizenship is to clear the USCIS screening. It is mainly conducted by the Homeland Security and is very important to everyone who wants to immigrate and settle in the country as its permanent residents.

But are you facing any type of language problems with the immigration documents?

If yes, then getting the clearance from the Homeland Security is very important. And our USCIS certified translation services will help you to get all the documents, papers, and proofs translated to English from any language that your document is in. Our works are certified and so, you won’t have to fear about the authenticity and genuineness of our services.

Certified Translation Services For Immigration

When it comes top immigration, one needs to undergo several steps, including USCIS, displaying of birth certificate, criminal records, police certifications, and more. That’s why you need to make sure that all the documents required by the FBI and Homeland Security are translated to English for avoiding any more hassle during immigration.

Witnessing how people have to deal with difficulty during translation for immigration, we have made sure to ease their hassles and provide them with the best opportunity to get the US citizenship. Starting from police records translation to adoption paper translation, our experts are proficient with different aspects of translations needed for a smooth immigration process in the US.

Notarized Translation Services

If you want a document to get translated and notarized, do not worry any further. Our specialized notarized translation services are available 24X7 which is why you can get the documents faster than anywhere else, without any mistakes.

What documents would require notarized translations?

Schools & universities, immigration purposes, business contracts, court transcripts, etc.

Notarized vs Certified Translation Services

When you have to choose between notarized VS certified translation services, getting confused between these two is common. Even though both the works might sound common, they are done differently and also their requirements are different.

First of all, certified translations can be done by any professional who simply signs a form saying that the work is genuine and not manipulated. But in the notarized services, the translator needs to sign the same document in front of the notary, after which the notary will provide a stamp and his signature, converting the document to an affidavit.

Secondly, the certified translation industry mainly handles services like birth certificate translation, police report translation, and so on. But the notarized translations are mainly required for cases where universities, academics, and other such legal requirements are needed.

Are you still not sure if your document requires notarized translations?

Do not worry!!!! Our team knows the process too well.....Get in touch with us.

What kind of certified translation services do we provide?

Birth certificate translation services

With our birth certificate translation services, you can get your birth certificate document translated into English or any language as per your requirement. We will keep all the formats similar, with the only difference in the language. Check out the details of our birth certification translation works!

Marriage certificate translation services

For immigration or work-related causes in a foreign country, you will need marriage certificate translation services. And that's where we will enter the stage to help you out with your marriage certificate and translate the document in a language you need.

Divorce certificate translation services

If you want to apply for any legal proceeding post your divorce, starting from claiming alimony or getting your child’s custody, you will need the divorce certificate translated into the language that the court or any other institution needs. So, do not make any delay and get to know more about our divorce certificate translation.

Diploma translation services

If you have recently completed your diploma course and want to study further in a foreign university or want to work in a MNC abroad, you will need the diploma translation services which will help you to get the results and other certifications in the language preferred by the institution or company you want to go.

Adoption translation services

Our adoption translation will help you to get US citizenship for a child you have adopted without any hassle. We provide proper translation services with no error which will ensure that you won’t have to deal with the scrutiny and security checks of the Homeland Security.

Translation services for immigration

With our immigration translation services, you won’t have to worry much as we will translate all the documents needed for clearing the security steps conducted by FBI and the Homeland Security. So, what are you waiting for? Call us right away!!!!

USCIS translation

Thanks to our expert USCIS translation team, you will get all the required documents converted into the English language so that you can enter the country and clear all the checks for getting the US citizenship. As our team of translators are highly experienced, we can take the guarantee that no manipulation will be done with the documents.

Translation for families

If you are looking for the best company providing translation for families, including book translation, look no further and immediately contact us. Our experts will make sure that all the documents of your family are translated into English language without misplacing any of the details and the information.

Notarized translation

With the help of our notarized translation work, you can submit an affidavit document with your academic research papers or get entry into a university in USA for further studies. We have contacts with high-end notaries working in this industry for more than 10 years.

Police records translation services

With our police records translation, you will be able to clear any kind of security check conducted by the Homeland Security, FBI, or state police. Since these documents are extremely sensitive, we make sure of their confidentiality so that no information is leaked.

Cheap certified translation services

Our cheap certified translation will help you get the best translation services in various industries, starting from academic documents, legal papers, gaming software, catalogues, and so on. We are providing our services at a much affordable range that won’t drain your pocket.

Official Translation Services

With our official translation services, we promise to deliver the work as soon as possible before the deadline. We can understand the hurry and hence, we will make sure that you can submit the papers and documents within the time limit so that you won’t have to deal with any hassle.

We also provide rush and super rush services!!!!!

Our translation services are completely authentic and done by experts who have spent more than a decade in the industry. So, there won’t be any compromise made on the quality that might prove to be problematic in the future. Hence, you can trust us with your official documents like the birth certificate, adoption paper, and so on.

What is a certified translation online?

A online certified translation service is the one where our experts will provide an online certificate of authenticity which will prove that everything is correct and the translated document has no error in it. We have a special team which will help you to get certified translatory documents for verification purposes, academics, business purposes, and even other legal cases.

For online certified translations, all you have to do is submit the main requirements along with the original document so that we can complete the work on-time. Once the payment is received, we will start working on your translations and provide an online certificate. We ensure that all the documents are secured and only authorized personnel can access the documents.

Who requires certified translation services?

Certified translation services are required in most of the areas where only authenticated and guaranteed works are accepted. For example, when the police will check all your Japanese or Italian documents for immigration, they will need a copy of them in English language for better understanding.

Our experts at Transcription Services US will walk you through the entire process. Hence, you won’t have to get frazzled in case you aren’t aware of anything regarding translation for immigration. Just make sure that the original documents have proper information written on them so that we can finish off with the translated files without missing any crucial info.

Certified Translation Services in any Language

It’s not English language in which we are proficient for translation. Rather, we have built up a wide team which is subdivided into clusters of groups. Each group specializes in a particular language, English being the common necessity. Hence, if we have to provide certified translation services to someone belonging to Japan, the documents will be dealt by the group of translators proficient in both English and Japanese.

Looking for an expert in certified translations?

If yes, then do not wait anymore and immediately contact us so that we can get started with the work as the process is not as easy as it seems. At Transcription Services US, we perform a series of tasks before handing over the final documents to you. Starting from research to actual translation and proof reading, we make sure to perform all these tasks so that the final document is free of any error.

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