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Certified Translation: Finding Quality Solutions

Transcription Services US delivers certified translation services starting at $25/page. These are thorough translations, produced by a qualified oraccredited translator, with a reliable certification that vouches for the accuracy of the translated document. It canpass as an official document in the target language used.Let’s help you get started. Get your FREE QUOTE in minutes!

We provide expedited services that promise 100% high quality. Choose from RUSH & SUPER RUSH delivery options. We offer certified translation services for every individual, corporation, or organization that needs verified and legally acceptable documents for business transaction and other purposes. We provide company and Notarization certificates, and assure clients that we practice high standards of responsible certified translation services for all important data.

Transcription Services US is the company to trust in outsourcing your certified translations.We guarantee 100% competitive rates and swift turnaround, without compromising quality. We take pride in being a leading choice translation provider of over 40,000 happy customers globally, in various fields including education, entertainment, politics, and multi-media industries.

For years, we have been providing clients the best certified translation services that remain unrivaled in terms of accuracy, security, and confidentiality. Our hightail uploading service, ensures top secure results that are spam-free, through advanced software platforms.

We Translate:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Decree Absolute Certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Immigrations document certificate
  • legal Certificate

We offer a growing list of languages. Just tell us what language you need, and we can translate accurately and effectively through our proficient team of over 1000 native translators.

  • Upload your files safe and secure.
  • Receive a free quote for your project.
  • Receive an invoice and make online payment.
  • We will send the translations straight to your inbox.

Certified Translation Services

When the process of translation is given a signed guarantee from a Language Service Provider (LSP), stating that the translation is done precisely and accurately to their knowledge, then it is termed to be Certified Translation Services. If you search online typing ‘certified translation services near me’, then you are given results for thousands of service providers within your geographical range. You can see this as a benefit, since your charges on delivery of the translated file are reduced. There are even certified translation services that have time-sensitive projects, where they provide you with a certified work on the same day of ordering called as ‘same day translation’. If you try looking up at 'same day translation services near me' on the search engines, you will be able to find professionals who will do your work for a price. But, keep in mind that the service provider can charge you extra on orders for Notarization.

Certified Translation Services That Excel

Partner with us for a successful game plan that will help you reach new heights, and improve your business goals for an expanded global reach. With our certified translation services cheap rates, you won't be looking for any other company out there. Reach us 24/7 through toll free HOTLINES, CALL BACK, or LIVE CHAT.

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