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Translation Rates Per Word

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Factors that Influence the Translation Rates

The most common basis on which the translation rates are fixed is the ‘translation rates per word’. Our translation fees begin at $0.10 per word for standard documents, $25 for each page of vital documents, and $7.00 per minute for translating audio content. Get your free quote today by calling 1-800-230-7918. But there are also other ways of doing it.

Based on the complexity of the data:

The amount of research that should go into a project will depend on how complex the work is. For longer and complex works, the translator must do intense research about the language. But when it comes to easier ones, the work is done with the available knowledge.

For instance, the translation rates per word for a technical Mandarin document translation can be significantly higher as compared to a regular website.

Based on the expected turnaround time:

The time of delivery is a prominent rate estimation factor ever for reputed international agents. The Turnaround Time (TAT) must be ideally set by the customer. This means that for critical and technical formats, the project should be given to the provider early. This will avoid last-minute pushing of the order.

For urgent and expedited deliveries, the rates charged increases. For non-urgent deliveries, the rates remain neutral.

Based on the volume of the data to be translated:

As stated before, the rates on translation will depend on how complex a project is, and also, on the research time put into the work. Adding to this, it is essential to know that when a data’s volume increases, then the initial cost averages out, decreasing the cost per word.

With extra options like glossary and stuff, the rates are charged per word at times.

Based on the language combination:

The target and source languages are also important characteristics for rating a translation service. Like how the translators vary according to the language requirement and availability, the translation rates differ across languages.

For rarer languages like Dari, Kwangali, etc. the rate increases. For the common ones like French, Spanish, etc. the translation cost decreases or remains the same.

So, it is advisable to understand and note down all your requirements about the project before ordering a translation service. This way, you can have a more pronounced way of charging the rates.

Noting Down Your Translation Rate:

The following values can be considered when estimating the translation rates roughly.

✔ Start it with yourself, which means, you should set a realistic budget about the translation you are expecting.

✔ Understanding the work’s processing is important, as you cannot compromise on quality for turnaround and vice-versa.

✔ For longer file formats, you must order for the translation service much before, to avoid last-minute hustles in the project and delivery.

✔ Identify the best translation company, by searching online for agencies:

  • Near you
  • Affordable
  • Manually translate
  • Language complaint
  • 4.7 or above star rating
  • Have good and positive opinions from customer testimonials

✔ Avoid irrelevant or unnecessary parts of your project to be translated. You should do this editing process if the format to be translated is a media like video or audio.

It is good to note here that, the translation rates if done by an online platform (virtual translator) will even be free of cost. But quality an accuracy may not result as expected. Machine learning platforms do not charge translation rates per word, but experts do, and they give promising results at the end.

So, choose your service provider wisely and get a free quote on any translation service before ordering from one.

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