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Legal Transcription

Transcription Services US provides the most efficient Legal Transcription of testimonials and other legal processes. We transcribe documents pertaining to legal and court proceedings.

Legal Transcription Services

Transcription Services US has successfully handled millions of projects at an affordable and honest pay. Our legal transcription pay rate is the lowest among all legal transcription companies. We have the most efficient legal transcriptionists who are well versed and trained in online legal transcription.

You can rely upon us for all your needs of legal transcription outsourcing at the cheapest Legal transcription services rates. Transcription Services US has the most economical legal transcription rates per page among legal transcription companies.

Transcription Services US undertakes transcription services for testimonials of legal proceedings and  client letters regarding court proceedings.

Transcript Services US is a certified legal transcription company providing its unique services all around the world in countries such as

    ✓ Sydney
    ✓ Switzerland
    ✓ Somalia
    ✓ Bangladesh
    ✓ Libya
    ✓ Argentina
    ✓ Croatia
    ✓ San Marino
    ✓ Brazil
    ✓ Italy and Australia.

We transcribe legal documents such as court hearings, interrogations and proceedings.

Legal Transcription Services

Reasons Why Our Clients Work With US For Legal Transcription Services

All trusted partners and clients of Transcription Services US stick with us because of the excellent services we offer. Following reasons set us apart from other legal transcription companies –

    ✓ 100% human generated transcripts
    ✓ Experienced, expert and native transcriptionists
    ✓ Our topnotch quality
    ✓ Great accuracy offered
    ✓ Quick turnaround time
    ✓ More than 100+ languages supported
    ✓ Our multi-level quality check procedure
    ✓ Secure and confidential client content
    ✓ NDA agreements offered
    ✓ ISO and ATA certified

Types of Legal Transcription Services We Offer

There are many different services that we offer under the legal transcription service. Legal transcription can be needed for different kind of files and in different cases. A few of legal transcription services we offer are –

    ✓ Legal Transcription Services
    ✓ Court Transcription Services
    ✓ Police Investigation Transcription
    ✓ Court Proceeding Transcription
    ✓ Legal Pleadings Transcription
    ✓ Memoranda Transcription
    ✓ Interview Transcription
    ✓ Legal Examination Transcription
    ✓ Administrative Hearing Transcription
    ✓ Court Tapes Transcription
    ✓ Sworn Statement Transcription
    ✓ Client Tape Transcription
    ✓ Testimony Transcription
    ✓ Meeting Minutes transcription
    ✓ Notes Transcription
    ✓ Jury Instruction Transcription
    ✓ Brief Transcription
    ✓ General Correspondence Transcription
    ✓ Telephone Conversation Transcription

And many more…


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