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Top Typing Services Offered by Expert Typists

Get a top-notch typing service by experts at extremely reasonable rates by hiring the team at Transcription Services US. We offer rates starting from $2.63 per page. To request a free quote, please phone 1-800-230-7918. Our typists are highly trained, skilled professionals with years of experience in the industry.

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Why Hire Professional Typing Services?

Typing involves converting content which might be in any form, such as an audio file, an audio track from a video file, or an image, into a purely textual format. This is usually required by individuals and businesses in order to make their content more accessible to different audiences.

Typing Services

Typing may sound like a simple task that can be accomplished by any individual, even if they do not have experience in the field. However, the fact is that typing is a complex field that requires typists to be extremely diligent with the ability to pay close attention to detail. They must be knowledgeable about the type of typing service that a client may request and adapt their services accordingly.

For instance, an audio file that needs to be typed out for a legal purpose might require that all inflections be included in the typed document. Filler words such as um, ah, etc., play a vital role in recordings of witness statements, interviews, etc. In such cases, a layperson may make grievous errors in the typed document.

Thus, it is always better to hire a document typing servicethat can adequately address the needs of the client in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

At Transcription Services US, we provide the best typing services by native experts with extensive experience in this field. They are aware of the nuances of typing requests and can customize the services based on the needs of the clients.

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Types of Document Typing Services We Offer

Our team is known for the variety of quick typing services we offer at unmatched rates! In fact, our full-suite typing service covers a number of industry verticals and is designed to cater to all types of customers.

Here are some of the most requested digital typing services offered by us:

  • Book typing services
  • Copy typing services
  • Legal typing services
  • Academic typing services
  • Business letters typing service
  • Report typing services
  • Interview typing services
  • Survey typing services
  • Manuscript typing services, etc.

While these are some of our top offerings, if you have any other typing requirements, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to cater to your needs!

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Typing Service

A professional typing service can support you in several ways, saving valuable resources. Without a competent typing service, you will need to employ workers who can perform this task for you. This will add to the overheads in your cost, as your need may not justify hiring a new typist. If you choose to hire a full-time typist for your documents, then you must make sure that he or she is qualified to provide you with high-quality services.

A competent professional typing service will be much more capable of providing you with typed documents at a much lower cost. By outsourcing your typing project, you can rest assured that you will receive high-quality typed documents with a minimal margin of error. We have also observed that an experienced typing service will be able to support you with your needs with minimal intervention from you.

Even if you need a simple file typed out, chances are that a typist with less experience will make errors. A professional service provider like Transcription Services US will have strong quality control measures in place such as review, proofreading, etc., to evaluate your documents. They will be able to ensure that your typed documents are accurately typed out without any loss of meaning. If you are submitting your typed documents to an important agency as part of an application, then it is even more essential that you work with a reputed service provider who can meet the requirements of the receiving authority without any additional hassles for you.

So, choose a reputed typing service like Transcription Services US for your project and enjoy the benefits of our experience.

Verbatim Typing Services

Business Verticals We Serve

Besides supporting individuals in their typing needs, we also cater to businesses for their typing projects. This usually involves large documents with short delivery timelines. We have always been able to deliver typed projects as per our clients' expectations across industries.

Some of the top categories of clients we have worked with include:

✓ Academic institutions and organizations.

✓ Advocates and clerks from the legal field.

✓ Media and entertainment industry.

✓ Financial service providers.

✓ Healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

✓ Publishing industry.

Why Choose Our Local Typing Services?

Our well-known accurate typing services have been offering this service to clients around the globe for a long time. We have a long list of loyal customers who completely rely on us for all their typing needs. Whether it is an individual requiring typed versions of their verbal notes or publishing businesses needing typed manuscripts, we have it all available to you under one roof

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