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Translation services in Philadelphia
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Translation Services in Philadelphia Powered by Expert Native Translators

Are you struggling with finding translation services in Philadelphia which are not automated, but are accurate and professional?

Well, our team at Transcription Services US is built to cater to your exact requirement. From technical documents to personal vital documents, we assure precision and speed! Our content is linguistically accurate, contextually relevant, and quite affordable.

Our translation company in Philadelphia is a one stop solution for all your translation needs in any language.

We have translators who are native speakers of several Asian, Western and European languages. They also specialize in various dialects of each language so that your translations are culturally relevant and accurate.

We provide localization services for websites and mobile apps following industry best practices to make sure that our translation ecosystem is ideally constructed. This ensures that your content is provided to you in a timely manner, while maintaining all security and confidentiality protocols. Be assured of 100% customer satisfaction with our Philadelphia translation agency.

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Businesses & Demographics - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia or Philly, as it is lovingly referred to by its citizens, is a major city in the United States with a population nearing two million people! It is, in fact, the second most populated city on the east coast of the US. It is a major historical city and a cornerstone of the US economy.

Philadelphia was one of the most revered meeting areas of the founding fathers which eventually led to the establishment of the modern United States as we know it. For this reason, the number of museums and historical sites in the city are immense. History students often travel to the city to get a tour of where the greats of the US put their minds together.

Philadelphia is also a major education center with a large number of well-known universities in its midst. It boasts the presence of more than 100,000 students enrolled in its Ivy league colleges and other universities. Philadelphia is also home to the prestigious Wharton School, which is a part of the University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia also has five premiere medical schools.

A picture of three graduated college students
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The economy of Philadelphia is a major contributor to the United States economy. It is home to five Fortune 1000 companies. It also gets a lot of tourist footfall thanks to its status as a cultural and historical center. It has also been named as one of the World Heritage Cities besides accommodating more than 60 major historical sites.

Some of the major industries in Philly include finance, healthcare, and biotechnology. The universities and medical centers in Philadelphia employ the majority of the city's inhabitants. The city has a balanced population of Whites and African-Americans besides Asian and Hispanic ethnicities. This has led to a beautifully diverse city bustling with activity.

Transcription Services US provides translations for enterprises in Philadelphia so that they can improve their revenue growth. We provide quality and speed, no matter the scale. We bring domain expertise and linguistic excellence to the table, providing companies with the maximum return on their investment.

So get in touch with us now to translate your business documents!

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Personal Document Translation Services in Philadelphia

We support businesses in Philadelphia with their translation needs, but at the same time, we are capable of providing translations of your personal documents as well. We provide timely translations for any personal files based on your requirement. For example, perhaps you need to submit your application and documents to USCIS for moving into the United States.

Here are some of the most requested personal translations we have catered to:

customer count Degree certificate
customer count Birth certificate
customer count Death certificate
customer count Divorce decree
customer count Marriage certificate
customer count Driver's license
customer count Work permit
customer count Visa
customer count Statement of purpose
Transcription Services US provides translations appropriately based on your needs. We can provide USCIS accepted translations, any legal translation, vital document translation, etc. From your birth certificate degree certificate, we can translate any document for you within your submission deadline at low costs. Connect with us for translations in any of over 100 languages.
Our Clients

Academic Translation Services in Philadelphia Within Your Budget and Timeline

Transcription Services US provides translation solutions powered by a team with skill, finesse, and diligence. Our translations are 100% human; we do not use any bots or automated software to translate your content. We understand that you require contextually and linguistically accurate translations. So, we only assign translators with both language expertise and domain expertise for your project.

Our academic translators are not just experts in their language, but also proficient in education-related terminology and requirements. For instance, if you are applying at the University of Pennsylvania, then they are aware of the requirements for admission at the university. They will translate and certify your documents so that they are accepted by the university without any challenge or hassle.

A student filling a scholarship application for university
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We also provide translations for universities and e learning businesses so that they can cater to a multitude of students from around the world.

customer count Academic transcripts
customer count Diploma certificate
customer count Research papers
customer count College leaving certificate
customer count Recommendation letters
customer count Marksheets
customer count Course materials
customer count Podcasts
customer count Assessments and assignments
customer count Study materials

Our exclusive offering of over 100 different languages makes us a one-stop solution for all translation needs for any academic institution. We have helped several content creators take their courses to a global level by making it multilingual.

Our academic translations include a variety of documents for any type of client - students, researchers, professors, content creators, etc.

All this and much more at Transcription Services US. Contact us NOW!

Legal and personal certified translation services
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Certified Translation Services in Philadelphia for Legal and Personal Needs

For instances such as admission into a university or participation in any legal procedure, you may require translations that are either certified or notarized. We provide both types of translations at our translation company in Philadelphia. We are a member of the American Translator's Association, with a number of accredited translators. We are capable of producing certified translations guaranteed to be accepted anywhere.

A certified translation will include details of the translated content and the translating agency. Information such as the length of the translation, place and time of translation, details of the translator, seal of the agency, etc., are included as part of the certificate of translation. This assures any organization that the translation that they are receiving is complete and thorough, done by an accredited agency.

We provide the certificate of translation free of cost for all our clients, besides our extremely reasonable translation costs.

We also provide student discounts and free trials so that you can have a comfortable, hassle-free translation experience. Our agency prides itself on its professionalism and record of customer satisfaction, which is why we offer a money-back guarantee as well!

Our Philadelphia translation services cater to the legal, business, and academic community of the city regularly with certified and notarized translations. Our content is culturally and linguistically fluent, making it seamless for the reader to comprehend. We follow industry best practices to offer you unrivaled accuracy and efficiency.

Get outstanding translation services that fit your budget!!
Need advanced translation solutions from industry experts?

Spanish Translation Services in Philadelphiaby Native Speakers

Among the multitude of languages that we translate, some of the most popular include French, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, and most importantly, Spanish. Majority of the world's population speaks and understands Spanish fluently. For this reason, we have hired an exclusive team of native Spanish translators fluent in multiple dialects.

If you require a translation from Spanish to English or any other language, we will assign it to the translator with the maximum cultural commonality with your project. This, coupled with our quality assurance and proofreading protocols will ensure that your content is flawless and to your utmost satisfaction.

Our Spanish and other language translation services

span a number of diverse industry verticals such as:

arrow E commerce - product descriptions, product catalogues, invoices, business proposals, annual reports, agreements, retail listings, etc.
arrow Entertainment and media - film scripts, video tapes, audio tapes, advertisements, movie subtitles, marketing videos, etc.
arrow Gaming and technology - brochures, pamphlets, how-to videos, character descriptions, software manuals, etc.
arrow Automotive and manufacturing - product manuals, user guides, terms and conditions, technical manuals, etc.
arrow Legal - police reports, FIR, affidavits, lawsuit documents, patent documents, contracts, etc.
A picture of three graduated college students An image of an engineer marking technical documents
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Industry Translation Services in Philadelphia

There are a number of manufacturing and technology industries in Philadelphia in need of bulk translation services. We can provide you with any business translation or technical translation that you need with ease at reasonable costs. Worry no longer about lawsuits that come from inaccurately translated contracts and manuals. We have you covered!

We provide the best multilingual content for any industry, no matter how specific their requirements. From medical translation to financial translation, we have done it all.

Some of the most requested technical translations we have covered include safety manuals, technical brochures, user manuals, health and safety manuals, patents and IP documents, safety reports, system requirement documents, service manuals, tender documents, proposals, set-up instructions, data sheets, modus operandi documents, etc.

Our enterprise translation solutions make sure that you lead the competition in addressing multicultural clients and providing them with a satisfactory experience.

The international customer experience that our collaboration can provide will be unparalleled, and will make a major difference in your revenue stream. Our client base is a clear indication that we put a lot of effort and attention to professionalism and customer experience.

Enjoy our premium services at unrivaled costs by taking the first step to contact us. Our 24/7 customer support team is ready to instantly address your queries and begin translating your documents!

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Services Offered for Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce Certificate, Diploma/Degree Certificate, Passport, Resume, Driving License and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Which is the most affordable translation service in Philadelphia? arrow icon
Transcription Services US provides the most reasonably priced translated content in the city of Philadelphia. Contact us for a free quote for your project and discuss pricing details.
Do you provide notarized translations for legal documents? arrow icon
We can provide both certified and notarized translations for your needs. Our certified translation services do not levy any additional cost besides the original cost of translation.
Why do I need a professional agency to translate my content? arrow icon

A professional company can provide you with the most accurate version of your original document. It can also certify your translation so that you do not have to face any hassle with submissions to any reputed agency. Moreover, it is a very time consuming task to translate a document by yourself. It is best to leave the task to a professional company like Transcription Services US.