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Find Out Why Business Translation Service Are The Need Of The Hour!

The translation sector has become one of the most powerful and fast-growing businesses. Whether it is for B2B market or for individuals, the global marketplace has increased its way of communicating to different customers. Since the communication is dependent on the language spoken or written, translation comes as a highly important parameter to take into consideration. More of the corporate information are now delivered electronically such as blogs, news, advertisements etc. Apart from that, business information or choices have taken the digital route making communication easier for companies. It is quite challenging to communicate to new partner and try to promote your company’s worth when they don’t speak the same language as yours. Hence, to maintain cordial relations with foreign delegates, businesses use translation services where they can translate audios, videos and documents into the language of their choice.

Business Documents That We Translate

Business documents are frequently associated with legal articles which involve proper consideration and emphasis. We at Transcription Services US have worked with clients on communicating top business modules in various complex languages. From boosting sales to assisting communication, translating conference calls, business meetings, MOMs, Annual reports, books, Income statements, Balance sheets, Business plans and more; professional translation services help businesses flow in a smooth manner.

Industries That Benefit From Our Business Translation Services

Our translation services are widespread and encompass an umbrella of industries that require our assistance. The vital industries that primarily make products further manageable and valuable to their clients should make use of professional translation services to sell maintain their business. Here are few industries that require extreme level of business importance and backing when it comes to business translation services. Here are some of the industries that we provide certified translation services and professional document translation for:

  • Corporate companies
  • Medical organizations
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Engineering companies
  • Business Organizations
  • Medical organizations
  • Legal firms
  • Marketing and Advertising companies
  • Research and Development centers
  • Government organizations and so on

The Transcription Services US advantage

We comprehend your needs:

Whether it has to do with pricing, quality or customizations, our native translators keep it mind delivering 100% quality rich content without any compromises. You may have many requirements in terms of language or the process of how it being translated. We keep a keen eye on your requests and work accordingly solving any queries that you may have on the go.

We realize the objective:

At Transcription Services US, we exactly comprehend your objective that are imperative to your business. A tiny brief on your business can involve us into your project and make it clear on whether you need translation for just an official document or an entire website. We are aware of your work needs and we satiate it using our State-Of-The-Art technological advancements.

Document formats:

Our agency believes in giving you what you need rather than getting you to adjust with what we have. So, if you have a requirement on xml. file format, we give you just that. Our business document translators are equipped with all the formats such as PowerPoint, InDesign, HTML, PDF and so on. We can strategize your documents and present it to you just the way you might need it.

Account managers to support:

Our 24/7 customer support will also designate you with an exclusive account manager who will work with your project from the beginning to the end. The idea here is to keep you in the loop with all the happenings of your project without concessions. Every step of the project’s update will be given to the customers with a detailed summary of completion and delivery dates.

Languages that we offer:

Well, this is absolutely what we ace at. Our native translators are experienced and have a great industry detailed knowledge. We provide translation services in 100+ languages. These languages also include complex ones like Mandarin, Polish, Telugu, Russian, Cantonese and so on. Our linguists will diligently translate into any language pair of your choice.

Timely delivery:

Next to customer satisfaction and quality management, our motto to serving you falls on the time of delivery we promise. We provide 24-hour translation services where we speed up your process on request. We also deliver rush and super rush services that can get your project done on the same day.


Quality and price go hand-in-hand. Our business translation price is transparent and has no hidden charges. We offer discounts on bulk orders that makes us very approachable in the business market.

Other features:

  • 100% confidentiality
  • ISO certified
  • NDA approved documentation
  • Secure payment mode
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