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Certified Spanish Translation Services

USCIS and other such immigration and visa handling agencies accepts certified translation of your documents. These documents can be your birth certificate, degree certificate, etc. Certified Spanish translation means getting a certificate along with translated file to show that the translation is complete and accurate.

With the number of speakers, the rate of the Spanish language is also increasing day by day. This is in turn increasing the inflow of individuals to the Spanish speaking countries. Most of the businesses are now into Spanish markets and others are planning to do so. Because of it being the official language of 21 countries, all the documentation works need to be done in the Spanish language.

Professional Spanish Translation Services

Transcription Services US provides Spanish translation services, which is the leading Spanish language translation agency. Transcription Services US, offers Spanish to English transcription and English to Spanish transcription services. Prices start at $0.10/word for document translation, $25/page for vital document services, and $7.00/minute for audio translation.

We provide Spanish translation services for many industries of various types, including: Spanish audio translation, Spanish document translation, Spanish website translation, Spanish legal translation, Spanish lyrics translation, Spanish voice translation and Spanish technical translation services.

We offer varieties of Professional Spanish translation services to meet all your individual Spanish translate needs such as official Spanish translation, Spanish book translation, Spanish story translation, Spanish video translation, Spanish birth certificate translation, Spanish poetry translation, Spanish marriage certificate translation, Spanish business translation and Spanish letter translation services at competitive Spanish translation rates online.

Why Spanish to English Translation Is Needed?

Translation services to Spanish to English are also crucial with respect to business expansion options. The Spanish to English Translation Services are a medium to bridge the gap between you and your target audience in the Spanish speaking country. Just by searching for Spanish Translation Services near me, you can find the best service provider. Once you hire them, they will assist you with localizing all your documents, websites, legal requirements, etc. into Spanish. Transcription Services US is your best Spanish to English Translation agency that offers accurate and quality translation services to its clients.

Why Choose Us As Your Spanish Translation Company?

Transcription Services US is a translation company that offers its Spanish Translation Services for documents, audios, videos, websites, etc. to a wide range of industries such as Legal, Automation, Medical, Academics, Media, etc.

Thanks to our experienced and native translators, and due to our great translation and quality check procedures, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We have native Spanish speakers of different dialects so that we can translate your projects effectively. We support more than 100 languages to meet all your Spanish translation needs.

Why are Spanish translation services need of the hour?

Spanish is a language of importance in many countries with over 527 million speakers in the world. Nowadays, in about any industry, the growth of the company is directly proportional to the number of speakers. Since there are many business opportunities that have come up, there has been a drastic demand for Spanish translations. Hence, the obvious need for Spanish to English translation services has soured high for various sectors such as legal, medical, academic, advertising, marketing, IT and so on. At Transcription Services US, you can be assured of quality translation services at great affordable prices. We excel at translating documents relating to patents, doctor certificates, licenses, birth certificates, financial papers, websites, user guides, etc. Whether you are a business set-up or an individual, you can be assured that all kinds of documents can be translated here. If you are looking for Spanish document translation services, worry not! We have got that covered too.

Spanish Certificate Translations

Certificates are highly important when you are shifting from one country to another for education or a job. If you are planning to immigrate to the US, you need certificates that are translated and notarized from Spanish to English. These documents could be birth certificates, licenses, PR papers. legal documents (if any), education certificates, relieving and joining papers of the previous company, transfer certificates and so on. At Transcription Services US, you are provided with special Spanish certificate translation services that translate all your personal and professional documents at great accuracy. We guarantee a hundred percentage acceptance by USCIS and other immigration authorities. Since we are an ISO compliant company, we can assure you that our rules are in place offering a higher level of confidentiality and security of your files.

If you are looking for quality and precise Spanish translation services, you are in the right place! Transcription Services US believes in providing 100% quality rich translations at a speedy turnaround. With our 24-hour translation services and rush-super rush options, you can avail fast deliveries to meet your tight deadlines. Our professional Spanish translation services also provide you with various Spanish language dialects. Do you know that Spanish has many dialects that are spoken throughout the world? Starting from Andalusian to Murcian, Canarian, Rioplatense Spanish, Coda and so on, we deliver all kinds of dialects because of our native translators. Together with our designated account managers, the translators have wide know-how on Spanish dialects and its translation techniques. Since we are present through the US, you can easily track us down from our portal. You can indeed call or chat with us anytime (24/7) to understand our comprehensive features and how we can satiate your requirements.

Spanish Translation Services Rates

The rates for the Spanish translation vary from project to project. The charges are dependent on various factors such as:

  • The length of the file.
  • The volume of the project.
  • Language combination selected.
  • Addition services.
  • Complexity of the project, etc.

Our certified translators and editors keep working on a project until they reach at least 99% accuracy. We have a multi-layer quality check procedure besides that we always make sure to deliver the outputs in the shortest time possible.

Importance of Spanish Translation Services for Businesses

The Spanish language has more than 572 million speakers all around the world. It is the second most spoken language on the planet. Also, Spanish is the official language in 20 sovereign states and all dependent territory. There are a total of 44 countries where Spanish is being spoken.

Furthermore, it is the 2nd most spoken language in the United States. 45 million individuals speak Spanish either as their first or second language, in the US. There are more than 37 million US residents that prefer speaking Spanish at home. The projections are being made that by the year 2060, the number of Spanish speakers will be increased by 55 million, making it the most spoken language of the country.

Spanish is one of the official languages of the UN, The European Union and the World Trade Organization. More than 2 million businesses are owned by Hispanics in the United States alone. This will give you the idea that Spanish is amongst the top languages used for business purposes worldwide.

The usage of Spanish, on the internet, has grown by 1,312.4% in the past 15 years. It the 3rd most used language of the internet and 2nd most used language of social media. 143 million internet users access Facebook in Spanish.

Dialects For Spanish Language

Spanish has many dialects depending upon the area of the world it is being spoken. The language has a rich history and is widely spread along the continents and countries. A few of the Spanish dialects are:

  • Castilian – Spoken in northern and central parts of Spain and the official Spanish language.
  • Andalusian – Mostly spoken in southern Spain, 2nd most widely used dialect in Spain.
  • Murcian – Spoken with the regions of the community of Murcia, which is in southern Spain.
  • Catalan – Official language in Andorra, spoken in some parts of northern Spain.
  • Basque – Spoken in community of Pyrenees.
  • Galician – Portuguese influenced Spanish, spoken in Galicia in north-west Spain.
  • Extremaduran – Spoken in the community of Extremadura in western Spain.
  • Canarian – Spanish dialect spoken in the Canary Islands, resembles the Caribbean dialect.
  • Llanito – Combination of Andalusian dialect and British English.
  • Latin American – Dialect spoken in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and in most of the Central and Southern American countries.
  • Rioplatense – Spoken in Argentina, Uruguay and region between these two countries.
  • Caribbean – Spoken in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba and other Central American countries with the East coast of Mexico as well.
  • Equatoguinean – Only official Spanish being spoken in Africa.
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