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Chinese Translation Services To Enhance Global Growth

China, without a doubt, is the largest populated country in the world. Around 16% of the world’s population speaks some form of Chinese as their native language. Being an official language of China, Taiwan, Singapore, Wa State, and Brunei, Chinese is also officially used in the United Nations. The two major Chinese scripts are simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. Whereas, there are three spoken forms of the language namely Mandarin, Taiwanese, and Cantonese.

Being the largest economy of the world, this superpower country has developed into one of the most substantial players of international trade. With the mass migration, you can find a Chinese community anywhere in the world. With all of that said, the need for Chinese translation services is inevitable. Whether you an individual migrating to China or an entrepreneur wishing to expand your business to the Chinese marketplace, Chinese translation is a must. Only an accurate translation can disseminate clear thoughts and it helps to accelerate your business growth. Our team of native experts offers premium Chinese translation solutions that will exceed your expectations. No matter what language your source documents are, we can translate into Chinese while maintaining more than 99% accuracy.

The Most Accurate Mandarin Translation Services

Is Mandarin the same as Chinese, or are they 2 different languages? In the translation industry, there is a vague line of difference between Mandarin and Chinese. Mandarin can be categorized as simplified Chinese or translational Chinese. Since there is a difference between these two languages, our skilled team of translators takes utmost care to use the right dialect for the intended audience. For instance, if you need to establish or promote your brand in Mainland China, then Mandarin should be your choice of dialect.

At Transcription Services US, we have 800+ native translators who are well aware of the linguistic disparities between Chinese and Mandarin. Our rates start at $0.10/word for document translation, $25/page for vital document translation, and $7.00/minute for audio translation. As a result, we offer best-in-class Mandarin translation services that meet all your needs. Our professional services serve multiple industries such as legal, medical, academic, media and entertainment, financial, banking, marketing, business and more. We attend to both individual and business demands without compromising the quality of the project. In this busy world, we understand the value of time and hence provide instant translation services for all your urgent translation requirements.

Knock-off Language Barriers With Our Chinese Document Translation Services

Translation services is a booming industry with an increasing demand to reach out to a wide range of people. If your brand needs to compete in the Chinese business landscape, then you should have the translated copy of all your corporate documents. Besides adding to the authenticity of your brand it helps to localize it to the Chinese market. Apart from serving various businesses, we also take up individual projects for document translation services. In either case, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to ensure that top-most quality is maintained throughout the translation process.

At Transcription Services US, we cover a wide range of documents including: technical documents, immigration papers, birth certificates, marriage certificates, medical documents, brochures, financial documents, training manuals, etc. Couldn’t find what you were searching for? Calm down as we have many more on the list. Contact our 24/7 customer support team to explore more about our Chinese document translation services.

Certified Chinese Legal Translation Services

Even a minor error in your translated copy can degrade your brand and can lose its public trust. A word added or removed will make a huge difference. The reason why certified translation is of great demand. A certified translation adds to the authenticity of your translated document. Our qualified set of translators provide a signed statement of accuracy to ensure the validity of the translated copy. Since legal documents carry sensitive and confidential information, we take extreme care to translate your document. Besides being multilingual specialists, our translators have strong legal knowledge that helps them to come up with accurate translations. If you are in search of Chinese legal translation services, then we are at your service!

Quality Assured English To Chinese Translation Services

Whether you need Chinese translation services for immigration purposes or for website localization, Transcription Services US will be the perfect translation partner for you and your business. Our services are not just limited to the English and Chinese language pairs. We support 100+ languages and hence offer translation services for all possible language combinations. Some of the highly requested language pairs are Chinese to Spanish, Chinese to Arabic, Portuguese to Chinese and Chinese to English, to name a few.

Our top-notch Chinese translation services rates are reasonable with no hidden charges. You can entrust your translation project to our skilled team, sit back and relax, a quality assured translated copy is awaiting you!

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