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The Most Reasonable Oil And Gas Translation Services

Oil and gas is an industry growing every minute. Initially, the middle eastern part of the world or the middle east countries were the only ones popularly known for the oil and gas industries. But things have changed now. This is one of the leading and fastest-growing niches in the world. The industry has found a lot of new hot spots beyond their traditional regions of Russian and the Middle East. These new countries include Angola, Algeria, Brazil, Greenland, Indonesia, Mexico, Norway, Nigeria, and Venezuela to name a few.

As the industry has covered the entire planet now and is operating in almost all the continents right from Africa to America and from Asia to Europe, communication has become a challenge. As the number of languages included in the industry now has been increased than the ones being used in the past, hence the demand for oil and gas translation services has also increased.

Oil And Gas Translation Services

Be it African languages or the Asian ones, be it European languages or the once being popular in the Middle East, with the increment in the total number of regions for the operations of the oil and gas industry, the requirement for the oil and gas energy translation services is definitely expected to increase.

With this huge demand for translation services, the charges of the translation company are something super vital. As the number of documents in this industry is a lot, the charges for translation need to be less otherwise it might go beyond the company’s budget. Transcription Services US is one such international brand that is offering its oil and gas translation services all around the world at super reasonable rates.

We understand your requirements and promise you to deliver only the highly accurate and the best quality translation results at the lowest possible prices. Our rates change with the change in the requirements and needs of the various oil and gas projects but can ensure that the costs charged by us are worth the translation services we are offering.

Extremely Accurate Oil And Gas Translation Company

The accuracy is the key for both the oil and gas industry as well as for the translation industry. Being an oil and gas company, if you fail to convey the accurate message to your fellow workers speaking a different language from yours the probability of you harming your company’s reputation, revenue, productivity, and worker safety is quite high.

Oil and gas is a technical industry and the industry-specific terminology is something that has to be perfected translated over proper communication. There is no chance of any error possible as it not only leads to damaging the reputation of the company but can also arise worker safety issues in cases where due to wrong translation a worker fails to understand the precautions and thus end up hurting himself.

Transcription Services US is a translation company that has experts from the oil and gas industry working along with our native translators to perform oil and gas translation services. The accuracy offered by us can be compared with any of the other top translation provider companies and you will definitely find us being the best. We promise to provide the best quality and the highest accuracy and our professionals stay by our words thanks to their years of experience in performing oil and gas translation.

Super Rush Translation Services For The Oil And Gas Industry

In present times, nobody wants to wait for anything. Be it a queue for ordering food at your favorite restaurant or at the billing counter after buying a lovely dress for you. The same goes for the oil and gas industry as well. As requirements of translation from this industry are usually urgent and wants immediate action to be taken.

We are offering translation services for the oil and gas industry in the shortest time span possible. Our team of professionals is super quick because they have really good experience in oil and gas translation services. We also support super rush services that can be availed of by connecting with our customer support executives as an additional service.

This will add a few extra bucks to your total charges but the services are worth the extra amount you pay. Under our super rush services, we have the same day delivery option along with the one day and 24 hours translation services as well. Although, we only provide these services for short projects as the same is not possible for a project with a long list of documents requiring translation.

After understanding your project requirements, our support executives will guide you regarding the possibilities of your project being able to be done within a day or not.

Multiple Industries We Serve Under Oil And Gas Translation

Oil and gas is a huge sector that includes a long list of industries. It is not that we are limited to oil and gas translation services alone but are also extending our services to other related areas as well. These includes:

Mechanical, Shale, Global Petroleum, Production, Civil Engineering, Mining, Exploration, Seismic, Health Safety, and Environment, Pipeline/ Piping, Construction, Subsea, Metallurgy, Architecture, Telecommunication, Drilling, Instrumentation, Petrochemical and more.

List Of Documents For Oil And Gas Translation Services

There is really a huge list of documents that we support under the oil and gas translation. Our list includes almost every possible document. A few of them are as follows:

Legal Documents, HSE Reports, Quality Procedures, Well Reports, General Communications, Proposals, Website Translation, Diagnosis manuals, Production Documents, Training Handbooks, Civil Engineering Documents, Process Descriptions, Training and User manuals, Catalogs, Patents, Technical Specifications, Brochures, MicroStation Files, Service Manuals, AutoCAD Drawings & Files, Marketing brochures, RFPs, Operation, and Maintenance Manuals, Technical and CAD Drawings, Well Legislation, Procedures & Reports, Well Development Planning, Environment Compliance Audits, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Tender Documental, Health & Safety Documents, Press Releases, Accounts, etc.

Why Us For Translation Services For Oil & Gas Industry?

Transcription Services US, an internationally known brand for translation services has a lot of reasons that will make you choose them for your oil and gas translation requirements. The accuracy offered is definitely the top among them. We bet on offering at least 99% of accuracy to all the oil and gas translations we perform.

Accuracy is not the only reason, by the way, we are also known for the quality of translated output, our super fast-paced translation services, cheap rates, 100+ language support, no third party involvement, NDA agreements for ensuring security & confidentiality, 24 hours available customer support and a lot more.

You can reach out to our services by connecting to our customer support executives anytime. They will guide with all the details needed regarding the services, along with time and rates estimates and free quotes and trial as well.

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