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Captioning Needs Over Closed Captioning Rates

Closed captioning rates for videos in English are nearly $7 per minute. The price range can vary somewhere between $ 1 per minute to about $ 15 per minute. We calculate the closed captioning rates for videos in different languages based on minutes per video.

Closed captioning services have become a must for all the videos and movies currently. Individuals depend upon captions majorly these days. Without realizing, we all are using them while scrolling through our Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts.

Have you ever noticed that most of the time you prefer scrolling through your social media accounts with volume switched off? Have you ever come across a video that you find interesting and start reading the captions in it instead of turning on the volume?

By default, Facebook plays videos on mute, while on Instagram, the default setting plays a video with volume on only if the phone is on ring mode. More than 85% of Facebook users watch videos without turning on the sound. These numbers are alarming enough to understand the importance of closed captioning and hiring a service straight away.

Captions are written assuming that the user understands the language but is not able to hear. It is also a great source to make your content accessible for deaf and hard of hearing individuals as well. Adding captions to your videos/ movies or such files will not only increase the number of views but will also let the information reach more number of people.

Due to increasing demands for closed captioning services, you will find huge cost differences in the services offered by multiple brands. These changes in closed captioning rates are due to the extreme demand and the importance that it holds. Every video creator wants to add captions to their videos for better accessibility and higher viewership, which results in more revenues.

But choosing your captioning needs over closed captioning rates is not at all acceptable. You are supposed to pay only for the service you get and it should be worth the quality and accuracy as well. Transcription Services US is one such brand that is offering cheap closed captioning rates with high-quality results.

Factors Affecting Closed Captioning Services Rates

The cost of closed caption services depends upon the length and the complexity of the project. Most vendors hover around the price point of $1 per minute to $15 per minute. Furthermore, some vendors round off to the nearest value for videos in bulk which affects the cost of closed captioning.

Captions are of two types open and closed. Closed captioning gives you an option where you can either display the captions at the bottom of the screen or you can turn it off. On the other hand, in the case of open captions, you don’t get this choice, and thus, the captions will keep on displaying all the time.

The rates for open and closed captions differ from each other and also, there are a lot of other factors as well that might change the closed captioning services rates. Some of these parameters include:

✓ Project Size – The length of the video/ movie is the first factor affecting captioning rates. The closed captioning rates for a 5 minute video will definitely be less in comparison to a 50 minute video.

✓ File Type – The file format is also responsible for changes in the costs. Some file formats are easy to extract content while others demand more efforts and as the time and efforts increase, the closed captioning rates will also increase.

✓ Complexity – More complexity, more the price. If a project is too complex to write captions, the charges will be more.

✓ Language – The language of work is another parameter that can increase or decrease the cost of work.

✓ Additional Services – If you have opted for urgent services or translation service along with captioning, the closed captioning rates will automatically be on a higher side.

✓ Quality – The content quality is important. If the content is in poor form, it will be hard to understand who is talking and this increases your project prices.

✓ Number of Speakers – With the increment in the number of speakers, the rates will also increase because this indirectly increases the complexity of the project.

The Most Affordable Closed Captioning Prices

Transcription Services US is a brand offering its services all across the planet and is known for its extreme quality outputs, at least 99% accuracy, multilevel quality check workflow, quick services, and experienced professionals and all this at super low rates. We have the least closed captioning rates per minute in comparison to our competitors.

The charges offered at our company are worth the services we offer but still the most competitive in the market. You can contact our 24*7 customer support executives for discussing your projects, getting more information about our services, and for hiring our affordable closed captioning services. Our support executives will also assist you with free quotes, discount deals, offers, and more.

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