File Length Turnaround Time
Under 30 minutes 24 hours or less
Around 30 minutes to 1 hour 48 hours or less
Around 1 to 3 hours 4 to 5 business days
More than 3 hours 5 to 6 business days
More than 4 hours For details chat with us now or call our toll free numbers.
Note :TATs mentioned above are applicable only to projects attached with scripts.

Additional Services

Bulk Orders (10 to 20 hours) Can be delivered within 24 to 48 hours, expedited service cost applies accordingly.
Express Delivery Deliver from 6 hours onwards.
File formats .SRT, .SCC, Web.VTT and many other

What do we deliver

  • Webcast - Flash XML for captionate (.xml)
  • Webcast - Flash XML for captionate (.xml)
  • SAMI (windows media)
  • MacCaption (.mcc)
  • iTunes Timed Text(.ITT)
  • .ASS
  • .SSA
  • spruce STL script ( extended Positioning) (.stl)
  • caption center (.tds)
  • .SUB
  • Webcast - Quick time script (.txt)
  • Avid caption only AAF (.aaf)
  • CPC/LeapFrogccaption (.onl)
  • Ultech ULT Caption (multilaungaug merge)(.ult) and more custom formats.

All Inclusive Special Services

FCC Compliance Yes, We make sure that all our closed and open captioning done under FCC compliance.
ADA Compliance Yes, All our captioning services completely abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1990 ruling for captioning.
Amazon & Netflix Compliance Yes, Our closed and open captioning services are done under amazon & Netflix compliance as per the customers requirements.

Closed Captioning rates

Captioning rates are usually anywhere between $1 to $15 depending on the rich quality of the captions provided. The captioning costs can depend on various parameters such as length, language to which it has to be captioned, quality, format, customization and other more factors. You can be guaranteed of great quality and native captioners who understand the use and working of closed captions. Captioning prices can change accordingly.

Closed Captioning Services

Captioning Rates US Services

Closed captioning gives the audience an option to select if they would like to see the captions or not, whereas open captioning is burned in the video and always visible. Captioning services are very useful while watching videos in restaurants, public spaces, libraries, hospitals and churches. Closed captioning is also used in education sector for the distance learning mode. This helps the students to get best out of it.

We provide captioning for all videotape formats, Webcasting, HD, You Tube video, Google Video, iTunes, iPod, iPhone, etc. We offer high quality closed captioning services at competitive closed captioning rates. We have a strong team of professionals who are experts in open captioning, closed captioning, video captioning, audio captioning and broadcast captioning.

We also add captioning or subtitling to your internet video to make it accessible to a wider audience. We understand the need for accuracy in language and precision in closed captioning timing. We can also send the physical copy of the outputthrough mail.We also provide closed captioning services in Frisco and in many other cities across the globe.

If you belong to an entertainment company, educational institution, film industry or representing church, you can upload your file and get a quote within an hour. Be sure to compress your video file before uploading to make the process quicker.

Our exclusive captioning rates are caption rates per minute, closed captioning rates per hour, captioning cost per hour and cost for closed captioning per min.

Factors Influencing Captioning Rates

The captioning rates depend on factors such as language, video duration, type of captioning, etc. But agencies, like Transcription Services US, offer the best captioning services at highly affordable prices. The captioning services provided by us are guaranteed to meet various industry requirements.

Things to Know About Closed Captioning Costs

The closed captioning prices can vary, mainly depending on the expected delivery, length of the video, and the closed captioning language. Also, there are discount rates offered on a closed captioning project for NGOs and educational institutions from our company.


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