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We offer high-quality certified French transcription services by a team of native transcribers with years of experience. At Transcription Services US, we provide the best of quality and accuracy at extremely reasonable prices. Pricing for our services begins at $5 per minute. In fact, we have a large number of reputed businesses and individuals around the world in our clientele.

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Transcribe French Audio to Text With Ease

Do you wish for your business to reach a French-speaking audience effectively?

Do you need to transcribe French to English for a wider viewer base to understand your content?

Our French language transcription service can support you either way to achieve your business goals. French is one of the most widespread spoken languages in the world! If you want to reach the most number of people efficiently, English and French must be your go-to languages! Discover competitive language transcription rates that deliver value without compromising quality. Our language transcription in the US is designed to cater to all your transcription needs at affordable prices.

Types of French Audio Transcription We Offer

    ✓ Legal transcriptions: court proceedings, depositions, interviews, etc.
    ✓ Medical transcriptions: medical research, clinical trial transcriptions, etc.
    ✓ Financial transcriptions: financial reporting, audit proceedings, insurance reports, etc.
    ✓ Business transcriptions: business meetings, qualitative research, conference presentations, etc.
    ✓ Academic transcript in French: academic research and theses, lectures, elearning, etc.
    ✓ Marketing transcriptions: podcasts, social media content, focus group recordings, etc.

Why Use French Audio to English Text Transcription Services?

Transcription is essentially another word for listening to an audio and converting it into a textual format. Transcriptions are used by several businesses, either as a tool for documenting conversations in a simple text format or for convenient access to files. Students, lecturers, businessmen, medical industries, legal personnel and a vast range of individuals and industries may utilize transcriptions.

Challenges in Transcribing Files

The biggest challenge when it comes to transcribing any type of content is that it is extremely time consuming. An individual without experience or training in transcription will take a lot more time and effort to transcribe a file than professional transcription services.

Secondly, the skill of the transcriber is vital. Audios often can be of low quality, they can include unclear content like half-sentences, interjections, etc. Even with languages as widely spoken as French, amateur transcribers find it difficult to handle such content.

However, competent and experienced French transcription services such as Transcription Services US are trained to work with challenging content while producing accurate transcripts.

Advantages of Transcriptions

● Easy to refer: In highly theoretical fields like academics, students and lecturers may find it much easier to refer to textual notes rather than audios. In fact, it is proven that textual content improves learning for students.

● Accurate records: While audio files can be easily damaged, transcripts can be preserved easily. They can be circulated easily while maintaining the integrity and quality of the file.

● SEO optimization: If you are working with online content, providing a transcript of your content along with the video makes it easy for search engines to crawl through your content and rank it.

● Increased accessibility: Transcripts can be used by people who are hard of hearing to comprehend your content. This in turn helps your business expand its customer base.

Transcribe English to French Content With Ease

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● Upload your files: Select and upload your files in any standard format.

● Receive your transcription: Our team will send you a high-quality French transcripts of your media.

Our Features

    ✓ Team of expert native transcribers
    ✓ Proficiency in over 100 languages
    ✓ 24/7 customer support
    ✓ Free quote and discounts for bulk orders
    ✓ Rush and super-rush delivery available
    ✓ ISO 9001:2015 certified
    ✓ Quick turnaround
    ✓ Secure and confidential workflow
    ✓ Multiple secure payment modes such as PayPal and wire transfers
    ✓ 100% human transcription

Transcription Services US can provide you the best features among all French transcription services in the industry, Connect with our customer service for professional transcription in French & get a free quote for your project!

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