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Transcription Services US offers German to English transcription services and English to German transcription services. Our rates start as low as $5 per minute.

German is the West Germanic language which about 120 million people speak as their native language. This is one of the major languages spoken across the world. This is an Inco-European language spoken officially in countries including Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium and Liechtenstein.

German Transcription Services

Transcription Services US provides quality German transcription services to various industries including:

The Steps consist in receiving the German audio sound files and video files in formats including MP3, WAV, DSS, CD, DVD, WMA or MPG. We also provide you German transcription/translation quote. We also enable our clients to get their German transcription done from the regular mini tapes, audio tapes, and micro cassettes.

Transcription Services US, provides a wide range of Professional German transcription services to our clients from various sectors. Our German Transcription services are extended to academic, legal, business and many other sectors.

We pride in offering unique Online German Transcription Services at best low prices which has made us become competitive in the industry. We offer money back guarantee to our clients. You can also make use of our free trial offer to better know our services.

Why German Transcription is Important?

There are many benefits to German Transcription Services. The service is beneficial for all kinds of businesses; be it small, medium sized or large organization. A few of such benefits are:

  • Transcribing your content in German language can help you reach more audiences globally.
  • German transcripts can increase the number of views for your content.
  • You can also publish German transcripts of your content on German translation of your website.
  • Transcribing a book, documents or university notes into German can help students from German learn concepts in a new way.
  • German transcripts are also good for learning a new language.
  • Transcription Services US is an expert transcription agency that offers its transcription services all around the US and beyond. So, if you are looking for a German transcription service near New Jersey or any other place, we are there to support you.

    German Language Transcription

    From the West Germanic language, German has over 95 million people as native speakers. German is considered as the official language for 6 countries and also for several International institutions as well. However, this language has so many dialects, accents, and even variations in the word form.

    When a German audio or video is to be converted into text, then it is called German Transcription. The providers or agencies for the same are German Transcription services. Such a language to get transcribed has to be trusted only by a professionally certified transcriptionist. Only German language experts can transcribe a format accurately.

    Why Choose us For German Transcription?

    Transcription Services-US’s German-language transcription services are for all the industries and for all the languages. As our customer, you are given accurate, precise, and high-quality transcripts on all German transcription services. We have over 800+ German experts picked and certified by the ATA. All our transcriptionists are German, so as not to worry about your dialect or accent compliance.

    Our German Transcription Services Rates

    Avail top-notch German transcription services from Transcription Services-US within your budget.

    Major Cities We Serve

    We provide German Transcription in major countries including Africa, Oceania, North America, South America and Europe. Transcription Services US also provides German transcription and translation services.

    Some of our other types of transcription services include

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