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Focus Group Discussion Transcription

Focus groups are formed to discuss and debate on a chosen topic or issue. The personnel participating in focus group discussion are well-versed on the topic for debate.

Recording the entire discussion proceedings and presenting it for reference and usage is known as Focus Group transcription.

Online Group discussion transcription

Once the discussions get completed, the group discussion transcript is ready in the minimum time.

We cater to different kinds of transmission groups:

    ✓ Roundtable discussion transcription
    ✓ Recordings from telephonic discussions
    ✓ Online group discussion transcriptions
    ✓ Drug Advisory Board meeting transcription

To transcribe for group discussion, the forum or discussion organizers have to seek the services of group discussion transcription services agents like ours. Our Group discussion Transcription Company offers to transcribe the proceedings of a group discussion facilitated by a high-quality recording system.

The focus group transcription services require certain procedures to be followed:

  • Participants to try and maintain a quiet atmosphere
  • Self-introduction before speaking
  • Facilitate each and everyone’s speech to be clearly heard for easy transcription
  • Participants to turn off their mobile phones (to eliminate unwanted signals)
  • Preferably using a digital recorder

Best Group discussion companies

We are one of the best Group discussion companies that have established well-presented websites described in good detail. Apart from the locations and contact media, our approach is global. Also, our group discussion transcription rates are available on the websites. The prospective client has just to fill in the form given for registration of their needs whereby a prompt quote is responded.

Professional group discussion transcription ensures error-free operation and reduces the time factor to a minimum. Keeping a high-confidential level, we strive to provide the most accurate at surprisingly affordable rates in the quickest possible time.

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