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Cassette Transcription

Cassette transcription is our forte. We have the necessary infrastructure and skills to provide superior quality audio cassette transcriptions.

We consistently turn out best transcripts in the shortest turnaround time and enjoy a stellar reputation with all our clients ranging from business houses, big and small, educational institutions, universities, entertainment companies, research and marketing organizations, Government Organizations etc.

Cassette Transcription Services

Audio cassette transcription services cover within their ambit mini cassette transcription, Micro Cassette Transcription, Standard Cassette Transcription, Steno Cassette Transcription and a host of other services. We could also provide video transcription services of the same quality as that of digital transcription. Online Cassette Transcription involves transcription of recordings in non-digital audio formats and involves converting the existing recording into digital format, before the actual transcription is done. We have the technology and infrastructure to handle all your Digital and Audio Cassette Transcription requirements efficiently and quickly.

Quality Cassette Transcription services need not necessarily be a strain on your budget. Check out our rates that are better than the best. We keep our service cost low because we have our own cassette transcribers enrolled and trained by us to handle your projects.

We do not outsource work to other Cassette Transcription Companies and this helps keep the cost low, while keeping a tab on the quality and turnaround times. Our transcriptionists have handled numerous cassette transcriptions successfully, and are trained to ensure that your recordings will be transcribed without the errors and bloomers that pop up while handled by untrained transcribers. So, check us out today for all transcription requirements in all major countries such as Sydney, Switzerland, Somalia, Bangladesh, Libya, Italy, Argentina, Croatia, Australia and Brazil..

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