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Conference Transcription

Conference transcription is mostly required by business firms in order to maintain any conferences held in the written format to keep a record. The conference call transcription includes the transcription of business calls which can be later used for some research purposes, reviews or for discussion by the company in the future.

Conference Transcription services

Understanding the importance and need for conference transcription services, we Transcription Services US offer the highest quality conference call transcription services.

We provide our clients both intelligent and verbatim conference call transcripts of any audio files. This will for sure help your business in all aspect and in the growth.

Being the leading conference transcription company we employ all experienced transcriptionists who have good knowledge about the industry and know about the transcription terminologies.

Whatever be the language requirement is, our transcriptionists have good grammar and writing skills therefore we can ensure providing you the best output with excellence in quality.

However challenging be the audio content is such as, audio with noisy background, audio with multiple speakers speaking one over the other, audio with the low voice which is not audible, audio that is poorly recorded, audio with very thick accents, audio that may require timestamps frequently and audios that involves more of scientific terminologies.

We provide professional conference transcribing regardless of whatever and however poor the quality of audio you need to be transcribed.

With this challenging service at low rates we prove to be the best online conference transcription service provider. We also offer Group Discussion Transcription in addition to conference and seminar transcription.


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