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Verbatim TRANSCRIPTION Services

We also transcribe preaches of the Pastors at the churches called Sermon transcription services. Transcription Services offers verbatim transcription services at $15/hour.

Verbatim Transcription Services is also one of the exclusive services that we provide to our clients. Verbatim transcription is the transcription of all minute details in the transcription material. It includes tiny details like small sounds and collecting any kind of audio data that is embedded in the material.

We make use of many technologies to detect the minute audio sounds and the details to make a verbatim transcript which makes us quite special in this field of transcription. We also provide services by transcribing verbatim interviews which are helpful for law firms and other important business fields.

Apart from these services, we promise to provide an accuracy rate of overto our clients. We also offer a free trial of verbatim transcription to our new clients. The confidentiality and the security of the transcription materials mean a lot to us as it matters to our clients.

We do not compromise on the secrecy of the document at any cost. So you can always rely on our company for verbatim transcription services.

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