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What is a Post-Production Transcript?

The part of filmmaking, video production, and photography that includes the stages of shooting to recoding is called Post-Production. Companies providing the word-to-word document (transcript) are termed Post-production Transcription services. This is a physical account of all the time intervals recorded during a documentary or video direction.

Generally, a company’s post-production transcription service requires clients to have the result time stamped. Time coded and verbatim transcripts for post-production tasks have an advantage for video producers. The lines and sections from a script can be easily referenced using a post-production transcript which is time-coded.

Post Production Transcription Services

We believe in quality work and are committed to excellence. Our fast growing company makes us the No. 1 post production transcription provider globally. We cater to the clients across the globe and hence our certificate post production transcription services are popular everywhere. We do not charge our clients or take any commitments for using any offer.

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Today, many companies complete their work by outsourcing post production transcription services that can be costly service. All of our post production transcribing work is done in-house so that we can charge only minimum post production transcription rates from our clients. Try our professional post production transcription services and we are sure to give you the best quality output with accuracy.

Our professional experts go through a number of test and training before taking up any type of assignments. All of our work that relates to translation and transcription services is manually done; no software is used to do automatic work.

Benefits From Using Post-Production Transcripts

There are 4 reasons why post-production transcription services are on-demand.

  • Subtitles and captions have become a prerequisite for videos. By having a transcript for your video’s post-production handy, the process of captioning becomes much easier.
  • Even the editors and video producers gain direct benefits. A network of people can save their time from editing and referencing sections, using a transcript for the same.
  • Creative decisions can be quickly taken using the transcript of the whole production process. Having a transcript thus, helps in skipping revisions and unnecessary audio/video rewinds.
  • Translating a documentary or film will be a simple job, if the translator is provided with a transcript of the format. Finalizing a language can be effectively done using post-production transcripts.

Manual Transcription is The Ideal Choice

A post-production transcript must be highly accurate and standard. Trying to save on time and money, media individuals sometimes prefer automated tools online. Only the free rate on post-production transcription is the benefit of using online software.

But the expected quality and accuracy can never turn out from these transcripts. Since online free transcribers are machine-learning platforms, they still have years to develop.

If correctness, precision, and overall quality are your primary concerns, then choosing a manual post-production transcriber is the right choice.

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