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Police interview transcription

Police interview transcription at lowest turnaround time as we have the following system of work;

Process of Transcribing Police Interviews

For converting the audio or video files into typed or text format, the process is quite easy and straight. After we transfer the files to the transcriber, using a platform like Dropbox or Google Drive, its their job to upload the files from their ends. After uploading the files, the key information is recorded for the police interview transcription services. The data is recorded using an information sheet given by the customer.

The interview transcription services will record information like interviewee’s full name, address, etc. They even record the name of the interviewing staff and people present there at the time of interview. In the end, the details about the interview like its date, time, location, etc. are also being included.

In law enforcement transcription services, a part of the crucial evidence and police interview are transcribed in verbatim format. This means that all the spoken words and all the sound, which are identifiable, are recorded to provide the perfect elaboration of what is there in the original audio or video file. The background sounds are also included. To offer you a great level of accuracy, our transcribers have tools to help them out to timestamp your police interview transcription services.

Police interview transcription

Police interview transcription processed by us will  be top quality as it passes through our expert.  Our police interview transcription rates is the competitive as we have arrangements in-house and our online police interview transcribing services professionals work 24X7.  We can transcribe police reports at lowest turnaround time. 


Efficient transcriptions can render constant updates about COVID-19

In terms of global market, companies are reaching a new low with the COVID19 pandemic. But areas such as Public organisations, Media, Healthcare, Medical, and Pharmaceutical have to continuously develop their physical and business abilities to provide relevant corona virus information to the general public. We at transcription services US helps in providing 100% quality rich audio, video and document transcription services even at urgent times like these. We are 24/7 virtually available for our clients and are your best suited company for such situations.

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