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Phone Transcription Services

Transcribing phone calls is our core business at Transcription Services US and we excel in that. We record phone calls transcribe to the target language with the help of latest technology digital equipments. We offer the best phone transcription service with the minimum turn-around time and lowest rates for phone transcribing services.

Transcription Services US offers superior transcription phone conversation with an accuracy of up to ninety nine percent and gives you nothing but the best output for phone transcription. Transcription Services US is one among those top most phone transcription companies that assures the lowest turn-around time as we never out source to other phone transcription company anywhere else.

Our phone transcription services is processed by skilled transcriptionists and monitored by our moderators to give you an accurate output. Our phone transcription services are done with utmost accuracy and care because we understand how important phone transcription services are for you and your business.

Transcription Services US never out sources or subcontracts transcribing phone calls that’s the reason why we are able to provide you with the most affordable transcription phone conversation above and beyond your expectation quality wise for transcribing phone calls.

Transcription Service US is a certified phone transcription company that offers phone transcription services to all major countries like Sydney, Switzerland, Somalia, Bangladesh, Libya, Italy, Croatia, San Marino, Brazil Argentina and Australia.

Industries Requiring Telephone Transcription Services

Earlier , there were not many industries which used telephone transcription services . With time, the need and importance of telephone transcription services increased manifold. The service was used by the legal industry only. But now the telephone transcription service is needed by a wide range of industries. A few of them are:

Legal – Legal industry has telephone conversations that can be used as evidence and proof to justify your point. Thus, telephone transcription services are quite commonly used by this industry.

Businesses – International businesses need to coordinate with their employees in different countries, mostly they prefer connecting through phone calls. Transcribing their phone calls is important for them to make notes on what has been discussed on the call.

Medical – If a patient is contacting a doctor through a phone call and is explaining his/ her problems, the transcription of that phone call is important in maintaining that particular patient’s records.

Banking – The banking industry essentially deals with sensitive data. Also, the phone calls between employees discussing work are a common thing. Transcribing these phone calls can help in making notes about work as well as be helpful for training purposes.

Entrepreneurs – Entrepreneurs need to discuss a lot of things about their business. They need to make business strategies, marketing strategies, etc. If they are discussing the strategies over a phone call, these telephonic conversations need to be transcribed. Later, it can be used for training new employees and tell them about the history of the organization.

Phone transcription service rates are affordable at Transcription Services US.

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