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Quality-Assured Professional Round Rock Translation Services

Fulfill all your translation needs with 100% satisfaction under one roof with Transcription Services US, the leading translation company in Round Rock. Our aim is to help clients achieve success and effective communication in their fields through high-quality translations. We value our clients' satisfaction, which is why we have invested highly in technology and processes and have the best native linguists and domain experts in the industry on our team.

Transcription Services US is an ISO 9001:2015 standards language translation services agency in Round Rock that is committed to delivering quality and getting the tasks completed with confidentiality on time, every time. We offer document translation at rates as low as $0.10 per word, with vital document translation available at $25 per page and audio translation services starting at $7.00 per minute. Get your free quote today by calling 1-800-230-7918. Our professional approach to translating personal and professional content makes us rank top amongst the best translators in the industry. Corporates and individuals trust us to deliver accurate, complete, and localized content to successfully reach their target audiences.

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We offer a vast range of translation services that include

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customer count Video translation
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Talk to us today, and let us help you successfully get your content to the world.

High-Quality Document Translation Services in Round Rock

No matter what your document translation needs may be, Transcription Services US has your back. We translate all kinds of content for corporates and individuals in Round Rock and across the US with speed, accuracy, and highly affordable rates. We take every task through rigorous proofreading, editing, and other quality assurance checks to ensure we fulfill our client's purpose with 100% satisfaction.

Whether you looking for top-notch translation services in Houston , El paso, Chicago and more , our team is equipped to handle your needs with unparalleled professionalism. you can choose to translate your document into any language, and we will get it done. Be it Russian, French, German, Spanish, Cantonese, Korean, Italian, Hindi, Chinese, Vietnamese, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, or any other. Our vast global team of highly trained and experienced native linguists can handle any language with precision and 99% accuracy.

Make us your Round Rock translation agency of choice. We translate documents like pamphlets, film scripts, brochures, contracts, agreements, police reports, affidavits, FIR, audio tapes, video tapes, annual reports, lawsuit documents, product catalogues, etc. Send those technical documents, too, like software manuals, product manuals, patent documents, mobile apps, and the like; we have the capacity to handle them.

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Academic Translation Services in Round Rock by Experts

Transcription Services US is the partner of choice for academic institutions, researchers, teachers, students, and other stakeholders in the education sector in Round Rock. This is because education is a critical industry with no room for translation errors, and we have been proven to consistently deliver quality translation without distorting the information.

We translate journals, eLearning websites, lecture notes, books, course outlines, dissertations, research papers, academic articles, etc., and help eliminate the language barrier in the learning process. We also translate personal documents for international students looking to secure college admissions or work opportunities abroad. So, bring your college leaving certificate, transcript, student visa, degree certificate, and diploma certificate, and we will have it translated with high accuracy and confidentiality.

Our Clients

Same-Day Industry Translation Services in Round Rock

At Transcription Service US, we provide standard, certified, notarized and other translation services for a wide variety of industries in Round Rock. We translate documents from healthcare, gaming, business, technology, automotive, retail, banking, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, media, travel, E commerce, energy, banking, entertainment, and many other sectors.

With translators with expertise and experience in their fields, you can be assured that we will deliver high-quality, error-free content that upholds industry-specific lingo. All translations are provided within 24 hours. Should your project be urgent, you can opt for the rush or super rush service options.

Our file-sharing process is easy. You can either upload it on our website or send it via email in any format. Send your file in WMA, AVI, APE, FLAC, RA, FIV, MOV, Mp4, Mp3, or any other, and we will translate it.

Connect with our team now to get started!

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Highly Accurate Certified Translation Services in Round Rock

Only an accredited translator should handle certified translations. We are certified by relevant authorities like ATA to provide court-approved translations in the city of Round Rock. We guarantee that we will deliver a document with a 100% acceptance rate by any authority, including USCIS.

The most common translations that we handle on a day-to-day basis fall under medical translation, academic translation, legal translation, business translation, and financial translation. We always ensure that each document is stamped, dated, and signed by an accredited translator as proof of accuracy, completeness, and authenticity. Should a notarized or translation certificate be needed, we can also provide that.

Talk to us if you require a certified translation of your personal ( birth certificate, degree certificate, criminal record, driving license, death certificate, marriage certificate, visa, etc.) or professional (work permit, contract, annual report, etc.) documents.

Get outstanding translation services that fit your budget!!
Need advanced translation solutions from industry experts?

Spanish Translation Services in Round Rock by Natives

Spanish is not only the second-most widely spoken language in the world, and it is also widely spoken in Rock City. About a third of the city's population identifies as either Spanish-speaking Hispanic or Latino. Any brand looking to successfully reach this audience and remain competitive needs to have its content translated and localized to the local Spanish dialects. We are here to offer professional language support to such brands.

We aim to help businesses and individuals reach and engage the Spanish-speaking audience in Round Rock and beyond with translated, ready-for-use localized content. No Spanish accent or dialect is too complex for us. We can translate to and from Spanish in over 100 language combinations and countless dialects.

Reach out to us if you live around Round Rock and need to have your video game, website, software, employee handbook, or other types of content translated to or from Spanish with accuracy.

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About Round Rock City, Texas: Businesses & Demographics

Round Rock is a city in Williamson County in the state of Texas, United States, known for its many historic sites and outdoor activities, "the sports capital of Texas."

Round Rock continues to grow, with its current official population count being 119,468. It offers a dense suburban feel, with most residents being homeowners. Like many other cities in Texas, the city is now more racially and economically diverse than ever before, causing a great need for translation services.

With 231 sunny days in a year and an average temperature of 68 degrees, Round Rock has a beautiful climate for maximum uptime with a low risk of experiencing natural disasters, which is perfect for business opportunities. No wonder the city ranks highly in business recruitment, talent attraction, and retention.

As Central Texas's major economic development hub, Round Rock is home to many global companies and innovative small businesses. Its strong economy is supported by various industries such as defense, security, information technology, financial services, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Top employers in the city are Amazon, Apple, 2M, Dell Technologies, National Instruments, Cirrus Logic, Applied Materials, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Samsung Austin Semiconductors.

We provide a variety of language services under one roof. These include:

customer count Transcription
customer count Subtitling
customer count Closed captioning
customer count Typing
customer count Voice over
You can engage us online or visit our offices in Round Rock and all major cities across the US, such as Arizona, Miami, New York, Downey, Nevada, and many others.
Translation Rate
Our prices for translation are the most competitive in the industry. We translate within your budget.
$0.10 / word
For professional use
$25 / page
For official use
(Birth Certificates, Marriage... ) tooltip icon
Services Offered for Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce Certificate, Diploma/Degree Certificate, Passport, Resume, Driving License and more.
$7 / minute
Audio and Video
*Prices are subject to change as per language and industry.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much is the cost of translation services in Round Rock? arrow icon
Translation costs vary from project to project depending on size, timelines, and language complexity. Contact us for a free customized quote on your project. You will be surprised at how incredibly cheap our rates are.
Which is the best translation company in Round Rock? arrow icon
Transcription Services US is the expert to engage for any document translation and localization services in Round Rock. We provide accurate, affordable, and timely translations for documents from any industry and in any language.
How long will it take to translate my document in Round Rock? arrow icon

Transcription Services US offers same-day translation service, but this can vary depending on document size and complexity. You can request the rush/ super rush services if you need the document delivered within a couple of hours.

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