Expert Translation Services in Pittsburgh by Professionals

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Expert Translation Services in Pittsburgh by Professionals

Pittsburgh, a centrally-located city in Pennsylvania, offers a global marketplace for clients, partners, and business developers to connect with a broader audience.

If you are looking for the best translation services in Pittsburgh, you can contact our agency for impeccably translated documents in each of your target languages at the lowest cost. Starting at $0.10 per word, we offer document translation services. Vital document translations are available at $25 per page, and we provide audio translation at a rate of $7.00 per minute. To request a free quote, please phone 1-800-230-7918.

Our experienced translators pay excellent attention to detail and will perfectly convey the content's original intent, tone, and meanings to your target audience. We cover over 100 languages, including multiple dialects, guarantee high accuracy and timely delivery.

In addition to Pittsburgh, we provide our professional translation services in other major cities such as New York, Columbus Ohio, Boston, Oklahoma City, Houston, and more.

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Document Translation Services in Pittsburgh at Reasonable Prices

Our translation company in Pittsburgh provides a broad range of document translation services for residents, visitors, students, and professionals in the city.

We have a team of professional translators who can provide translations for documents in European, Asian, Native American, African, and other popular and rare dialects.

You can get the highest quality translations for documents like:

customer count Birth certificate
customer count Bank statement
customer count Death certificate
customer count Diploma certificate
customer count Marriage certificate
customer count Degree certificate
customer count Divorce certificate
customer count Transfer certificate
customer count Police reports
customer count Affidavits
customer count Deeds
customer count Lawsuit documents
customer count FIR

Whether your document translation requirements are limited or in bulk, we have a proven track record of delivering accurate translations while meeting your deadlines.

Contact us today for all your translation requirements.

document translation services in pittsburgh
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Academic Translation Services in Pittsburgh to Make Learning More Accessible

Pittsburgh is home to some of the most renowned institutions and universities like the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, which attract many students, teachers, mentors, learners, researchers, and educational aspirants.

If you want to translate your academic documents or innovative ideas into different languages, you can approach our native speakers for quick translations with 99% accuracy.

Our team of linguists can translate your

customer count Books
customer count Class schedules
customer count PowerPoint presentations
customer count Thesis
customer count Handbooks
customer count College leaving certificate
customer count Academic transcripts
customer count Resumes
customer count Job applications
customer count Dissertations
customer count Diplomas
customer count Recommendation letters

We also offer accredited translations for local and international students for acceptance into universities or their scholarship programs. We also support e-learning businesses in making their content available in multiple languages for learners from around the world.

Hire a certified translator to translate your academic documents according to your specified requirements at an affordable price.

Our Clients

Industry Translation Services in Pittsburgh for A Wide Range of Sectors

Shine brighter than your competitors with our top-notch Pittsburgh translation services for small-scale and large-scale business documents. We can translate them into your preferred language and deliver them within 24 hours anywhere in Pittsburgh.

There are dozens of businesses in Pittsburgh with the most competitive sectors in real estate, healthcare, legal, finance, medical, and e-commerce which utilize our translation services regularly.

You can also find many startups, non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and tech giants with their headquarters in and around the city.

Our translation agency helps business owners and entrepreneurs translate specific documents or marketing materials into the target language to build better relationships with clients and employees.

Two people discussing industry documents
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Among the industry-specific documents we translate are the following:

customer count Software manuals
customer count Brochures
customer count Reference guides
customer count Technical documents
customer count Pamphlets
customer count Product Catalogues
customer count Annual reports
customer count Presentations
customer count Posters
customer count Seminars
customer count Webinars
customer count Product manuals
customer count Datasheets
customer count Patent documents
customer count User manuals
customer count Safety reports
customer count Film scripts
customer count Agreements
customer count Research papers

These industry-specific translation services are provided by specialist language translators with subject matter knowledge who use key terminologies accurately for better understanding.

You can discuss your preferred technical terminology with our translators, and we can assure consistency and accuracy for all your document translation projects.

Translation of Visa for Immigration
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Certified Translation Services in Pittsburgh by Fully Qualified Translators

Pittsburg has plenty of government, legal, and academic institutions that require certified translations for admission and documentation purposes.

Job seekers or international students looking to apply for universities or jobs in Pittsburgh might need a certified translator for accurate translations of documents.

Our Pittsburgh translation agency has certified translators who can assist professionals with certified translation services by providing a signed certificate of accuracy.

These certified translators can translate your official documents such as certificates, contracts, legal documents, visas, passports, and immigration papers. They also provide notarized translation for acceptance by various government agencies, legal organizations, and universities.

At our translation company, we ensure that a certified professional translator exclusively translates your documents, and we provide an official seal to certify all the documents for USCIS acceptance.

Many oil and gas companies in Pittsburgh also require certified translations for entry and exit from various countries. If you need a certified or notarized translated document, you can contact us now.

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Need advanced translation solutions from industry experts?

Official Spanish Translation Services in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has a large community of Spanish-speaking individuals who might require translation services for personal and professional documents.

Our team of professional translators has excellent knowledge of the Spanish language, providing a full range of language services to companies, organizations, and individuals throughout the city. We offer Spanish translations to English or any other foreign language documents too.

You can get a complete range of translations and localization services for websites, mobile apps, video tapes, and audio tapes not only in the Spanish language but also in

arrow Dutch
arrow Portuguese
arrow Chinese
arrow Korean
arrow Arabic
arrow Swedish
arrow German
arrow Italian
arrow Russian
arrow French
arrow Japanese

Our Spanish language translation services are for legal translation, financial translation, healthcare translation, medical translation, e commerce translation, media translation, gaming translation automotive translation, travel translation, research translation, e learning translation, and business translation.

Get a free estimate at our agency today!

City of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania
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Businesses & Demographics in Pittsburgh

Pittsburg is one of the popular cities in Pennsylvania, with a great history in the steel industry and its operations.

Fondly remembered as the Steel City of the United States, it is no longer home to those historic steel companies but has an abundant influx of healthcare, life sciences, computers, technology, and food business services.

Pittsburg is home to many reputed educational institutions such as The University of Pittsburgh, which is more than two centuries old, Carnegie Mellon and Duquesne. It is a leading center for trade and transportation while also playing host to multiple hi-tech industries.

Construction, manufacturing, retail, trading, transportation, warehousing, finance, insurance, real estate, technical, education, healthcare, entertainment, accommodation, food, and agriculture now employ most professionals.

The booming international airport makes it a famous metropolitan for access to major cities and nearby markets. This city has a population of about 3 million.

The western part of Pittsburgh has a significant American English Speaking population. However, a large community prefers Spanish as their primary language in Pittsburgh.

Join our clientele for getting fast translations of documents from anywhere in Pittsburgh.

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$25 / page
For official use
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Services Offered for Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce Certificate, Diploma/Degree Certificate, Passport, Resume, Driving License and more.
$7 / minute
Audio and Video
*Prices are subject to change as per language and industry.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I translate official documents in Pittsburgh? arrow icon
You can contact our translation agency for translations of official documents in any language of your choice, and our certified translators offer a free certificate of authenticity.
What are the academic documents you translate? arrow icon
Our native translators are subject matter experts who provide accurate translations of academic documents like diplomas, certificates, books, theses, letters, notes, course materials, assignments, and other educational materials.
Can I get technical document translation from your agency? arrow icon

We are a reputed translation company in Pittsburgh that offers accurate and fast translations of technical documents for all business sectors.