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High-Quality Translation Services in Tulsa By Native Language Experts

Looking for high-quality translation services in Tulsa?

Transcription Services US is an easy solution to all your translation needs.

We provide translation services worldwide in more than 100 languages. Our native translators have provided and continue to provide accurate translation services for different industry segments. We provide language translation services into and from English to various European and Asian languages.

No language translation worldwide, even the most complex, is challenging for our team. We provide accurate translations in Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, etc. We also serve our clients with rush, super rush, and same-day translations to meet their urgent requirements.

Choose us as your trusted translation partner in Tulsa. Get a free quote today!

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Industry Translation Services in Tulsa - Accurate and Affordable

We have a proven track record of catering to the translation needs of different industry segments with the required accuracy and top-notch quality. At Transcription Services US, we ensure that the translated content must be understood by people in your industry. We hire translators who are language and subject matter experts. We assign your translation project to translators who are experienced in your industry.

For instance: Medical translation of documents are done by linguistic experts well-versed in the language pair and who understand simple and complex medical terms. We assure top-quality, accurate translations of every document submitted by you.

Customer satisfaction and timely delivery are guaranteed. Get in touch with our customer support team for the best translations in Tulsa.

Our professional translation services can handle any subject matter. Regardless of the project type, our team can manage it with exceptional expertise.

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We cater to the following industries:

The suite of translation services we offer in Miami range from legal files such as lawsuit documents, police reports, contracts, etc., to documents from the entertainment industry such as film scripts, audio tapes, video tapes, etc. Additionally, we translate a number of files such as:

arrow Marketing: We translate your marketing content from digital campaigns to print ads in a manner that resonates with the local audiences of different countries. We help global companies eliminate the language barriers and convey your message to the international audiences. From brochures and pamphlets to product catalogues, we can handle it all.
arrow Legal: While venturing into international markets, global companies must ensure that their international audiences understand their legal documents. Our legal translation and localization services assure legal document translations with utmost accuracy by legal translators who ensure that important and sensitive information is not lost in translation from one language to another. We translate all legal documents, including lawsuit documents, patent documents, contracts, agreements, FIR, police reports, affidavits, etc.
arrow Financial: Financial documents are translated by financial translators who ensure that important documents like annual reports, balance sheets etc. are represented with complete accuracy and maximum compliance with the authorities and customers in foreign countries.
arrow Academic: Our translators are experienced in translating academic documents like research papers, theses, certificates, etc.
arrow Medical: Medical documents are translated by native translators who are well-versed with medical terminology. They ensure consistency of terms across different languages.
arrow Gaming and Mobile Apps: Translations done by our experts make your international apps and games feel highly local. User manuals, user interface, gaming regulations, app description, and user reviews are translated in a manner that international audiences can easily understand.
arrow IT and Software: The IT and software industry is growing by leaps and bounds. We provide accurate translations of software manuals, product manuals, technical details, etc., in the user's native language to make interactions with the software engaging. Our translators enable you to attract new users and retain the existing ones by making the product more accessible and easy to understand in the customers' native language.
arrow E Commerce and Retail: Expansion into global markets requires companies to build their e commerce brand in different local markets. We help you attract, engage, and retain customers by interacting with them in their native language. We enable you to enhance the user experience by translating and localizing websites, video tapes, product descriptions, audio tapes, and more in the customers' native language.
arrow E learning: Our translation company in Tulsa translates training materials, exams, software, and e books to enable employers and universities to reach their students and employees worldwide by eliminating the language barriers through our accurate e learning translation services.

We also provide other industry translations like automotive, technology, manufacturing, travel, media, entertainment, healthcare, etc.

Our Tulsa translation agency assigns your translation project in Tulsa to translators who are experienced in translations in your particular industry.

You can be assured of 99% accuracy and timely delivery of your documents. Moreover, we ensure the security and confidentiality of all documents submitted by you.

Document Translation Services in Tulsa of All Documents

In addition to professional industry translations, we also translate personal documents like a birth certificate, death certificate, degree certificate, college leaving certificate, diploma certificate, etc., required for applying to universities, jobs, or immigration to foreign countries. We offer Tulsa translation services for documents in all file formats, as needed by the foreign authorities.

Our Clients

Certified Translation Services in Tulsa - Completeness and Accuracy

Some authorities may ask for certified translations of documents required for immigration. It implies the signing of documents by the translator for accuracy and completeness. We provide official certified translations as and when needed for free.

Our translators are accredited by official translation organizations. Some authorities go a step further and ask for notarized translations. We provide notarized translations and court-approved sworn translations too. We provide guaranteed acceptance of our certified translations by USCIS and other authorities in various countries.

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Academic Translation Services in Tulsa

The world has opened up for students aspiring to study in foreign universities. When they apply to colleges and universities abroad, immigration authorities and college authorities ask for documents of evidence. These documents primarily include birth certificate, degree, diploma certificate, etc. They need to be translated into the native language of the foreign country for authorities to accept them.

Our native translators can translate these documents and maintain the required format. As they are experienced in translating essential documents, translations are accepted by the USCIS and authorities of most countries.

Get outstanding translation services that fit your budget!!
Need advanced translation solutions from industry experts?

Spanish Translation Services in Tulsa

Global companies convey their message to a global audience, a good part of which are Spanish-speaking. Spanish translations of multiple documents are required to attract and reach the international Spanish-speaking audience. We also translate film scripts from English to Spanish and vice-versa.

Our native Spanish translators can handle Spanish translations of all documents from various sectors.

We can fulfill all your Spanish translation needs with accuracy and top-notch quality.

Spanish Translation Services in Tulsa
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Why Translate With Transcription Services US in Tulsa?

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For official use
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Services Offered for Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce Certificate, Diploma/Degree Certificate, Passport, Resume, Driving License and more.
$7 / minute
Audio and Video
*Prices are subject to change as per language and industry.

Businesses & Demographics - Knowing Tulsa Better

Known as the Oil Capital of the World, Tulsa is a great place to take a break from the fast-paced life and go for a vacation with family or friends.

Multiple tourist attractions here rarely fail to entice. The exhibits inside and the beautiful greenery of the grounds outside the Philbrook Museum of Art are delightful.

The Greenwood district provides an insight into Tulsa's role in American Black history and culture. It was home to popular black businesses in the 20th century. Tulsa's downtown offers endless entertainment with its excellent coffee houses, shops, cafes, and the choicest wine bars. Other attractions include the Woody Guthrie Center, Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium, Woodwork Park, and many more mesmerizing places.

Key industry sectors in Tulsa are energy, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and transportation.

Businesses & Demographics of Tulsa
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It is a prime location for companies looking to expand and relocate due to the low rental rates, taxes, and energy costs.

The major employers in Tulsa are Saint Francis Health System, American Airlines, etc.

Global companies expanding in Tulsa require accurate translation services to engage international audiences from different cultural and language backgrounds.

As a leading translation company in Tulsa, Transcription Services US offers different translations, including business translation and financial translation to individuals and businesses in Tulsa.

We offer affordable and accurate services to help companies grow and expand in Tulsa.

Choose us for all your translation needs.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between certified and notarized translations? arrow icon
Certified translations imply signing of translated document by the translator for completeness and accuracy. Notarized translations refers to the signing of translated document in the presence of a notary.
Do you provide Spanish translations of all documents? arrow icon
Our native Spanish translators translate all Spanish documents with complete accuracy at reasonable prices.
How much time do you require for translating documents? arrow icon

We provide quick translation services. However, the time taken depends on the length and complexity of the document. For urgent requirements, we offer rush, super rush, and same day translation services.