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PasadenaTranslation Agency That Perfectly Fits Your Budget

Are you planning to expand your business to a new country? Or are you looking forward to earning a management degree from an elite foreign university? If yes, Transcription Services US can be your ultimate partner in this new expedition. We are a team of professional native translators and language experts who offer the most accurate translation services in Pasadena, as well as in neighboring cities such as Glendale, Alhambra, and San Bernardino.

Our company strives to ensure that each client receives the best translation services at prices that keep your budget plans moving smoothly. We are experts in performing the translation of complex documents and audio/video clips. The diverse range of services we cover is available in more than 100 languages.

Same-day delivery while ensuring 99% accuracy is something we promise to deliver to all our clients.

Your documents can be simple text or have complicated audio and video clips, we have a dedicated team to cater to all your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us if your company is located in Pasadena and requires trustworthy technical, legal, or marketing translations at affordable prices and quick turnaround times.

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Authentic Document Translation Services in Pasadena

Our manual translation services ensure to provide our clients with the highest level of accuracy in every project. Our native-speaking translators work diligently to outperform themselves on every project. Each translator carefully reads the file and becomes familiar with the jargon before beginning to work on the assignment.

We promise to work with professional commitment and service proficiency at all levels. You can trust us with your simple text files or crucial professional work, our native translators will give you the most accurate results. Our team's multilingual language translation processes ensure an optimum output with negligible errors. We are experts in business translation, medical translation, legal translation, financial translation, etc.

Team of translators working on diverse types of files
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Some of the primary documents our translation company in Pasadena covers are:

customer count Film Scripts
customer count Contracts
customer count Affidavit
customer count eLearning materials
customer count Birth certificate
customer count Marriage certificate
customer count Death certificate
customer count Software manuals
customer count Annual Reports
customer count Agreements
customer count Product manuals
customer count Product catalogs
customer count Patent documents
customer count Pamphlets, brochures
customer count Mobile apps
customer count Websites
customer count eLearning websites
customer count Affidavits
customer count Diploma certificate
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Error-Free Academic Translation Services in Pasadena

The United States is home to some of the most reputed universities in the world. Every year Pasadena welcomes thousands of students to its prestigious universities. Sometimes, non-native students find it challenging to understand the grammar nuances used by their teachers in study materials, research papers, or project work.

This is why we offer reliable translation services for students, lecturers, and research assistants. Our native translators provide reliable academic translation services at competitive prices. Our top-notch language translation services ensure that their academic endeavours go smoothly. Colleges & other institutions can use our translation services for publishing student-centric course material, admission form, college leaving certificate, and degree certificate.

Our Clients

Industry Translation Services in Pasadena at Cheap Prices

Industries require translation services for managing and interacting with clients and personal work liabilities. With our localization services, we tend to serve all industries with the same commitment and professional excellence. Some of the primary industries we serve are:

customer count Marketing
customer count Media and entertainment
customer count Legal
customer count Retail
customer count Automotive
customer count Gaming
customer count Travel
customer count Manufacturing
customer count Technology
customer count Medical and Healthcare
customer count E commerce
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Multilingual Spanish Translation Services in Pasadena

Spanish is a popular language in Pasadena. You can find many Pasadena natives using Spanish as a medium of exchange in their day-to-day lives. We offer affordable translation services for those who are not proficient in Spanish. Our native translators are experts in speaking, understanding, and analyzing the grammar nuances of Spanish effortlessly. They study client files and translate them into Spanish without missing the crucial jargon.

You can hire us to translate official documents, reports, audio and video clips, etc., in Spanish with 99% accuracy.

If you are a lawyer or attorney, we offer translation services for various lawsuit documents like contracts, agreements, birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, etc., in Spanish and many other languages. Our Pasadena translation services cover the following languages:

arrow French
arrow Japanese
arrow Italian
arrow Swedish
arrow Portuguese
arrow Russian
arrow Chinese
arrow Dutch
Get outstanding translation services that fit your budget!!
Need advanced translation solutions from industry experts?

Certified Translation Services in Pasadena for Official Work

At Transcription Services US, you will access accurate and reliable certified translation services at your convenience. We know how tiring immigration and legal procedures can get due to lack of proper paperwork. Our team specializes in offering authentic translations to all your official files. When translating, we follow all the USCIS guidelines so that our clients do not face any trouble during government procedures

We appoint industry-specific translators for each project. This ensures that the translator working on your project is competent enough to understand the terms involved. This helps to increase translation accuracy quickly.

For instance, suppose you are a police official or an investigator willing to translate police reports, FIR, audio tapes, or video tapes. Then, our team will appoint a translator well-acquainted with the jargon involved in such files. We also translate accredited and notarized documents for our clients.

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The most popular companies in Pasadena to work
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Important Points of Businesses & Demographics of Pasadena

Some of the popular & largest employers in Pasadena are:

customer count Meador Staffing
customer count Atlantic Plant Maintenance
customer count JVIC
customer count Ramco
customer count The Kades Corporation
customer count Summa Financial Group
Translation Rate
Our prices for translation are the most competitive in the industry. We translate within your budget.
$0.10 / word
For professional use
$25 / page
For official use
(Birth Certificates, Marriage... ) tooltip icon
Services Offered for Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce Certificate, Diploma/Degree Certificate, Passport, Resume, Driving License and more.
$7 / minute
Audio and Video
*Prices are subject to change as per language and industry.

Pasadena: The City of Grand Events & Natural Charm

Pasadena is a beautiful city lying 11 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. With a population of 138,699, Pasadena ranks as the ninth-largest city in Los Angeles County and 44th largest city in California. The city hosts the annual Rose Bowl football game and Tournament of Roses Parade.

In Pasadena, 55.46% of the population speaks only English, and 44.54% use other languages. Spanish is used by 26.61% of the population. Pasadena houses several educational, cultural, and scientific institutions, including Pasadena City College, Fuller Theological Seminary, the Pasadena Playhouse, Caltech, the Ambassador Auditorium, Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine,

Alluring scenic charm of Pasadena's nature
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Frequently Asked Questions
How to find the best translation company near me? arrow icon
You can search on Google to find translation service providers closest to you. However, Transcription Services US is one of the leading translation platforms to hire, if you are in Pasadena. You can choose us for superior quality services.
How much time is needed for translation? arrow icon
The time for translation depends upon the document size, complexity, and target language. We provide the quickest translation services in Pasadena. Our same-day delivery makes us a potential choice for industrial uses.
How to pick the best translation service provider in Pasadena? arrow icon

You should test a translation service company that promises to offer realiable translation services in shorter timeframes and affordable rates. Transcription Services US is a famous translation company in Pasadena that provides 99% accuracy in translation projects.