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Transcription Services US offers Urdu to English transcription services and English to Urdu transcription services. We're here to help at 1-800-230-7918. Our pricing structure starts at a budget-friendly $5 per minute

Transcription Services US, provides a wide range of Professional Urdu transcription services. Our Urdu Transcription services are offered to various sectors such as academic, medical, legal, business and more.

We make use of the advanced tools and technologies in our online Urdu transcription in order to provide the services with quick turnaround time which has made us to become one of the leading Urdu transcription companies online. We offer money back guarantee to our clients and free trial offer to create a flexible choice.

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Urdu is spoken widely in Pakistan, and it is also recognized as an official language in India. Urdu is spoken in Bangladesh and Nepal and over 104 speakers speak Urdu as their native and second language. This is an Indo-European language with Arabic alphabets or script.

Quality Urdu Transcription Services

Transcription Services US provides quality Urdu transcription services to various industries including:

The Steps consist in receiving the Urdu audio sound files and video files in formats including WAV, MP3, DSS, CD, DVD, WMA or MPG. We also provide you Urdu transcription/translation quote. We also enable our clients to get their Urdu transcription done from the regular mini tapes, audio tapes, and micro cassettes.

The Best Urdu Transcription Services You Can Acquire

Urdu, being the most spoken language in the world has close to 7 million native speakers. Although Urdu is an Islamic language, it is spoken in areas such as India, Bangladesh, Nepal, the US and so on. If you have any Urdu document that you want to transcribe or you have a message you want to send in Urdu, we can help you. We at Transcription Services US provide accurate Urdu transcription services at reasonable price. Working with more than 800 transcribers on a daily basis, our services are quick and we ensure that quality is maintained high for projects which require fast delivery.

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With industry-specific knowledge, we have transcribers who can tap on their expertise and provide transcriptions of varied types. From video to audio, we cater to all kinds of sectors. Legal, Academic, Business, IT, Marketing, Immigration, etc are some of the industries we work with. Since we are available throughout the United States, you can also fall back on us at any given time. Our customer service is open 24/7 where connecting with our account managers can help you understand our services in an effective manner. Our incredibly efficient and secure Urdu transcripts ensure you get the most out of your material. Additionally, the multiple turnaround strategies which we provide, guarantee that your project stays on track, independent of your timeframe. Ready to get started? Contact us!

Major Cities We Serve

We provide Urdu Transcription in major countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, US, and in many other countries. Transcription Services US also provides Urdu transcription and translation services.

Some of our other types of transcription services include

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What are Urdu transcription services?
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