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User Interface Translation

User interface (UI) translation is translating your application from one language to another. Software user interfaces are the means by which a person controls a software application. The UI may be in text, audio, graphic and so on. UI is designed in such a way as to provide the user insight of the software. In order to translate the UI, it is important to understand that the UI is a set of elements that connects the user and the software. Considering the fact that your online marketing content is designed for global audience, it is very important to localize the UI. Localization of the user interface means customizing an application, website or web page for a given culture or language. It includes translation of the text strings that appear on icons, dialog boxes, windows, menus, check boxes and error and status messages displayed on a user's screen. You might have your application or website designed in one language and if you are planning to add multiple languages support, then you will need to get all the contents translated into the target languages.

User Interface Translation Services

User Interface Translation Services

With brands taking their products to different countries around the world they need their websites and applications to be available in different languages. Before translating your contents in a different language it is better to create translation goals. There can be plenty of problems that can occur once the web pages have been translated to multiple languages. Some of the common problems can be the size of the text that may take a different amount of space for different languages. Next, there will be formatting problems where languages will not fit from right to left. To take care of these aspects professional user interface translation service providers will be the best option as they will provide error free and smooth translations. Transcription Services US, provides great user interface translation services in more than 100 languages. Our team of user interface translators are a combination of native language speaking experts as well as those having experience in software industry. Translating your user interface correctly will make a good user-friendly experience that increase your revenue.

Software GUI Localization

In addition to user interface translation, software GUI localization is crucial in the marketing translation process. It involves adapting the visual elements of computer software to make them more user-friendly for different cultures and languages. By effectively localizing your website or web page's software GUI, you can increase traffic and improve the overall user experience for your international audience.

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