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Translation Services in Cambridge
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Genuine and High-Quality Translations in Cambridge

Transcription Services US provides certified translations in Cambridge in over 100 languages to individuals and businesses from various industries. The need for accurate translation is growing, and we understand the fact well. Being a top translation company in Cambridge, our 100% human translators deliver highly accurate translation solutions.

We choose our translators carefully and provide relevant training. Our team of translators aims to serve the translation needs in the city. With years of experience, we guarantee successful translations at affordable rates. Transcription Services US assures confidentiality with an NDA.

Our professional translators take note of the specific requirements of customers and work on the projects accordingly. The security and privacy of your content are our guarantee. Get certified translations delivered on time. Call us or chat with us for a free instant quote.

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Customized Translation Solutions Every Business Can Trust

Translation services are vital for every business and individual. Companies are going global and providing their services beyond geographical boundaries. Connecting with the target audience is often difficult due to language barriers. Translation allows businesses to overcome barriers and communicate ideas to their customers.

That is why companies are relying on professional language translation services. Whether you want to translate business documents, legal documents, audio/video files, or websites, we have the right expertise.

The native translators in our team have worked with several corporate companies in Cambridge. So, we know the exact requirements of businesses and translate documents in the best way. Get a free certificate of translation with every translated document.

Customized Translation Services in Cambridge
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Expert Document Translation Services in Cambridge

Cambridge is home to numerous businesses. From legal to marketing, businesses deal with several documents daily. To ensure a strong global presence, translating business documents is vital.

No matter the business you are in, we can provide high-quality professional translation and localization services. Our main focus is to deliver accurate business translations within budget and on time. Transcription Services US serves various industries with its translations in Cambridge.

The industries we provide our translations include medical, legal, healthcare, marketing, e Commerce, manufacturing, automotive, technology, retail, entertainment, travel, media, gaming, financial, and research. Trust the best translation company in Cambridge to translate any official document.

Our Cambridge translation services include the translation of documents, videotapes, mobile apps, product catalogs, and audiotapes. Transcription Services US translates the following documents:

arrow Birth certificate
arrow Brochures
arrow Death certificate
arrow Software manuals
arrow Birth certificate
arrow Patent documents
arrow Pamphlets
arrow Police reports
arrow Film scripts
arrow Affidavits
arrow Annual reports
arrow FIR
arrow Diploma certificate
arrow eLearning materials
arrow Product manuals
arrow Lawsuit documents
arrow Research papers
arrow Degree certificate
arrow Agreements & Contracts
arrow College leaving certificate

Top-Quality Academic Translation Services in Cambridge

Cambridge houses some of the best educational institutions in the world. Some top universities are Westminster College, the University of Cambridge, and Cambridge Regional College. Students from different parts of the globe get admission into these colleges. We help students & institutions with their translation needs.

Language is a major barrier that prevents international students from understanding academic content. We provide top-quality academic translation services and help institutes accommodate foreign students. The different academic documents we translate include research papers, study materials, lectures, and eLearning websites. We also translate degree certificate, diploma, transcripts, etc.

Academic Translation Services in Cambridge
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High-Quality Industry Translation Services in Cambridge

Several industries need high-quality translations in Cambridge. Translation services allow industries to enter international markets and serve more customers. Document translation ensures effective communication of promotional messages to the target audience.

We at Transcription Services US are the ultimate platform for all your translation needs. Whether you are in the medical, legal, finance, or retail sector, our certified translators can help. Share with us your unique translation needs and let our experts handle the job in the best possible way. We translate technical documents, manuals, user guides, terms & conditions, etc.

Individuals of different language groups live in Cambridge. The major languages used in Cambridge are French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, German, and Portuguese. As a leading Cambridge translation agency, Transcription Services US provides translations in all these languages by native language experts.

Our Clients

100% Human Certified Translation Services in Cambridge

Individuals and businesses need certified translations in Cambridge for official purposes. Government offices and legal proceedings demand the submission of certified translated documents. Certified translation is also essential when immigrating to another country.

We provide genuine translation services to customers in Cambridge. You can translate your personal certificates, business documents, and legal papers. Get notarized and USCIS-certified translations from accredited translators in Cambridge.

The native translators in our team know the source and target language well. Translating documents keeping the culture in mind is our forte. We translate documents in languages like Japanese, French, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and many more.

Spanish Translation Services in Cambridge
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Reliable Spanish Translation Services in Cambridge

Spanish is a prominent language people speak in Cambridge. The language is used in the legal sector, offices, and educational institutions. Transcription Services US offers the best Spanish translations in Cambridge.

Professional translations are familiar with the important aspects of the Spanish language. Partner with our experts to reach out to more Spanish-speaking customers in Cambridge. We guarantee the delivery of genuine translations.

Get outstanding translation services that fit your budget!!
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Cambridge Businesses & Demographics

Cambridge is a county town and university town in England. The city is popular as the home to Cambridge, the legendary university. The population of Cambridge is 145,700.

Of the total population, 29.3% of people are immigrants from different countries. The origin country of the immigrants includes China, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. English, German, Korean, and French are some of the top languages of Cambridge.

The main industries of the city are legal, finance, engineering, accounting, and transportation. Other industries include education, healthcare, and technical services.

Some of the top employers in Cambridge are:

customer count Takeda Pharmaceuticals
customer count Harvard University
customer count Tesco
customer count Amazon
customer count Deloitte
customer count Microsoft
Business and demographics in cambridge
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Translation Service in Cambridge
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Translation Services We Provide in Cambridge

Transcription Services US provides the following translations in Cambridge.

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customer count Medical translation services
Translation Rate
Our prices for translation are the most competitive in the industry. We translate within your budget.
$0.10 / word
For professional use
$25 / page
For official use
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Services Offered for Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce Certificate, Diploma/Degree Certificate, Passport, Resume, Driving License and more.
$7 / minute
Audio and Video
*Prices are subject to change as per language and industry.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the need for translation services? arrow icon
The translation is essential to make your content understandable to people in their native language. It allows companies to expand their customer base.
What is most important in translation? arrow icon
Accuracy and appropriate meaning of the content is vital in the translation of documents.
What is the cost of translation services? arrow icon
Translation service cost varies. It relies on the document type, target language, and document size. Transcription Services US provides affordable translation solutions. Get a free instant quote to know your price.