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Transcription Services US offers Korean to English transcription services and English to Korean transcription services.

Transcription Services US, is one of the leading Korean transcription companies offering Professional Korean transcription services at best low rates. We offer Korean Transcription services of all types and in all formats.

Our years of experience and knowledge in the industry in online Korean transcription have made us to become the best Korean to Korean transcription services. We offer money back guarantee to our clients in addition to offering free trial offer.

Korean is the official language spoken in North and South Korea. It is also a recognized official language in China, Japan and over 78 million people speak Korean as native and second language. It follows Hangul writing system primarily however it also has the mixed script of Hanja.

Korean is known to be the official language of South Korea and North Korea. With the presence of more than 78 million Korean-speaking people, the demand for Korean transcription services is increasing. Transcription Services US is a leading Korean transcription company that offers high-quality and accurate English to Korean and Korean to English transcription services.

We have a team of specialized native Korean experts who are proficient in delivering top-notch Korean transcription services. Our years of rich experience in the transcription domain enable us to deliver unparalleled services to clients around the globe. We have expert knowledge of all the complexities and nuances of transcription. We focus on providing the best quality transcription services for optimum satisfaction of the customers.

Each Korean native transcriber working with us understands the specific requirements of different clients and deliver custom transcription services. We provide a free trial and guarantee to deliver the best quality services.

Korean Transcription Services

Transcription Services US provides quality Korean transcription services to various industries including:

The Steps consist in receiving the Korean audio sound files and video files in formats including MP3, WAV, DSS, CD, DVD, WMA or MPG. We provide you Korean transcription/translation quote and enable our clients to get their Korean transcription done from the regular mini tapes, audio tapes, and micro cassettes.

Avail Professional Korean Transcription Services At Cheap Price

As a customer-centric organization, our transcription agency focuses on delivering the best quality Korean transcription services at highly affordable rates. Students majorly prefer our agency over others and one primary reason for their preference lies with the price for a project. We have devised a cheap-pricing strategy thus ensuring more individuals to get our Korean transcription services, within their budget. The cost of getting a transcript, be it in Korean or any other language, is cheap even with time-stamped and/or verbatim transcripts. The rates, however, differ with poor quality files, long-duration media clippings and the format submitted for a transcription project. No matter what or how is the requirement, the rates fall under the budget for any file format and language. You can get a FREE quote (price estimation) on your service, before placing an official order, by clicking HERE! Get the right and best value for your money paid on Korean transcription services from our expertise.

How to choose an online Korean Transcription Service?

There are many Korean Transcription Services online. Korean transcription services can be a powerful way for businesses to reach Korean markets. If you are already working with Korean businesses or individuals, transcription of your phone calls or meetings, discussions, etc. becomes even more important. Here are a few things that you need to see before hiring a Korean transcription service provider –

  • Look for Korean transcription quality and accuracy offered by the service provider.
  • Checking Korean transcription rates offered by an online transcription agency is also essential . If you are a student who is looking for Korean transcription services, you might have a fixed budget and thus searching about the prices is important.
  • The Korean transcription service provider must be able to provide rush and super rush services. There are times when we need our transcripts as early as possible, so the transcription agency should be adept enough to fulfill these urgent requirements.
  • The security of customer data is of uttermost importance. The online transcription service you are selecting must take care of privacy and confidentiality of content.
  • Choose a Korean transcription company that offers manual services and not automated transcription services.

What are the factors that influence Korean transcription rates?

Korean transcription rates are based on factors such as length of the input file, quality of the media, verbatim or time-stamping, expected delivery time and so on. However, our agency quotes Korean transcription prices that are affordable for customers in all terms. Still, the Korean transcription costs can vary, depending upon the target language requirement and additional customization needed on the Korean transcription service.

In-Depth Korean To English Transcription Services

Have you wondered as to how many people speak the Korean language? Combining both the Korean countries, there are close to 7 million people who have a great command over the language. Obviously, South Korea and North Korea's national language is Korean but a lot of other people around the world have adopted the language over the years. If you are looking to make your content 'Korean-strong' and want to reach as many people, it is important for you to make it accessible. We at Transcription Services US provide Korean transcription service for your documents from any source to Korean or vice versa. With a strong native Korean transcriber team of over 800, we work closely with them on language transcription of audios and videos.

The Best Korean Transcription Online

If you are looking for Korean audio transcription, you have us interested in your project. Even though Korea's prowess in its technological field is sky high, algorithms can only translate or transcribe speech to text software and not work on the Korean language yet. Well, our transcribers to the rescue! With great knowledge and skill for transcription, we improvise your content as per your needs. Our native translators can speak, write and read the language fluently making it easier for proofreading and in providing error-free end products. Our customized transcription services can help clients in understanding the level of reliability they can have on us. Since our account managers and transcribers are from various industries, they also have a strong command over industry-specific transcription. Our fast services and quicker turnaround deliveries aid clients during their strict deadlines. Whether you are looking for a Korean rush legal transcription service or academic transcriptions, we have your back.

Major Cities We Serve

We provide Korean Transcription in major countries Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, US, Australia, and many other countries. Transcription Services US also provides Korean transcription and translation services.

Some of our other types of transcription services include

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