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Irish Transcription Services

Native speakers are predominantly from Ireland and United Kingdom and few speakers with Irish as the second language are also found in United States, Canada and Australia. Together they count up to 1.77 million.

Transcription Services US provides quality Irish transcription services to various industries including:

We accept all formats of Irish audio sound files and video files including MPG, WMA, MP3, DVD, CD, WAV, DSS and more. We also provide Irish transcription/translation free quote. We further do the transcription services from mini tapes, micro tapes and audio tapes.

Transcription Services – US , offers best quality and Professional Irish transcription services that are of exceptional quality. Our Irish Transcription services are extended to various sectors and to all sizes of businesses. For a free quotation, please call 1-800-230-7918.

Our expert team of online Irish transcription service is highly knowledgeable in using all the transcription terminologies in order to provide excellent quality output, which has further made us to become one of the leading Irish transcription companies.

We offer money back guarantee and free trial offer have made us to get a good client source across the world.

Irish Transcription Services Rates

The rates on Irish transcription services depend on the factors like;

  • Length/duration of the file format
  • Type of format provided
  • Expected turnaround time
  • Additional personalization/customization required
  • Language to be transcribed

The challenging aspect of transcribing Irish documents is when the format has multiple speakers or noisy backgrounds. So, transcribing experts will quote extra charges respective to the file’s quality. Having a clear and audible file format will make the process much more efficient.

Also, manual Irish transcriptionists should be the ideal choice concerning legal or official file formats. This is because online free tools cannot be trusted for their quality.

Irish Language

The official language of Ireland, Irish comes from the Indo-European family and is a Goidelic language. The linguistic development of this language has been influential over several industries. Some of the sources that have Irish dominance include churches, legal industries, corporates/business sectors, research and academics, and a lot of other areas as well.

The demand for transcribing Irish documents and media directly impacts the development of that industry. From interviews recordings to presentation videos, irrespective of the industry, the need for Irish Transcription services has increased.

People started to search for ‘Irish transcription services near me’ online for getting services providers near their localities. However, the quality, accuracy, rates, etc. also play a major role in getting the ideal one.

Understanding Irish and Gaelic Differences

The ‘Gaelic’ is a generalized term for denoting 1 of the 3 Goidelic languages spoken in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. But to specify, one can use the ‘Irish Gaelic’ if mentioning about the language spoken in Ireland.

Even though both Irish and Irish Gaelic look similar, there is a difference between the two. And is it highly significant for a transcriber to know this difference. This knowledge can result in an accurate Irish transcript.

Major Cities We Serve

We provide Irish Transcription in major countries including Ireland, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, US, UK and in many other countries. Transcription Services US also provides Irish transcription and translation services.

Some of our other types of transcription services include French transcription, Japanese transcription, English transcription, Arabic transcription, Hindi transcription and many more.

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