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Transcription Services US is one of the leading chemical translation companies that provides unmatched chemical translation services to global clients in over 100 languages. We are committed to helping global chemical businesses expand and enter international markets successfully by overcoming language barriers. We provide optimum solutions to enable chemical manufacturers to resolve their language challenges.

The chemical industry involves a number of technical and complex terms like algaecide, chlorination, catalyst, coagulation, hydrogenation, and more. Translating these terms accurately into a different language can be tough. Therefore, the demand for professional translation services is increasing among the companies operating in the chemical industry.

Chemical Factories

We provide a wide range of translation services to companies, including translation for chemical engineering, agrochemical translation, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical translation. We offer remarkable translation services for the chemicals industry on time and within the desired budget.

Chemical Document Translations

Our native chemical translators are proficient in translating chemical documents of all types. We work with the major chemical industries ranging from biocides to automotive lubricants and industrial adhesives. We offer a complete range of chemical document translations and ensure accurate chemical translation.

We provide our translation services to diverse areas of the chemical supply chain, including chemical and oil refinery translation, consumer chemicals labeling translations, chemical manufacturing SOP localization, and chemical hazard assessment document translation. We also offer materials science translations, chemical engineering manual translations, agriculture chemicals translation, and translation for plastics manufacturing.

We translate the following chemical documents:

✓ Toxicology reports

✓ Chemical safety reports

✓ Catalogs

✓ Exposure scenarios

✓ Material safety data sheets (MSDS)

✓ Labels

✓ Research materials

✓ Patents

✓ Dossiers

✓ Training manuals

✓ Product documents

Expert Chemical Translators

At Transcription Services US, we have certified chemical translators in our team who deliver best-in-class translation services to clients. Our translators not only have fluency in different languages but also have specialized subject knowledge. We are committed to meticulously translating technical documents related to plastics and other relevant documents for the chemical companies.

Our multilingual translators efficiently translate the documents into languages like Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, and more.

MSDS Translation Services

We, at Transcription Services US, provide top-notch translation services to clients. Our certified MSD translators have proven knowledge and expertise in the field. We ensure using the correct terminologies and delivering accurate translations.

Petrochemical Translation Services

Transcription Services US provides translation services to petrochemical manufacturing companies involved in refining petroleum and the production of aromatics and olefins. We proficiently translate propylene, benzene, and ethylene content with optimum accuracy.

Pharmaceutical Chemicals Translation

We offer the best localization and translation services to pharmaceutical companies worldwide. We help companies overcome potential language barriers in medicine manufacturing, drug discovery, regulatory compliance, and patient communication. We translate documents like clinical trial protocols, medical patents, drug inserts, and more.

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