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Urdu Translation Services

Urdu language is a member of Indo-European language family. Urdu has around 60 to 80 million speakers. It ranks 12th among the most widely spoken languages in the world. The vocabulary of Urdu language is heavily influenced by Arabic and Persian languages. Turkic and Sanskrit languages also have their influence over Urdu. The written form of Urdu is also based on Perso-Arabic script.

There are many dialects of Urdu like Khariboli, Dakhni, Rekhta, Pinjari and Modern Vernacular Urdu. Rekhta is called informal register of the Urdu language while on the other hand, use of Arabic and Persian origin makes it more formal and poetic. The degree of formality and politeness is a very important characteristic of Urdu language.

The Urdu alphabet is modified form of Persian alphabet and is written in right to left direction using Nastaliq script style. Urdu language has 38 letters.

French and Italian languages are considered to be the most romantic languages and are associated with the poetry for the western people. In Asia, Urdu is premier language for writing poetry. Urdu’s multiple levels of politeness have been manipulated and used by the poets for centuries to create beautiful poetry.

Our Urdu Translation Services

Transcription Services-US is a translation agency with expert professional translators in varied languages including our Urdu Translation Services. We have experienced native Urdu speaking translators for all your Urdu translation needs. We offer professional Urdu translation services in more than 110 languages.

Our huge team of professional translators has a great amount of experience with Urdu translation. Because most of our translators are native speakers of the language, they find it easy to understand slang and colloquialisms. As, the Urdu language has many dialects, identifying it is important. Our translators are experts in recognizing different dialects and the differences occurring between different regions. We also provide certified Urdu translation services, especially for official and legal requirements.

We not only offer English to Urdu translation services, but also provide localization solutions with our Urdu translation services.

Certified Urdu Translation Services

Legal matters are more sensitive than any others. If you are looking for Urdu translation services for your legal documents or for a court hearing, you can easily trust Transcription Services-US, as we are an ATA member and offers certified Urdu translation services.

For your official documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, and other USCIS needed documents, required for immigration process, you can trust us. We offer notarization as well as certificates along with the translated files, on customer demand.

We have years of experience in certified Urdu translation services; thus, we maintain proper accuracy, less turnaround time and free certification or affidavits.

Book Translation in Urdu

All the book lovers will agree to this fact that Urdu language has great poetry, literature and books. Many people want to read this Urdu literature, but language is a barrier. Transcription Services-US removes this barrier by offering Urdu to English translation services.

Furthermore, we offer Urdu translation services in other 110 languages. The Urdu language is treated as a romantic language in Asia, and there are thousands of poems being written in it.

With the help of our translation services, you will now be able to read the great Urdu literature in your native language.

Why Choose TSUS?

ISO Standards

We are a professional translation company with international authorization like ISO. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified translation service provider.

Great Quality

We provide great services with global standards and superb quality. We make sure that your translation results are worth your money. We are always open for feedback to improve the quality of our translation services.

Experienced Translators

We have experienced and native language speaking translators. All of our translators are experts in their fields and ATA certified.

Quick Turnaround

Transcription Services-US delivers your translated files with superfast speed. We have same day services available for your quick needs and we provide all this at a very affordable price.

Affordable Rates

Transcription Services US provides translation services at cheaper rates. We have translation services starting at $0.10/word. Ask for Urdu translation services quote here

24*7 Customer Support

Our 24*7 working customer support is there to deal with your issues. Transcription Services US is always ready to hear your suggestions and requests.

100+ Languages

We have native translators for more than 110 languages. We offer certified translation services in these languages.


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