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A lot of viewers are dependent on watching more and more videos these days. Instantaneous streaming has become very normal and it interests the viewers to watch videos online. Since this happens, the need for captioning videos is also rocket high. Captioning a video allows your audience to decipher information without having to hear them in certain situations. Not every situation gives you the freedom to listen to the audio while watching a video. For example: In a library where you are absolutely supposed to maintain silence, one can make ultimate use of captions to watch videos.

Why Choose Transcription Services US

Transcription Services US is your best offline captioning company partner as we are well aware of the intricate detailing that goes into online captioning.

  • We have trained captioners who have years of industry experience and expertise in industry matters.
  • Offline Captioning rates are quite affordable and meet its unique needs.
  • We provide flexible turnaround time with speedy deliveries
  • Designated account managers are provided for every project
  • 24-hour customer support system
  • All file formats are accepted
  • We are an ISO certified company
  • 100% quality and confidentiality on all files

What is Online Captioning?

Nowadays, more and more video content is available online making it easily accessible. As the consumer interest in online video grows, the need for captioning of a massive amount of content also grows. Offline Captioning is mainly created when a script is linked and synched to the video with its respective time frames that is assigned by the captioner. The important parameter for doing this is when the captioner first creates a verbatim transcript of the dialogues in the video. It is then time coded and skimmed through to check on accuracy. The end result has to be accurate where the dialogues are in perfect sync with the captions.

Pre-recorded Captioning and its Types

Offline captioning services makes sure in providing the best kind of captions to its users. We provide three kinds of captions namely:

Roll up captions: This captioning is used for interviews, budgetary considerations or DIY-How to programs. All dialogues, lyrics and sound effects appear either on top of the video or at the bottom. It helps in indicating speaker identity to give crystal clear understanding.

Pop-on: This captioning is used for fun videos such as fun game shows, reality contest, etc. The captions are sometimes placed at the top, bottom or even next to the speaker, while the effects and lyrics are placed in the centre.

Pop-Centre: This captioning is fixed on the screen and is used for documentaries or web-based videos. They appear either on the top or bottom of the screen where all the lyrics, dialogues and effects appear. The indication of speaker is done using a dash.


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