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Professional Maritime Translations in 100+ Languages

The marine industry has invariably confided in international cooperation for traveling between countries or simply for trading goods.

Do you think an industry that cannot be confined to national borders can manage without adequate translation services?

It is a fact that maritime companies cannot function without accurate translation services. Starting rates for our services are $0.10 per word for general document translation and $7.00 per minute for audio translation. To request a free quote, please phone 1-800-230-7918.

Maritime logistics are of prime importance to the intercontinental markets and hence require skilled translators and interpreters to assure effective communication in both written and spoken contexts.

Why compromise on quality when you have professional translators to stand by you!!!

It’s of significant importance that a translator or interpreter understands the technical procedures and terminologies related to the marine industry. This ensures that the translation is accurate and no misunderstandings happen, which might affect the progress of the business.

Our marine industry translators have the required qualification & experience in this industry, assuring professional and accurate language assistance to affirm successful transactions between your partners and you.

Maritime translation services

What kind of maritime content do we translate?

We provide the best maritime translations by native linguists skillful in engineering and all other related fields. All translations are done by our professionals possessing top-notch knowledge and expertise of required terminology. The content is also reviewed by an experienced team of engineers and editors.

Choose us to get certified maritime translations for the below:

  • Licenses and registrations
  • Lading bills
  • Texts related to marketing
  • Report and analysis
  • Technical specifications
  • Texts subject to communication devices and tools
  • Consignment notes
  • ATA, ISO, and CE documents
  • Export and import reports
  • Technical manuals
  • All sorts of maritime documentation
  • TÜV certificates
  • Customs declarations

Global Ship Building Translation

Are you a ship manufacturing company that constructs commercial ships and ocean-going vessels that requires technical documents skillfully translated in English, Chinese, Korean or Dutch? We’re here to assist you. Our multilingual subject matter experts deliver accurate maritime translations for general cargo ships, passenger ships, bulk carriers, and product & oil tankers.

Our online translation management system permits our highly qualified linguists to translate a category of maritime documents and shipbuilding with speed and accuracy.

Marine Industry Translators

Transcription Services US provides technically accurate and linguistically perfect maritime translations regarding marine engineering in English and all European and Asian languages. We translate several marine engineering components and systems, along with naval infrastructure and architecture.

We assist marine engineering organizations to gain global business success by overcoming linguistic barriers. Our marine engineering translators hold specialized certifications and advanced degrees in key related areas like mechanics, mathematics, electrical engineering, and dynamics, enabling them to cater to the top-notch level of engineering precision and linguistic quality.

Professional Offshore Drilling Translation

Whether your offshore drilling business consists of drillships, jack-up rigs, submersible platforms, or floaters, chances are you will require a variety of technical fact sheets. These may include standard operating procedures (SOPs), safety instructions, or maintenance manuals translated between English and Chinese, English and Spanish, or English and Dutch to assure international worker safety and obtain global maritime operation success.

Additionally, to support translation for the maritime industries, we also possess one of the language industry’s biggest multilingual terminology databases for mobile rigs and offshore drilling, permitting our native linguists to translate your technical content with super accuracy and efficacy.

Reasons to work with us for your professional maritime translation services

  • Skilled project management team trained in maritime industry translations
  • Technical expertise in maintenance, repair, and shipbuilding
  • Considerable experience in notary procedures and customs & port operations
  • Globally recognized translation certification
  • Properly maintained international maritime shipping terms and abbreviation
  • Economical, quick, and high-quality maritime language services
  • Native-speaker proofreaders and experienced editors
  • Linguists with proficiency in maritime law & legislation
  • Linguists specialized team in several aspects of the maritime industry
  • Inline quality analysis checks with zero error policy
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