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Get the best translation services in Las Vegas for any of your documents by native human translators in over 100 different languages. We provide business translation for enterprises as well as personal translations for individuals based on the requirement. Find the most reliable accredited translations in the industry at your fingertips with our team!

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The files we translate cover a wide range of industry verticals such as retail, technology, travel, lifestyle, entertainment, etc. Moreover, we provide 100% USCIS acceptance guarantee for all your immigration documents. What's more, we support you throughout the journey with our customer service working round-the-clock.

Transcription Services US is easily the most reliable and well-established translation company in Las Vegas. Enjoy 100% human translations by native language experts at unmatched costs!

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Businesses & Demographics in Las Vegas, the Sin City

Vegas, as it is commonly known, is the largest city in the Mojave desert. It has a large population of more than six hundred thousand residents, but the biggest contributor of its economy is the collection of tourists which visit it every year. After all, Las Vegas is known worldwide for its shopping, entertainment, gambling, and nightlife.

As the entertainment capital  of the world, it has a myriad of casinos, hotels, resorts covering both the sector of luxury tourism and business tourism. Many major business conventions are held in these hotels, providing all facilities to attendees and guests. Las Vegas, is no doubt the leader in the hospitality industry in the entire country.

An illustration of a casino roulette table

Geographically speaking, the city is actually quite a dry area, situated in the heart of the Mojave desert. It is surrounded by mountains and rocky landscapes which form a contrasting view for residents and visitors compared to the busy city. The city has a number of museums and art centers such as the Mob Museum, the Children's Museum, the Natural History Museum, etc.   

In terms of education, Vegas has a few prestigious universities such as the College of Southern Nevada, which is a community college, and the School of Medicine (under the University of Nevada). There are also a large number of schools and educational institutions which draw students from around the world. 

Many international companies such as Walmart and Amazon are the leading employers in the city besides the hotels and casinos. Hospitality nonetheless forms the core industry established here. Hospitality is also such an industry that requires translation services on a regular basis, so you can contact us for the best translation services in the city. 

Confidential Academic Translation Services in Las Vegas

Students from Las Vegas who want to study abroad as well as students who want to study in Las Vegas will need translation services especially if their original documents are in a language other than English. We provide translations in several language combinations including French-English, Spanish-English, Swedish-English, etc., and vice versa. We can also translate into any other language, if your university requires it.

Transcription Services US also provides translation services for educators and professors who are trying to cater to students from diverse backgrounds. We can translate content such as course materials, study notes, assessments, assignments, etc., with ease. Our content is precise and affordable, especially for the academic community of Las Vegas.

Some of the top educational documents we translate include:

An image of a teacher and students in class using laptops
  • School websites and mobile apps
  • Student consent forms
  • Research reports
  • Diploma certificate
  • Parent consent forms
  • Degree certificate
  • Syllabus
  • Training presentations
  • College leaving certificate
  • Research Papers
  • Orientation booklets

Industry Translation Services in Las Vegas for All Business Verticals

Transcription Services US is a leading Las Vegas translation agency with clients that include some of the top businesses in the city. We are experts in providing translations for the hospitality industry, which is the foremost industry in the city. From welcome brochures to terms and conditions of using hospitality services, we can cater to any requirement for the hospitality sector.

With the help of our experienced domain experts, we also cater to other business verticals such as the following:

✓ Legal translation: Agreements, contracts, patent documents, letters, affidavits, lawsuit documents, FIR, police reports, etc.

A man and woman checking in at a hotel reception

✓ Financial translation: Account statements, balance sheets, audit reports, etc. 

âś“ Media translation: Film scripts, audio tapes, video tapes, etc.

âś“ Gaming translation: Software manuals, terms of use, operation manuals, etc.

âś“ Automotive translation: technical manuals, terms and conditions, etc.

✓ Manufacturing translation: health and safety manuals, technical descriptions, usage descriptions, etc. 

✓ Healthcare translation: Autopsy reports, research articles, physician manuals, vaccination records, prescriptions, patient reports, etc.

✓ Marketing translation: Brochures, marketing agreements, pamphlets, product catalogues, advertisements, market research, etc.

✓ E commerce translation: Technical documents, product manuals, business plans, contracts, annual reports, financial statements, websites, etc.

✓ HR translation: Employee handbook, training material, eLearning courses, employee contracts, employment references.

✓ Vital document translation: Birth certificate, academic certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decrees, driving license, criminal record, and death certificate.

Certified Translation Services in Las Vegas for Legal and Official Needs

Our accredited translators make sure that your content is translated accurately and thoroughly, but besides that, we go one step further:

If the purpose of your translation will require a certificate of translation, then we provide one for no additional cost. Our content will match your original with all the details. We guarantee that it will go through the most rigorous quality checks successfully. 

A lawyer checking a legal document, with a gavel and balance beside him

The certificate of accuracy can only be provided by an accredited agency like Transcription Services US. It has to include details of the translator and the translated document. USCIS and other legal entities require translations to be certified to be accepted. In fact, we have always had a record of 100% USCIS acceptance for all our translations!

So whether your translation is for a university, immigration authority or a legal process, share your documents with us and worry no more! Our expert translators will make sure your content is perfectly translated as per the receiving authority's requirements.

Why Choose Our Las Vegas Translation Services

Transcription Services US is a translation company in Las Vegas which has been established for over a decade. We have a long list of clients from Las Vegas and other parts of the country. Here is why you can rely on us to provide you with the best translations for your documents:

âś“ Timely Delivery: We guarantee timely delivery based on your timelines and schedules. For urgent requirements, we also provide rush, super-rush, one-day and one-hour translations at a nominal cost. You will surely not miss any deadlines if you hire our translation team!

✓ Hassle-Free Process: Our translation service has a very smooth workflow which aims at providing 100% customer satisfaction. Customers get dedicated project managers who are readily available to answer queries and see to the successful completion of the project. 

âś“ Affordable Costs: Our charge per-word is one of the most reasonable in the industry. We additionally provide free trials, student discounts, bulk discounts, and free certifications because we understand that translation should not be something that weighs heavily on your bank account!

✓ Confidentiality and Security: We assure you of the safety of your documents by following strict protocols. Your content has limited access - only your translator and proofreaders will have access to it. Our servers are encrypted and we sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your data. 

Our system is designed to address all of your concerns and provide you with the best possible experience and most accurate translations. Simply hire our translation and localization services and rest easy. We will take care of all your documents.

Spanish Translation Services in Las Vegas

Our Spanish translation team is made solely of native Spanish speakers. This makes sure that your content is translated with maximum linguistic and contextual accuracy. Getting a certified native translator with language specialization and domain expertise is difficult in the translation world, but we bring you exactly this at reasonable prices. 

We provide translations in over 100 languages including Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, etc. Get professional translations in any language within your deadline. We can also provide certified and notarized translations for your content on request. 

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