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Are you looking for a reliable agency to translate your documents and files within short deadlines in Irving?

Transcription Services US is a long-serving Irving translation agency providing its services for business and personal needs. We offer expertise in over 100 different languages with a team of native experts. Our prices are reasonable and our quality unprecedented.

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Document Translation Services in Irving by Professionals

Whether you are a small scale start-up, a multinational company or an individual, we are here to support you with your translation needs.

Perhaps you have a business proposal you want translated to submit to potential investors, or maybe you want all your employee handbooks translated for workers all over the world. Either way our business document translation services are at your service to address your needs.

Similarly, if you are an individual with personal translation needs for vital documents like your birth certificate, immigration documents, or any other type of content, we can support you as well.

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Our services will not cost your project much, but will guarantee 99% accuracy in all translations. Our long list of high-profile clients are a testament to our attention to detail and ability to satisfy our customers.

In fact, we also provide localization services for websites, mobile apps and other platforms so that your target audience is able to experience your content in the way you intend. This will make sure that the impact of your advertising campaigns is as expected!

So contact us for all your business or personal translation needs right away! We will start you off immediately with a free consultation.

Industry Translation Services in Irving for All Sectors

Transcription Services US has been catering to the business sector in Irving for many years with its language translation services. Clerks, technical experts, businessmen and officials rely on us for accurate translations for their businesses. From legal translation to financial translation, our team has the expertise to do it all.

Here is a list of some of the translations we have provided in the past:

✓ Legal documents: Depositions, interviews, witness statements, interrogations, court proceedings, agreements and contracts, patents and IP documents, lease deeds, police reports, FIR, affidavits, lawsuit documents, etc.

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✓ Financial documents: Financial statements, balance sheets, audit reports, financial disclosures, insurance reports, quarterly and annual reports, etc.

✓ Medical translation: Patient records, treatment plans, pharmaceutical labels, clinical trials, medical journals, research findings, etc.

✓ Marketing and business translation: Questionnaires, pamphlets and brochures, product catalogues, coffee table booklets, focus group summaries, advertisements, social media content, film scripts, product manuals, etc.

✓ Entertainment and media translation: YouTube videos, Facebook content, content for television, voice-overs, podcasts, movies, etc.

Personal documents like death certificate, diploma certificate, divorce decree, etc.

Other translations for automotive, retail, technology, e commerce, manufacturing, gaming, travel and healthcare industries.

Affordable Academic Translation Services in Irving

Our translation services are available for schools, universities, researchers, academicians, lecturers, and e learning companies around the world. We understand that education is a global industry wherein students from the remotest corners of the world are trying to access good quality education.

On one hand, educators, schools and universities are moving their content online and trying to open their doors to international students from different cultural backgrounds.

On the other hand, students are looking for course materials in their language so as to understand the content to their full ability.

A teacher displaying a course on a projector

This twofold growth in the education sector has led to a rise in the need for translation services.

Transcription Services US provides affordable and accurate translations for the academic arena. Some documents we regularly translate from the field of education include:

  • Research papers
  • Curriculum
  • Course material
  • Academic transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • Degree certificate
  • College leaving certificate
  • Patent documents
  • Theses, etc.

Localizing your course content will support your learners by making the material contextually appropriate for their culture. They will be able to understand and internalize the materials, thus making their learning deeper.

Transcription Services US is here to help you support your students by providing translations in over 100 languages. Contact us now to get started with your translations.

Certified Translation Services in Irving by Experts

When you are applying to an immigration authority, foreign university, or any legal entity, then there is a fair chance that they will expect you to submit certified translations of your documents.

A certified translation helps assure the receiving organization that you have submitted a thorough and complete translation from an accredited professional company.

Transcription Services US provides certified translations at no additional costs. Our certification includes the sign and seal of our company translators, details of the translated document, etc. If the certification is done in the presence of a notary, then it is considered a notarized translation.

A discussion between a translator and an expert

We provide both notarized and certified translation at our translation agency. All our certified translations have a history of 100% USCIS acceptance.

You can use certified translations when you need to submit your documents to courts, universities and immigration institutions.

Get in touch to have your documents translated by us now.

English to Spanish Translation Services in Irving

Transcription Services US is a leading translation company in Irving providing translations in over 100 languages. Since Spanish is a widely spoken language around the world, we have a wide network of native Spanish translators in our team.

We can provide translations from Spanish to English, English to Spanish and a number of other language combinations as per your requirements.

Our team provides translations in languages such as French, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian and Chinese. You can contact us to have your multilingual translations done in no time.

A discussion between a translator and an expert

Contact our customer support team or write to us to employ the most reliable translation company in Irving.

Overview of Businesses & Demographics - Irving, Texas

Irving is a major city located in Dallas, Texas, with a population of over two hundred thousand people. It is considered to be the most diverse cities in the country due to the racial and ethnic variety that resides in the area.

There is a majority of people of White ethnicity coupled with a sizeable Asian, African American and Hispanic population.

The major employers in Irving include Citigroup Inc, Caterpillar Inc, and Verizon Communications. Irving is known to be home to a large number of major companies because of its thriving economic landscape.

A neon sign displaying the word Texas

There are a lot of museums in the city which attract visitors every year. The Irving Arts Center is a well known heritage site which gets a large footfall of tourists.

Schools and colleges in Irving include prep schools and public schools. The University of Dallas is located in Dallas and attracts a range of students to its campus every year.

Transcription Services US has been providing its Irving translation services to the residents of the city for years.

You can get in touch with us to hire our services and start off with a free quotation.

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