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Enjoy excellent quality and top-notch service from the team of experienced translators at Transcription Services US. We provide translation services in Fresno for all types of business and individual needs. Whether you need your birth certificate translated or your business agreements translated for your clients, we are the one place you can find all your translation needs met.

Document Translation Services in Fresno

Each of our translators are handpicked to provide you with the most seamless experience while your documents are being translated. We have a very simple process - the first step is for you to reach out to us and get a free quote for your project. After that, we will take care of your translations with absolute attention to detail and precision.

All your translations will be delivered to you within your desired timeline. We also provide rush and super-rush services for clients who require urgent translations for their documents. We also provide certified and notarized translations for clients who have to submit translated documents for official purposes like immigration, etc.

Businesses & Demographics in Fresno

The city of Fresno in California is one of the largest cities in the state and the central valley region. With an area of more than 290 square kilometers, the city is home to more than half a million people. The name of city means 'ash tree' in Spanish, which comes from the large number of ash trees along the banks of the San Joaquin river.

Thanks to the abundant water supply provided by the river, the valley has been an agricultural hub. However, over time droughts have made it a challenge to have sufficient water for agricultural activities. Fresno is within a 500 kilometer radius of major cities such as Sacramento, San Francisco, etc.

Parks such as the Yosemite National Park are within driving distance of the city, thus making it a base location for travelers and tourists heading to these locations. Geographically, Fresno has a number of other parks and recreational areas for tourists and locals to enjoy. Several monuments and museums also engage the historically interested visitors.

In terms of demographics, almost 50 percent of the population in the city is Hispanic, with Whites and Asian ethnicities following closely behind. Minorities such as Armenians and Hmong communities also reside in Fresno, making from 10 to 15% of the population. The primary language spoken in Fresno is English, followed by Spanish.

By revenue, some of the largest companies in the city of Fresno are Wells Fargo, Amazon, AT&T, Walmart and IBM. Besides agriculture, government employment, trade, transportation, education and health services form the largest sources of employment in Fresno.

Industry Translation Services in Fresno for Technical Documents

At Transcription Services US, we provide technical translations for all documents required by industries in Fresno. Whether you are running a manufacturing plant or any other types of services, you definitely require documents for your employees and your clients. Technical documents like safety handbooks are essential for employees to understand the usage of machinery and related safety procedures.

Similarly, companies have to provide usage manuals for their products in multiple languages so that users from around the world are able to understand how to use the products and services they provide. We can translate any of these documents for you along with a number of other technical documents such as product catalogues, software manuals, product manuals, contracts, technology research papers, etc.

Besides technical translation services, we provide translations for a lot of other business verticals:

A health and safety inspector going through a translated safety checklist

• Legal translation services for paralegals, court clerks, attorneys, etc.: police reports, FIR, affidavits, lawsuit documents, patent documents, etc.

• USCIS accepted translations for students and employees: birth certificate, divorce decrees, death certificate, degree certificate, visa, passport, etc.

• Academic translations for students and universities: college leaving certificate, college transcripts, diploma certificate, etc.

• Medical translation services for healthcare employees and researchers: patient records, treatment plans, etc.

• Websites & mobile apps localization services for businesses

• Marketing translations for annual reports, audio tapes, video tapes, film scripts, brochures, pamphlets, etc.

• Financial translation for audited reports, budget sheets, financial plans, etc.

• Translations for the media, entertainment, gaming, travel, automotive, retail and e commerce industries

Academic Translation Services in Fresno

Transcription Services US has been providing translation services to the educational community in Fresno for many years now. From long established educational institutions to newly coming up e learning businesses, we are available for both students and educators. Content creators rely on us to provide accurate translations of their courses so that they can be accessed globally.

Our accredited native translators provide their professional services to clients at great prices. Connect with us now for student discounts and free quotations for your project!

Notarized and Certified Translation Services in Fresno

Hire our team to get reliable translations in Fresno with certifications that are accepted by official institutions such as USCIS, courts, etc. We provide top-notch translations for low costs and certify them for no extra charge. Our certification includes details such as the name of the translator, date and venue of translation, details of the translated document, signature and seal of the agency.

Transcription Services US is an accredited translation agency whose translations are widely accepted by organizations around the globe. Whether you need to get a work permit translated, or a visa, we can help you without any hassle whatsoever. We also provide notarized translations if your requirement says so. Be it your personal or business translation, our Fresno translation agency is at your beck and call! Connect with us now!

Spanish Translation Services in Fresno at Reasonable Prices

Fresno has a large Spanish-speaking population which is involved deeply in all fields including education, business, etc. Businesses in Fresno, thus need to hire reliable language translation services within the city limits so that they can cater to their clients as well as their employees. For example, employee contracts may have to be translated to Spanish for recruits who only speak and understand Spanish.

From handbooks to everyday notices, associating with a translation company in Fresno may push your business to a higher level among competitors. Our Fresno translation services are customized to cater to a wide variety of audiences, languages and dialects. Besides Spanish, we provide translations in French, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, etc. Reach out to us now to start your project!

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