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Documentary transcription is the process of converting the spoken words contained in documentaries to text. Transcription helps in creating a textual version of everything spoken in the documentary thus is a tool for universal acclimatization of audiences making the documentaries approachable to a wide range of non-native audiences (and audience differing accents and dialects). So, whether you might be listening to Steve Erwin's thick Australian accent commentary on reptiles or you are listening to Michael Palin’s soothing voice, a documentary transcription essentially helps in providing uniformity in understanding. Transcription Services US will help in reaching audiences far and wide with its excellent transcription.

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Popularity of Documentaries

Documentary films are gaining worldwide cognizance. According to business insider, over 68 million people watched documentaries on Netflix in 2016 – and this number has been growing ever since. The documentary “Tiger King” alone had 64 million clicks in the first half of 2020. As such several documentary specific websites have gained quite popularity in recent years – Curiosity Stream being one. Because of this wide-reaching popularity, the numbers of documentary films have grown like mushrooms. However, the reach of these documentaries remains poor. Documentary transcription services are one of those services that will help you in propagating your message to the masses. Transcription Services US is one such transcription service that will help you in providing accurate, timely, and well-priced documentary transcription.

Documentaries, often time, requires expertise from various fields to help out during transcription. Transcription Services US provides the best opportunity to connect with them during the process of transcription.

Medical Documentaries

Public health and medical documentaries have long been used to create public awareness. Inaccurate transcription can lead to the dissemination of false information. Such discrepancies can be avoided with accurate transcription which allows for a quick search of video content. Also, our medical expert transcribers will help you in this regard.

Historical Documentaries

Historical documentaries need to present dates, timelines, and historical facts in an accurate manner. Transcription will invariably help you in the process – because transcription will help you to index and quickly search for historical dates and facts. Our expert transcribers help you to achieve this quickly and accurately.

Educational Documentaries

Educational documentaries should be succinct yet not be bland. Long and garrulous rants in documentaries can be avoided by replacing it with well-versed phrases and figures. No wonder educational documentaries like “Waiting for Superman” and “The Race to Nowhere” has made huge leeway into public opinion. A transcript will allow you to make this distinction between what should be narrated in a documentary and what shouldn’t be. Transcripts provided by Transcription Services US can include timestamps to make your life a whole lot easier.

Art Documentaries

Unlike fictional films, documentaries have no fixed conceptual and/or visual guidelines per se. It’s usually impossible to decide one way or the other about how the documentary film will span out eventually – because bits and pieces of information from here are needed to be stitched together to form a coherent narrative. This is usually explored in art/artist documentaries which build upon a single artist and moves onto the whole world of various artistic styles. Transcription allows for “documentary treatment” and will help to set the narrative straight.

Sports Documentaries

Fast-paced sports documentaries require face-paced transcription services. Transcription Services US will provide all the resources necessary to get excellent documentary film transcription services.

Transcription Services US

As pointed out previously transcription can serve as an excellent tool for writing documentary treatments. These treatments can be helpful in forming a well-rounded narrative. Transcripts can also be used to help increase the overall audience reach of the documentaries. Finally, transcription can be translated to create multilingual documentary transcripts and further help increase your documentary's popularity.

Transcription services will help you in acquiring accurate, time-stamped, timely, and cost-effective transcripts. Also, our in-house translators will help you in acquiring transcripts in 100+ global languages. Whether it is medical, or art, or even research documentaries - the documentary transcription services provided by Transcription services US will help you in getting best transcripts possible.

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